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All the info on Dr. Robert Duncan, his book in PDF format to download (The Matrix Deciphered), the full NSA whistleblower Russell Tice revelations, the 4+ mind control/weapons patents, 23+ videos, Remote Neural Monitoring article, etc is here.

All this technology is confirmed and verified. I got Dr. Robert Duncan of the CIA/ US DOJ/DOD saying he helped design all these systems, and the basic principles were developed around Malech's 1974 patent, 3,951,134, "Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves".

the capabilities were retro-fitted into radar systems back in 1976. they have had the capability both to project EEG signals and read them remotely ever since. and they've been using it, reading peoples thoughts, memories, what you see, hear, think, feel.. dream, everything.

video here:

They call this NSA Remote Neural Monitoring and Electronic Brain Link in other parts of the world. Duncan says that people are being murdered, tortured with these systems during black operations. Remote control abuses, having audio and voices beamed into their heads. And I was a victim, and I got all the information compiled on this scandal on my website. Also, NSA whistleblower Russell Tice claims they've been targeting Americans with space capability during black operations, which are electron imaging / RADAR systems up in space with directed energy capability.

another whistleblower, at US Investigative Services came forward to me and confirmed all this exists, and the abuses exists. the transcript of our conversation is here:

my website is and I am Todd Giffen, victim of whistleblower retaliation ever since the US Department of Justice targeted me in 2007 with these weapons during their CRIPA/ADA investigation here in Oregon. Download the US DOJ reports on this page : You can phone my hotline any time at 503-967-5202.

a few excerpt's from Dr. Robert Duncan's book, The Matrix Deciphered.

Here is secret #1 that has been suppressed by the forces of ignorance in the government. There was a patent that I will keep referring to throughout this book because of the importance of the work. It is published in the appendix. In 1974, Robert Malech, an employee of Dorn & Margolin Inc., a major defense subcontractor in radar design now owned by EDO Corporation an even larger all defense contractor in electronic warfare, invented a fairly simple radar device that could read whole brain electrical activity at a large distance . It has the major advantages of no wires and full brain electrical activity analysis, not just points on the skull surface. He discovered and perfected a way to use some simple electromagnetic oscillations anywhere from 100Mhz to 40 Ghz to read brainwaves by "illuminating" the brain and its electrical conductance then reading the return signal. The imaging method observes the changes of frequency resonances, amplitude, and phase which represent the states of neuron depolarization throughout the brain.

Secret #2. But more profoundly, he discovered that he could influence brain waves if precisely timed with a return training signal. He had no idea that at this moment in history, he had accidentally destroyed democracy as we envision it to be. The military and surveillance community immediately picked up on the patent and within two years had reprogrammed their communications and surveillance satellites and terrestrial phased arrays with the new concepts. The rapid deployment of this technology occurred because it only required software changes in already existing radar, imaging, and communications' terrestrial dishes and satellites. Many additional spy satellites have been launched since to bolster the system. So in 1976, on the bicentennial of this great nation, a system called TAMI was born. TAMI is an acronym for "Thought Amplifier and Mind Interface". A more invasive "Big Brother" technology came about before George Orwell's prediction of 1984.

Secret #3. Stealth RADAR techniques were first recorded by observing the Russian bombardment of the U.S. embassy in Moscow with microwaves. Using high powered steered phased arrays and focused directed energy from two sources next to each other, one can create a nearly undetectable "scalar" wave, or destructive interference at the point of interest. With just a minor energy interaction, the interfering beams bounce back with strong signal to noise ratio to be resolved at the sources again. This allows for any imaging technique to be done from extremely large distances. In effect, it makes distance irrelevant to the detection feature, be it RADAR, MRI, or ESR imaging.

 At the same time, the Russians had discovered and were developing similar capabilities. This accelerated the secret arms race that continues to this day. The research and capabilities have come a long way in the last 30 years. Even if one didn't have direct access to the knowledge of surveillance capabilities, one could project out in time 30 years knowing technology developments increase at an exponential rate. At that time the military demonstrated the capability of reading automobile license plates from satellite images.

