Author Topic: The most dangerous man in the world' isn't Putin,Obama or any terrorist, it's ME  (Read 9054 times)

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this one is a gem!

"'The most dangerous man in the world' is not Vladimir Putin nor Barack Obama nor any terrorist, it is me.

In 1979 a CIA agent sent to me by George H.W. Bush challenged my spirit to do something against America, so i said i would blow Mount St. Helens within one year, this cost the lives of 57 Americans. In 1985 a CIA agent sent to me by Ronald Reagan asked me to defeat the Soviet Union, so i said i would blow the following year Tchernobyl. This cost the lives of thousands of Soviets. I warned Libya had a plan to blow a Pan Am airliner but Khadafi was afraid to give the final order, so i asked CIA to do the job instead. This cost the lives of 270 civilians, but with the sanctions against Libya it prevented Libya to acquire nuclear weapons. In January 2001 Marvin Bush asked me on behalf of the president-elect a war, so i gave the idea of 9/11 to persuade the Congress to go to war against Afghanistan and Iraq. This cost the lives of 3,000 civilians, but it prevented al-Qaeda to acquire a nuclear weapon. In 2003 a double agent from the office of Ali Khamenei and from the CIA asked me what Iran could do in Iraq to help the insurgents, so i gave the idea to use roadside bombs. This cost the US armed forces thousands of casualties, but it prevented war with Iran. In 2010 a French Freemason of the lodge The Nine Sisters sent to me by president Nicolas Sarkozy asked me for a revolution, so i gave the idea and my blessing to sponsor the Arab Spring. In November 2010 president Obama accepted to challenge my spirit to hit America with a perfect storm, that was Superstorm Sandy which cost the lives of one hundred Americans and fifty billion dollars in damage. President Obama also accepted to challenge my spirit to move the Everest, that was the recent earthquake in Nepal which killed more than eight thousands and moved the Everest by 3 cms. In 2013 i gave ideas, tactics and my blessing to a CIA agent for the success of ISIL in order to force out prime minister al-Maliki in Iraq and president Assad in Syria and to get thousands of jihadists killed. It is up to you to prevent things to get even worse. I have a few reasonnable demands.


(Name withheld)