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WHY THIS IS Important!

Current Event happening NOW Feb.06.14.!

Turkey passes law tightening control of internet


At first: you are all invited to share hiding tools with the forums users. Please note important it is allways possible to leave footprints on the web even if you think you are secure.

Make shure that even the hardware you use is clean. make sure the software is secure. Often Clean your disk reinstall your operating system more than once in a year.

Learn from the world wide web, create space for new communitys join communitys. Use Different Operating Systems Like Linux for Beginners download the live cd of TAILS and get familar with it. use hard disk encyprion and mail encryption.


You can download the iso file and burn it on cd. start your pc with the live cd you can use it like a operating system tor is with on board. turn off your pc reject the CD no tails are left on your hard disk.

read here about GNUPG


Free VPN Tool easy to install for windows users is

"OKAYFREEDOMVPN" you can donwload it here:

if the first link does not work try this one:

download the content and do an install the software will be visible in your taskbar.
(this tool can also be used in a lot other countrys where IP adresses/websites/servers are baned)

TOR on Android:

There is an TOR App on Android its called ORBOT.

Go to google play store and search for "orbot" install it and after that run it.

usually this should be boundled with orweb if not download the browser "orweb" too.

Direct Download without Google Play:

How To TOR on Windows!

06.02.14 REUPLOADED NEW Version: (please contact if down or mirror it)

Download the file on TOR website if this is blocked in your country download from here :

double click on the file and unzip it to any location on your hard disk.
go to the install folder and double click on "start tor browser"

enjoy loading - enjoy posting ;)

any questions - go ask! :afro:


....don´t forget about the pen and paper ;)....
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Again this is a working Thread everyone who has something to share do this please.

Thanx A LoZ!


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I use Ghostery when using Windows;
Ghostery™ sees the invisible web - tags, web bugs, pixels and beacons. Ghostery tracks the trackers and gives you a roll-call of the ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity.


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Ghostery is collecting a lot of backgrouund informations. I would not use it.

The browser add-on Ghostery helps Internet users to privacy, but the company behind it collects data on behalf of advertisers. The company does not feel the conflict between the two positions.."


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EMail encryption for Free and easy to use:

In a world with massive known and unknow surveillance technology, like PRISM, Tempora etc. it is very important that no one can open your mails without your agreement

EMail encryption works you can imagine is the envelope of your EMail and with GNUPG it is encrypted. This tools are very easy to use and you will find here some easy ways to get around the technics behind so you do not need any technical experience.

Linux users:

GNUPG How To´s

GNUPG Manual

User Guiedes:

Windows Users:

Useful Documentation with background informations:

Download on main Site:

Mac Users:

this way ->

you need any Help.

contact me.


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It is still easy to track you down. With using vpn.