 In order to cover up and not draw attention to mind reading radar, the whole field of psychic phenomena and paranormal psychology was invented to deceive the civilian populations of what was occurring. The Russian's showed their hand when they started bombarding the U.S. embassy in Moscow with microwaves in the late 60's, and then with the 7 Russian Wood Pecker transmitters that began operation in 1976 pointed at the U.S.

 Unfortunately, due to the nature of this new weapon, many human minds are needed to create the database of specific brain data necessary to increase the effectiveness on a larger and larger population. These are referred to as the "Cataloguing and Cloning operations". In this context, cloning does not refer to human cloning, but EEG cloning. Many have misunderstood this fact and then it was popularized by the T.V. series "X-Files". These cloning operations are what plague the human race today as every country feels the need to have this weapon that requires torturing and killing many people of their own populations to develop.

 EEG cloning means to copy someone else's brainwaves onto another person. The discovery made by Robert Malech allows this to be done wirelessly anywhere in the world. A new military division emerged called The Psychic Warfare Unit initially stationed in the Pentagon but most likely it was rolled into the Psychological Operations, Electronic Warfare, and Informational Warfare Units. Initially this became a great intelligence gathering tool. Psychically spying into other people's minds was an incredible feat.

 I don't use the term EEG cloning much because it refers only to the special case of observing a targets mind. That is only one aspect of the technology. Malech discovered he could influence brain waves just as easily as reading them. So at the other extreme, a psychic warrior can EEG clone his brainwaves onto a target. This is symbolized in the movie "The Matrix" where the agents take over random citizens bodies while in pursuit of the heroes. The correct terminology to describe everything in between the two extremes is EEG heterodyning. Heterodyning is an engineering term which means to mix signals. So EEG cloning is just a special case of EEG heterodyning.

 EEG cyber hive mind is another term used for EEG heterodyning for non-weapons use experiments. These are collectives of people who share one common set of brain waves. They jokingly refer to the process of forcing someone into a collective as "Borging" them, a reference to the evil cyborg civilization from Star Trek. They are studying both the long term effects of being in this kind of collective mind configuration and how to use it to control, spy through, disable, or kill a target. They also are studying communication and organization without spy gadgets of any kind for synchronized missions.

 The emerging field which intersects at the physics of psychology is called "psychophysics". The dynamics of the mind are well described from neuroscience reductionism. Artificial neural networks have been around for over half a century. But the new challenge is to map exactly the subjective experiences of consciousness to the physics of organic intelligences informational signal processing including biochemical and electromagnetic. The word "Psychophysics" has additional connotations that are quite appropriate in the way that this field has evolved in the secret labs around the world. The tools of psychophysicists are called psychotronics. It is this area of research that has given rise to all the conspiracy theories on the New World Order psychoterrorists, secret societies involvement, mind control and satanic cults. Mind control weapons are the holy grail of the ultimate weapon and has given birth to the world's most notorious, sociopathic scientists which in turn have spawned a generation of the most intense human suffering for weapons testing efficacy the people of this planet have ever endured.

The First Documented use of Mind Reading RADAR

 In order to reduce the effects from the bombardment of the U.S. embassy in Moscow with microwaves, they put up microwave screens on the windows of the building. Oddly enough, this actually had the opposite effect of increasing the microwave intensity inside. The only way this can happen is if interferometry was being used on the embassy. If you block a path of the interfering / heterodyning wave fronts, you can lessen the destructive interference pattern thereby increasing the measurable energy. This was the first documented use of so called "scalar weapons".


Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)

 This is the secret sauce that the conspiracy kills to keep secret. Notice that there are no ESR machines in hospitals. Why? Because it would become immediately obvious how easy it is to read body electricity from RADAR, i.e. brain waves at a distance. The basic concept is simple and very analogous to the way Magnetic Resonance Imaging works. It works on manipulating spin and gyro frequency of electrons.

Electron Spin Polarity Resonance (EPR)

 In this imaging technique the spin polarity is measured by flipping it which adds or subtracts energy from the system. Energy must be conserved so a photon is given off if it goes to a lower energy spin state. It is "heated" during the movement to a higher energy state prepping it for a synchronized transition back to a lower energy state. The body's electricity is modulated into delayed state transitions because of the local electric field variations. This return signal is processed and the very high signal to noise EEG patterns are extracted. The sensitivity is truly "science fiction" like. Even a single nerve or neuron firing can be picked up individually. This gives new meaning to Signal Intelligence.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

 Very similar to the way magnetic imaging works with the spin of the nuclei of atoms with their magnetic moments.


