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Re: Alien life discovered claims NASA scientist..
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One of the scientists invited to comment on this is Harrison H. Schmitt, Ph.D. College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Former United States Senator, Apollo 17 Astronaut, 12th and last man to set foot on the Moon.
This is what he has said about Hoovers claims:

"I will let others more expert than I comment on Hoover's evidence of life forms in CI1 meteorites. I only wonder why many do not seem to want life to have originated independently on Earth? It is the one place we know best and have the best evidence that conditions existed prior to about 3.5 billion years for complex molecules and then replicating life forms to have formed. Water, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, impact and/or lightning energy, clay and/or sulfide templates, and time were available from about 4.5 billion years ago. We just have to figure out how it all happened."

And here is another comment from B.G. Sidharth, Ph.D., International Institute for Applicable Mathematics & Information Sciences Hyderabad (India) & Udine (Italy), B.M. Birla Science Centre, Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 063, India:

"Recently Richard Hoover (2011) has examined CI1 carbonaceous meteorites to conclude that there are large complex laments embedded in freshly frac- tured internal parts of the meteorite. Moreover the detailed morphological characteristic and chemical composition of the meteoritic laments are in- consistent with known material. Hoover concludes that the laments in the CI1 carbonaceous meteorites are not terrestrial contaminates but rather are extraterrestrial in origin and have been brought down to the earth.

All this is very suggestive though perhaps not conclusive, as yet keeping in mind the experience with the ALH 84001 meteorite of the 1990s. This me- teorite seemed to have been ejected from the Planet Mars a few billion years ago and after a long and circuitous journey fell to Earth and remained buried in the Antarctic region for a few thousand years. Dr. David Mckay and others claimed that there were distinct traces of fossilized micro life. While this is a possibil- ity, the general consensus has been that they are inanimate mineral features. However, whereas McKay and colleagues (1996) identified "nano-bacteria" as fossilized life, and which appears to have turned out to be naturally occurring crystalized structures, Hoover has discovered cyaobacteria and alien species which have never been been seen on Earth. Clearly, the latter are not of terrestrial origin.

These findings raise questions about the origins of life on Earth. Could life have arisen independently on numerous planets, including Earth? Certain the consensus view is life formed on this planet following the fortuitous mixture of various chemicals, some of which may have fallen from space (Russell 2011; Sidharth 2009, 2010). If true, then the same might apply to other Earth-like planets.

A minority view which has been championed by Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe (see Wickramasinghe 2011), and Joseph (2010), is that life is pervasive throughout the cosmos and was transported here in extra-terrestrial material including comets.

However, as I have tried to stress, both views may be correct. Life may be deposited on planets which already were swarming with life (Joseph 2010; Wickramasinghe 2011). The same could be said of the chemical necessary for life. They may fall upon living planets, or on worlds which simply lack the necessary ingredients, thereby kick starting life (Sidharth 2010). To give an example, in a laboratory synthesis us- ing Uray-Miller type experiments, equal quaantities of righthanded and left- handed amino acids are produced whereas in life process on Earth it is the lefthanded amino acids that predominate (Sidharth, 2009). This is exactly what is observed in the meteorite samples that have been examined. Interestingly such an asymmetry is needed for all important photo chemical processes like photo- synthesis to take place. Such processes cannot take place with a symmetry between lefthanded and righthanded amino acids or racemic molecules as they are called.

The importance of all this is that life would be more wide spread in the universe than if it had originated entirely on the Earth. What can we conclude from all this? We are not alone. Life may be everywhere."

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