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The next upcoming Global Intelligence Files are written down 2 days after the Operation Neptune’s Spear,

the most known this us SEALs operation where Osama Bin Laden has find his death, after 10 years of hiding, after the 9/11 terror attacks.

The next upcoming EMails will give you some view about another "strange" connections going on and the question of how much "coincidence?" can be.

Connections deep into Pakistan, India, France and the Death of the most Wanted Terror Person.

##The Global Intelligence Files##
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Re: MORE*: S3 - FRANCE/PAKISTAN-AP Exclusive: 2 French militantsheld in Pakistan

Released on 2012-09-16 00:00 GMT
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But why would they park bin laden in the middle of this activity. And
given the surveillance cia had to have on the region this house should
have stuck out like a sore thumb. It doesnt make sense to put bin laden
here and in this way.

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Subject: Re: MORE*: S3 - FRANCE/PAKISTAN-AP Exclusive: 2 French militants
held in Pakistan
Y'all remember this? These guys were arrested in Lahore, after contacting
a guy named Tahir Shahzad about travelling through the country. Shahzad
worked at a post office IN ABBOTTABAD, but also was a facilitator for AQ,
and led them to Indonesian Umar Patek in the city.

Hard for me to beleive this is all a coincidence?

This also shows DGSE cooperation, not just CIA, (and we also have
BIN/Polri from indonesia).

What this shows to me is transit network set-up through Abbottabad.
That's why Musharraf's book talked about al-farj al-libi being there
(later caught in Mardan-
Shahzad was getting these french guys from Lahore to N. Waz. Patek,
someone who would've met UBL back in the mid 1980s, was travelling
through, and now UBL was made dead there........

Pakistan Arrests 2 French Men Linked To Al Qaeda Suspect

PARIS April 14, 2011 (AP)

Two suspected Islamist extremists from France have been arrested in
Pakistan after meeting with a man accused of ties to al-Qaida, officials
said Thursday.

The French men, who have not been identified publicly, were arrested at a
bus stop in the eastern city of Lahore in late January after going there
from the airport with a man identified as Tahir Shehzad, a Pakistani
intelligence official said.

Information from Shehzad led Pakistani agents to Umar Patek, an Indonesian
al-Qaida linked suspect detained on Jan. 25, the official said. The French
men had intended to travel with Patek to Pakistan's North Waziristan
region where al-Qaida's top command is based, he said on condition of

It was not immediately clear if the men were suspected of plotting a
terror attack but Western counterterrorism and spy agencies have been
intensely monitoring the movements of suspected militants from their
countries to Pakistan out of concern they could train there and return
home to carry out attacks.

One of the French citizens is of Pakistani origin and the other is a
convert to Islam, the Pakistani official said. France is home to Western
Europe's largest Muslim population, estimated to be at least 5 million.

A French counterterrorism official confirmed the arrests on condition of
anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case. France's main spy
agency, DGSE, and the Foreign Ministry declined immediate comment.

The French men are still in custody, the Pakistani official said.
Pakistani intelligence agencies often hold people for months without
trial, without ever formally confirming their detention or charging them.

The French official said he would be "surprised" if either had links to
Patek. His capture, which U.S. officials say involved cooperation by the
CIA, capped a 10-year manhunt and amounted to a major achievement in the
fight against al-Qaida in recent years.
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French officials say they believe no more than 20 to 30 militants from
France are in the border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan, where
al-Qaida and its allies in the Afghan former Taliban regime have

French officials have expressed concern that the border zone has become a
new lure for Islamic militants in France who once were drawn to Iraq to
fight against U.S.-led forces who toppled Saddam Hussein - but now may be
looking for anti-Western battlegrounds elsewhere.


On 4/15/11 8:49 AM, Benjamin Preisler wrote:

Frenchmen arrested in Pakistan too young to have taken part in Bali

Excerpt from report by French news agency AFP

Islamabad, 15 April 2011: The two Frenchmen arrested more than two
months ago in Pakistan and suspected of having links to the person
believed to be behind the bloody attacks in Bali in 2002 are around 20
years old and originally from the Paris area, sources close to the
investigation have said.

Known as Zoaib and Sharaf, the two were arrested at the end of January
or beginning of February in Lahore, the big metropolitan city in the
east, although they had been in the country for some time, AFP was told
on Friday [15 April] by Pakistani security sources, speaking on
condition of anonymity.

Unknown to the anti-terrorism services before their arrests, they are
aged between 19 and 22, according to Pakistani security sources, and
come from the Paris region where their families, originally from Morocco
in one case and from Pakistan in the other, have settled.

The French embassy in Islamabad confirmed on Thursday that it had been
told of their arrests by the Pakistani authorities and said France had
asked for consular access to its two nationals.

"We are awaiting the response" of the Pakistani authorities, French
diplomatic representatives were saying on Friday without going into

The two young Frenchmen were arrested on the basis of information
gathered from an "Islamist insurgent" belonging to a "terrorist group"
and arrested some time earlier, one of the Pakistani sources said.

"We arrested them when we were on the trail of Umar Patek and they
belong to his group," the same source said.

[Passage omitted: Details of Patek's terrorist career]

The French embassy in Islamabad stressed on Friday that the two
Frenchmen "were barely 10 years old" in 2002 and that French
investigators working on their case are therefore "not making any link"
with the attack attributed to Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), an underground
network working to create an Islamic state in South-East Asia.

[Passage omitted: Details of search for Patek]

French sources say that several dozen French jihadis are believed to be
training in Pakistan at Al-Qa'idah camps, situated primarily in the very
remote north-east zones bordering on Afghanistan, strongholds of
Tehrik-e-Taleban Pakistan (TTP) and Al-Qa'idah.

The Islamist grouping is also highly present in the Lahore area,
however, where numerous armed groups linked in particular to anti-Indian
rebels in Kashmir are based.

[Passage omitted: Pakistani army attack on Red Mosque in 2007
consolidated ties between disparate groups]

Source: AFP news agency, Paris, in French 1006 gmt 15 Apr 11

BBC Mon EU1 EuroPol SA1 SAsPol mjm

On 04/14/2011 03:55 PM, Benjamin Preisler wrote:

AP Exclusive: 2 French militants held in Pakistan


PARIS - A top French security official says two French citizens have
been arrested in Pakistan, where authorities have linked them to a top
suspected al-Qaida militant over the 2002 nightclub bombing in Bali.

A Pakistani intelligence official says the suspected French militants
- including one with family ties to Pakistan - were arrested in
connection with the Jan. 25 arrest of al Qaida-linked militant Umar
Patek of Indonesia.

The Pakistani official said the two French suspects had intended to
travel with Patek to Pakistan's North Waziristan region, where
al-Qaida's top command is based.

A French counterterrorism official confirmed the arrests Thursday on
condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.

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