Millimeter wave, Infra-red and Visible Wavelength Satellite Imaging

 This topic is self explanatory. Everyone has seen the incredible detailed infrared imaging capabilities of the military. They can see heat signatures through walls. What do haunted houses, ghosts, alien abductions, and the Bermuda Triangle have in common? Remember how the air becomes electrified before a haunting by the appearance of a poltergeist in movies inspired by this weapons testing on the public? We've busted our ghost in the machine! Remember how planes would be downed in the Bermuda Triangle because their compass needles and instruments would go haywire? Those were directed energy attacks from the Puerto Rico Radar field built in 1959. Remember all the shows about cars stalling and radio stations flipping right before an alien abduction scenario? These are all the same RADAR tricks but with varying degrees of lethality. These tricks are all done by the same technology and the usual criminals in the bowls of the beast.


Van Eck Hacking
 Hacking the human brain

 Computer hackers are always finding ways to zombify as many machines as they can. This means that they find a way to hack into your system and install remote control software of some sort. The Military's programs, called Zombie I-V, were similar in goal. They wanted to be able to hack into people's minds and create remote controlled zombies. They succeeded over 30 years ago and the technology is now close to perfected. There is a stalking phenomenon occurring in America and around the world. Read "Terrorist Stalking in America" for another perspective.

 There are three kinds of stalkers one of which have been released by the freedom of information act documents that describe government stalking programs, or goon squads as they are called in slang. CIA and other agencies training their employees for intimidation tactics abroad and in the US are one form of the members of terrorist stalking gangs. The CIA has used these tactics to help overthrow governments and intimidate leaders of other countries many times in history.

 The second purpose is to play into society's programming that people who think government agents are following them are crazy. Discrediting an individual through mud slinging, black mail, or erratic behavior has been a high priority documented skill for these agencies.

 The other two types of stalkers are more dopes and victims of zombification. The global system, TAMI, can hone in on a compatible mind and instantly be able to manipulate it to some varying degree dependent upon many factors. The offense practices their trade by influencing people near a targeted individual to convey information only pertinent to them, for spy games. These people are everyday citizens unfamiliar with this high technology. The effects are so subtle without lots of training to detect, nobody would be the wiser. They would at most just question why they did that or felt the need to say that.


Monitoring of Life Signs and Psychic Star Wars Defenses

 So almost every human is monitored and tracked by various integrated technologies. One justification for TAMI is that a global system to monitor everyone is necessary to alert the military in case of a psychic war and protect the leaders from electromagnetic influence. But of course in reality it is used for the exact opposite purpose. Uniqueness of heartbeat and breathing patterns (list patents).

Other Star Wars Directed Energy Weapons Plans

 I have seen plans for electromagnetic rail guns for launching projectiles in space at other satellites. They use superconducting high powered magnets to accelerate projectiles faster than bullets.

Imaging the brain and other Earth objects

 From my protected sources I have seen, brain images derived from the TAMI system. I was not told how they were produced but I can reverse engineer some possibilities given what I know about surveillance capabilities. Using cognitive modeling techniques, one could construct a PET or functional MRI like image showing brain activity simply using the phase, amplitude, and frequency information from mind reading RADAR. A spectral image could be constructed based on models of brain function and an electron spin resonance topographical head map. Since the brain activity is precisely known, it could be rendered and displayed in a 3-D image. Other methods might include using sub-millimeter or Terahertz wave length RADAR or Earth Gauss MRI/ESR techniques. Incredible that this can all be done with a constellation of spy satellites or ground based phased arrays. In medicine one technique is called computed tomography or CAT scan which use x-rays to obtain image data from different angles around the body and then uses computer processing of the information to show a cross-section of body tissues and organs. X-rays are not used for obvious health reasons by the equivalent RADAR imaging but any or all wavelengths under the visible spectrum can be used to obtain a very good image of a person. The infamous HAARP phased array that stretches across Alaska is capable of Earth penetrating tomography.


