Author Topic: Strange threats issued by @blumo0n via Twitter to the #Wikileaks Forum  (Read 1130 times)

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What kind of mind sends threats like this ?, ( her old twitter name was "mentl in a caravan" )

Oh the semantics of LezLee S. Buschfield, they just get better and better

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Wow, this is the stuff of my dreams! I have been waiting and waiting for a true Assange cultist meltdown. The time has arrived. 

  I remember her as someone that was very involved with the FOWL start up. I remember her frank frustration online when the roll out failed. I think her words were to the effect of "no one is signing up!" 

   The FOWL inter web was only going to work if a ton of people signed up and they did not. I signed on my self but the site was not user friendly. It was not a platform that was going to attract people away from Facebook or Twitter and such.
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Mamma mia see you sure guys that her board shoudn't be in "Funny Stuff"?! xD she sounds like a pissed off teenager that hopes to impress but doesn't.

Also reading the account @blumo0n I admit I had a quantity of fun because she's too crazy.

Another absurd thing is that herself and @gerge42 even denied that forum was in contact with wikileaks when @wikileaks announced it and linked to WLF on the supporters'page.

All of this looks between funny, mad and very childish.

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My question is what in the world did the dialogue even accomplish?  It's like the two talking or writing could not even identify or even give a hint to each other what they were upset about.  Ultra LOL! =)

A waste of digi space, energy and obviously a reason to be angry.

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@Ultratime -->
Ultra LOL! =)

Yes a part from kidding, discussing with her worths nothing, that she insults you or she smiles, because this person definitively lives in her own world only and would deny even the evidence when she has problems with you. Just look at @blumo0n's twitter timeline to see how her tweets are often strange and even in contradiction with the previous ones sometimes.