Memory Probing

 One of the more useful aspects of this technology is the ability to probe memories. The EEG heterodyning practice attackers play the same game with all victims. They are able through two techniques to walk the victims back in time to think that they have been linked to the victim since birth. Since the capabilities of remote neural stimulation are nearly identical to electrical probes in the brain, a random neural stimulation will trigger memories. This is not used for targeted memory recall, but rather for finding and recording memory anchors for further investigation.

 Those memories are used through synthetic telepathy conversations to make the target remember other connected events. Of course direct vocal interrogation techniques can achieve the same results. Over time, this process is effective to get a complete profile of a person's life. Another tangential method used in connection with interrogations is an injected guilt signal. This forces memory recalls in conjunction with a specific memory anchor. So if you feel guilty about some particular memory, those additional memories will surface. And the last method used in these psychic games is more incredible. While the databases storing mental activity are impressive they still don't have the ability to record every human's brain activity continuously for later parsing. They instead sample activity in time and save it. They only have clips of a particular mind, throughout their life, stored for later review. This cuts down on the 1.4 Terabytes per second collective human geopsyche throughput that would be required. 1.4 Terabytes x 31,536,000 seconds in a year = 44,150 Pentabytes per year. The capabilities of computer storage will reach that soon enough for DoD budgets. So reviewing a particular targets brainwave clips, allows them to appear like they have been with the subject of experiment for their entire life through demonstration of knowledge of earlier events.

 This brings up the topic of criminal law. Think about how we could perfectly convict crimes against other people. In the movie "Minority Report", their society is able to prevent all premeditated violence. Only crimes of passion continue to be unstoppable. What a shame our government keeps this technology secret for pathetic military and spy uses.

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Re: borne out, NSA Mind Reading / Altering tech in use since 1976...
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This stuff is in use globally, by all governments. It's also part of NSA ECHELON, and The US Strategic Defense Initiative. They are able to track everything from space. The mind reading system, as Dr. Robert Duncan said, is called TAMI, or THOUGHT AMPLIFIER AND MIND INTERFACE.

They have a system that can home into peoples thoughts, do memory probing, and it stores information based on a persons life time. They literally got a database with everyone thoughts and brains duplicated in it, just like the NSA Remote Neural Monitoring article says.

Dr. Duncan is saying that due to capacity reasons, they don't record or save EVERYTHING, but they are working up to it. Read that in the above post, the excerpts which even pin the psychoenergies monitoring at a about of 1.5 terabytes per second for all people being watched. That's insane!

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Re: borne out, NSA Mind Reading / Altering tech in use since 1976...
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Good post and article. Thank you for sharing! =)

After reading all of this, it makes me wonder what good it ever did for me to be born human. Really, you gotta think about it. LOL. Totally insane.
GOD FORBID THE LIGHTS GO OUT and a zillion brains have to be retrained to function in manual reality.

Does anyone else get the idea that the tweets on the WL account are starting to sound a little like someone is bathing in a bird bath, eating bird food & possibly smoking bird * in his own sphere??

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Re: borne out, NSA Mind Reading / Altering tech in use since 1976...
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for achival, the Russell Tice revelations:

Is the NSA Conducting Electronic Warfare On Americans?

 Jonas Holmes May 19, 2006 CHRONICLE ARTICLE

 Russ Tice, former NSA intelligence officer and current Whistleblower, was to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee this week. Apparently the testimony, Mr. Tice wanted to give, makes General Hayden’s phone surveillance program look like very small potatoes. Mr. Tice’s testimony is expected to reveal further illegal activity overseen by General Michael Hayden which even loyal and patriotic NSA employees view as unlawful. I think the people I talk to next week are going to be shocked when I tell them what I have to tell them. IT’S PRETTY HARD TO BELIEVE, Tice said. I hope that they’ll clean up the abuses and have some oversight into these programs, which doesn’t exist right now. According to Mr. Tice, what has been disclosed so far is only the tip of the iceberg. What in the world could Russ Tice be talking about! To figure it out let us take a look at Russ Tice’s work at the NSA.

 According to the Washington Times and numerous other sources, Mr. Tice worked on special access programs related to electronic intelligence gathering while working for the NSA and DIA, where he took part in space systems communications, non-communications signals, electronic warfare, satellite control, telemetry, sensors, and special capability systems. Special Access Programs or SAPs refer to Black Budgets or Black Operations. Black means that they are covert and hidden from everyone except the participants. Feasibly there would be no arena with a greater potential for abuse and misuse than Special Access Programs. Even now Congress and the Justice Department are being denied the ability to investigate these programs because they don’t have clearance. To put it in CNN’s Jack Cafferty’s words a top secret government agency, the NSA, the largest of its kind in the world, is denying oversight or investigation by the American people because investigators lack clearance. To add a layer of irony to the Black Ops cake this travesty is occurring in America, the supposed bastion of Freedom and Democracy, which we are currently trying to export to Iraq.

 It just gets scarier. The Black Ops that Mr. Tice was involved in related to electronic intelligence gathering via space systems communications, non-communications signals, electronic warfare, satellite control, telemetry, sensors, and special capability systems. For greater insight as to the impact of these programs readers should review decades old FOIA authenticated programs such as MKULTRA, BLUEBIRD, COINTELPRO and ARTICHOKE. Radar based Telemetry involves the ability to see through walls without thermal imaging. Electronic Warfare is even scarier if we take a look at the science. NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation. NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). EMF Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MKUltra program of the early 1950's, which included neurological research into "radiation" (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development. The resulting secret technology is categorized at the National Security Archives as "Radiation Intelligence," defined as "information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic waves in the environment, not including radioactivity or nuclear detonation." Signals Intelligence implemented and kept this technology secret in the same manner as other electronic warfare programs of the U.S. government. The NSA monitors available information about this technology and withholds scientific research from the public. There are also international intelligence agency agreements to keep this technology secret.

 The NSA has proprietary electronic equipment that analyzes electrical activity in humans from a distance. NSA computer-generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all the electrical activity in the brain continuously. The NSA records and decodes individual brain maps (of hundreds of thousands of persons) for national security purposes. EMF Brain Stimulation is also secretly used by the military for Brain-to-computer link. (In military fighter aircraft, for example.) For electronic surveillance purposes electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject's verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex thus allowing audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia. Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex. bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject's brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes. Individual citizens occasionally targeted for surveillance by independently operating NSA personnel.

 NSA personnel can control the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals in the U.S. by using the NSA's domestic intelligence network and cover businesses. The operations independently run by them can sometimes go beyond the bounds of law. Long-term control and SABOTAGE OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF UNWITTING CITIZENS by NSA operatives is likely to happen. NSA Domint has the ability to covertly assassinate U.S. citizens or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental health. National Security Agency Signals Intelligence Electronic Brain Link Technology NSA SigInt can remotely detect, identify and monitor a person's bioelectric fields. The NSA's Signals Intelligence has the proprietary ability to remotely and non-invasively monitor information in the human brain by digitally decoding the evoked potentials in the 30-50 hz,.5 milliwatt electro-magnetic emissions from the brain. Neuronal activity in the brain creates a shifting electrical pattern that has a shifting magnetic flux. This magnetic flux puts out a constant 30-50 hz, .5 milliwatt electromagnetic (EMF) wave. Contained in the electromagnetic emission from the brain are spikes and patterns called "evoked potentials." Every thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event, and visual image in the brain has a corresponding "evoked potential" or set of "evoked potentials." The EMF emission from the brain can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject's brain. NSA SigInt uses EMF-transmitted Brain Stimulation as a communications system to transmit information (as well as nervous system messages) to intelligence agents and also to transmit to the brains of covert operations subjects (on a non-perceptible level). EMF Brain Stimulation works by sending a complexly coded and pulsed electromagnetic signal to trigger evoked potentials (events) in the brain, thereby forming sound and visual images in the brain's neural circuits. EMF Brain Stimulation can also change a person's brain-states and affect motor control. Two-way Electronic Brain-Link is done by remotely monitoring neural audio-visual information while transmitting sound to the auditory cortex (bypassing the ears) and transmitting faint images to the visual cortex (bypassing the optic nerves and eyes, the images appear as floating 2-D screens in the brain). Two-Way Electronic Brain Link has become the ultimate communications system for CIA/NSA personnel. Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM, remotely monitoring bioelectric information in the human brain) has become the ultimate surveillance system. It is used by a limited number of agents in the U.S. Intelligence Community. RNM requires decoding the resonance frequency of each specific brain area. That frequency is then modulated in order to impose information in that specific brain area. The frequency to which the various brain areas respond varies from 3 Hz to 50 Hz. Only NSA Signals Intelligence modulates signals in this frequency band.

An example of EMF Brain Stimulation: Brain Area
Bioelectric Resonance FrequencyInformation Induced Through Modulation
Motor Control Cortex 10 HzMotor Impulse Co-ordination
Auditory Cortex 15 HzSound which bypasses the ears
Visual Cortex 25 HzImages in the brain, bypassing the eyes
Somatosensory Cortex 09 HzPhantom Touch Sense
Thought Center 20 HzImposed Subconscious Thoughts

 This modulated information can be put into the brain at varying intensities from subliminal to perceptible. Each person's brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies. Sending audio information to a person's brain at the frequency of another person's auditory cortex would result in that audio information not being perceived. Additionally, A 1994 congressional hearing reported that nearly half a million Americans were subjected to some kind of cold war era tests, often without being informed and without their consent. In addition, experimentation law is well grounded in constitutional and international law. It is an under-reported fact that two major reports on human rights and torture in the U.S. recently listed illegal radiation experiments. Many more facts are documented below. Therefore, human research subject protections should be a high priority and are just as significant as current issues of torture and illegal wiretapping. IT IS TIME FOR AMERICA TO WAKE UP. It is time for America to protect its Whistleblowers who are our last line of defense against dictatorship and despotism. It is time for America to take responsibility for oversight of its tax dollars and elect leaders who will assume such responsibility now. Yes, the war on terrorism is important. It is even more important and fearful if the terrorism is from within and unknowingly funded by hard working American citizens. There is no Special Access Program beyond the oversight of political leaders elected by the people and for the people. If these political leaders jeopardize national security then that shall be handled in a court of law. But to tell America, to tell the American people, to tell the political leaders elected by the American people that America does not deserve to know what happening in the NSA’s dark, black rooms, with billions of dollars, behind closed doors, when we know that privilege has already been abused; that is the true definition of TERRORISM. That is the true definition of Communism and a Police State, no oversight. So fellow Americans, you may hem and haw in the face of truth but know that one day you will realize that your country has been USURPED from the very principles upon which it was founded.

 Godspeed, Russ Tice, the Patriots are with you.

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Re: borne out, NSA Mind Reading / Altering tech in use since 1976...
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I just wanted to follow up here with more details and an archive of information.

This is truly a global emergency, and nobody even gives a fuck that the government has set this shit up. The information on the streets is that all radar systems and satellites owned by the United States are equipped with this technology to remotely target human beings and other technology, allowing them to remotely image any object and also allowing any person to be remotely tampered with using directed-energy. As such, I thought I would post the history on who owns this technology.

1. Dorne & Margolin Inc. is the original assignee of US patent 3,951,134, "Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves":,951,134&OS=3,951,134&RS=3,951,134
2. Through the years the technology/company was sold to EDO Corporation:
3. In 2007, EDO Corporation was sold to ITT Corporation:
4. In 2011, the defense contractor technology part of ITT Corporation was sold to or spun off to a new company entity called Exelis Inc, the current likely owner of the technology:

Details about their technologies including remote sensing and radar systems/imaging systems here:

Notice that radar are actually type of directed-energy devices, allowing remote locations to be illuminated with electromagnetism and other energies. This allows the properties of atoms and particles to be modified remotely, and one use is to allow remote detection and remote imaging. Another property is to tamper with remote electronic systems, or to tamper with brain waves and neuron function (identical methods to hacking electronics, at the atomic level).

The ability to remotely tamper and hack electronics is called Van Eck Phreaking, and any unshielded cable or unshielded computer system or other electronic device is vulnerable. Is are the details about that:

Here are the details about TEMPEST emission standards from the NSA/DOD. Basically, they're paranoid as fuck about unshielded devices, because remote eavesdropping over long ranges by competitors and other nations becomes possible. This same problem exists for the public, in which almost no technology is shielded, giving the NSA a backdoor into USB devices, computers, cellphones, keyboards, and more. Unsheilded monitors can also be remotely viewed due to the emissions, so almost nothing can be kept private. On top of this, the brain, if not shielded with mylar, nu metal, and ion shield, basically is unsecure, and can be tapped, giving access to the NSA to passcodes, thoughts, emotions, memories, what you see, hear, and think, motor control commands, sensations, and more (humans are the ultimate in Signals Intelligence, neurons and human biological functions are basically walking recording and radar/imaging devices to them):

From electronics, they will see what's on your unshielded screen, or sniff our what you're typing, or nab unshielded copper telephone conversations and data transmissions, etc. The possibilities are endless, as long as they can decode and decrypt the signal. Range does not matter to them, and computer systems interfaces of all types, even SATA and Ethernet, and PCI-Express and memory bus are vulnerable. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is secure or can be safeguarded, without proper shielding, but even that might be hackable with radar.

Another culprit in this technologies development is Raytheon, who owns the patent 7,629,918, "Multifunctional radio frequency directed energy system," which is a technology that can be used to both target humans remotely, and slow-kill, rape, and murder them. The direction of energy beams at a persons genitals might allow remote stimulation, rapes, and forced masturbation and ejaculations/orgasm to occur. This is generally being done to abuse people TO THIS DAY. Sounds crazy, but it's real. In addition to this, weather manipulation is mentioned in the patent, and I am guessing the manipulation of electronic devices from afar is possible. The energy itself can also destory or dessimate objects, such as for possibly destorying missiles and other targets, but obviously what it actually allows is both the remote imaging and detection and tracking of objects and the beaming of energy to any point in space in a system that can be done via radar, laser, or any other method. Patent link:,629,918.PN.&OS=PN/7,629,918&RS=PN/7,629,918

This particular patent could include mind control but that is also covered by the Dorne & Margolin Inc patent using all the same methods.

Here is an article about people being slow-killed with this technology, mentioning the patent of Raytheon in particular:

Here is an article about a man named Aaron Alexis, who complained of being targeted with this technology, and having no signs of mental illness otherwise, who was used by the United States government to kill 12 at the Navy Ship Yard in September, 2013. This particular article makes note of the FBI lying and misleading the public about the technology, which was basically a cover up. This article was ran by the Washington Times, days after the event happened. Aaron Alexis was also forced to kill himself, making the total casualties equal to 13:

In reality, today, there are thousands of targets across the United States, and millions world wide who are actually being targeted with this technology for illegal abuses, and nobody, no police agency, Congress, or otherwise is doing anything to stop it. There is nothing for victims to do, and everyone is at risk for being targeted. Essentially, because nobody can be prosecuted for directed-energy weapons abuses, the military, NSA, CIA, FBI, police, GCHQ, whoever, gets to do whatever they want, and while the media plays the targets off to be mentally ill people.

Here is the entire Brain Invaders episode of Governor Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory TV show, discussing even reporters and journalists being targeted with this technology. Judge Judy a huge day time celebrity who plays a real judge on TV, even complained of being targeted. In this episode, CIA operative Mark Phillips and Dr. Robert Duncan confirm the weapons use on these people and more, an unstoppable force that is being used to torture whoever gets in the way of government. Occupy Wall Street, and other Occupy Protesters have also been targeted, according to Mark Phillips:

I also have an interview here with Dr. Robert Duncan disclosing more details on Coast to Coast, from 2006. He discusses the directed-energy weapons, and the 650 victims he interviewed. He took his knowledge and research to 23 congressional offices, and none of them did anything. Basically, they're covering all this shit up:

Also got US Investigative Services employees audio recording up, confirming the weapons abuse against me personally:

Also got more weapons system details here:

NSA whistleblower Russell Tice, confirms that space capability is being used to target individual Americans, and most of this shit is automated. Other capabilities of the space systems include, according to Dr. Robert Duncan (he literally wrote the software backend to do it): vital tracking, including heart rate and breathe monitoring, and license plate/human movement tracking (This particular system was designed for the FBI and US Department of Justice).

The abilities of this system are endless, and Duncan's specialty was for writing Artificial Intelligence systems that automates it all for them, so the satellites and radar are actually watching us, and able to hone into and do things all on their own for surveillance purposes, with aid of agents of course.

When someone catches the eye of a government agent, suddenly they become a risk factor for targeting with directed-energy, including the Voice of God weapon which can beam voices and other sound stimuli direct into their skulls using pulse modulated microwaves. Nerve manipulation and brain "EEG" projections occur through the TAMI system, which includes beaming images, video, feelings, and other peoples thoughts into peoples heads. Agents of the government can also remotely control a person to basically undertake government actions, like assassinations, bombings, rapes, or suicides.

Dr. Robert Duncan's biography is on Coast to Coast, here for credibility:

"Robert Duncan

Biography: Dr. Robert Duncan holds multiple degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College amongst others. He has had the most expensive American education money can buy. He is an investigator, author, and soon be movie producer on the topics of directed energy, neurological weapons, psychological, and information warfare. His movie is called "The Enemy Within - Psychic Warfare". A book he is co-authoring will be out in a few months called "Hacking the Human Mind".

Dr. Duncan has worked as a business and information technology consultant to the Fortune 500. He has worked for companies like Oracle Corporation, BEA systems, HP, BBN, and as a professor at a college. For the department of defense he has written the artificial intelligence code to track the Soviet nuclear submarine fleet with passive and active acoustical arrays and has been to a couple secret NATA Navy underground bases in Europe."

Details on the show he appeared on about directed-energy weapons is here:

"Energy Weapons & Testing

Date: 12-05-06
Host: George Noory
Guests: Robert Duncan, Marc Siegel 

Independent investigator Robert Duncan discussed directed energy and neurological weapons and his contention that they've been tested on the public at large. While directed energy is used in microwaves, to remove kidney stones, and in non-invasive surgery, it's also been developed extensively for military purposes, he reported.

The civilian population was targeted for experiments, in programs such as MK-ULTRA, starting after WW II, when Nazi scientists were imported to the US, some working on scalar or gravity weapons, said Duncan. The town of Taos, NM, where a hum was heard by many citizens, was the subject of a directed energy experiment by the U.S. Navy, he claimed. And most recently the Active Denial System (see article below) was tested on human subjects.

Duncan said he interviewed over 600 mind control victims, and found some validity to their allegations. There are weapons that can project voices into people's headssuch as one system known as "The Voice of God," he detailed. Blocking techniques include jamming the signals with electronic scramblers, and using shields with metal alloys or mylar. He recommended the following websites for further information/assistance:,,

Food & Diet Issues

First hour guest, Dr. Marc Siegel commented on the recent E. coli outbreak at Taco Bell. E. coli has become a real problem and is related to the conditions in which animals and crops are raised in America, he said. Siegel also discussed dietary concerns, noting that popular high-calorie and high-sugar foods increase cravings and thus contribute to obesity.

Related Articles
The Goodbye Weapon

A new non-lethal weapon, the Air Force's Active Denial System, or ADS, has been certified for use in Iraq, after extensive testing. The ADS shoots a beam of waves that causes extreme (but temporary) pain and induces what experimenters call the "Goodbye effect," or "prompt and highly motivated escape behavior." Wired News obtained documents about the weapon and has published two reports (article(1)/documentation(2)). Additionally, the report's author David Hambling has posted a commentary(3) on the subject at Defense Tech.

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Re: borne out, NSA Mind Reading / Altering tech in use since 1976...
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This is a print out for me. =)

Thank you toddgiffen.
GOD FORBID THE LIGHTS GO OUT and a zillion brains have to be retrained to function in manual reality.

Does anyone else get the idea that the tweets on the WL account are starting to sound a little like someone is bathing in a bird bath, eating bird food & possibly smoking bird * in his own sphere??


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Re: borne out, NSA Mind Reading / Altering tech in use since 1976...
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I rode upper posts. I live in Italy and I'm a victim of remote neural monitoring.I hear voice to skull and that voices handle my thoughts by arrogant way.I can not evade from that kind of torture.I'm not schizophrenic.Does anyone know a medical test to find that chip?

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Re: borne out, NSA Mind Reading / Altering tech in use since 1976...
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I rode upper posts. I live in Italy and I'm a victim of remote neural monitoring.I hear voice to skull and that voices handle my thoughts by arrogant way.I can not evade from that kind of torture.I'm not schizophrenic.Does anyone know a medical test to find that chip?

If you are hearing voices in your head, may I suggest checking to see if your MP3 player earphones are in too deep. It's happened to me before. Hope that helps