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Title: Create a new board on the forum?
Post by: kimono on October 23, 2014, 20:35:51 PM
I'd like to know what you think about creating a new board or sub-board on this forum, concerning:

- Human rights and freedom awareness. I saw that there's only a board about "human rights violations", but no board to post all the articles and videos talking about solutions to defend freedom, global peace and human rights. I had some difficulty today to find where I could post an interesting link talking about the way we can put an end to all wars in the world and reduce the financing of these wars. This board would also serve the educational aspect of this topic.
The current board on this forum has a negative title "human rights violations", while people need also to read "positive articles" presenting solutions to all these problems.
In this new board, it would be possible also to post videos awaking our personal sense of freedom, the way we confront life, the way we can feel better and how to reduce our dependency to the society by defending our own vision of the world. And how to defend our vision of the world, when you're confronted to family or people who want to destroy your freedom. How to deal with that problem, if you're an isolated individual and you don't know how to solve that problem. 
Why is it important? because it's only when you have conquered your personal freedom that you can conquer your freedom within the society.
In fact, many people who claim to be "free" in the society are not free in their mind and they suffer from this reason (doing things they wouldn't have done if they were doing it with consciousness), while other people who are not free in the society are totally free in their mind and most of the time these people who are free in their mind live better than the other people when they have found the sense of their own freedom (because they don't need to society to approve their freedom).
So, I hope this board could help everybody to conquer their own freedom, teaching them what is the most important.

- I would propose also a board about "espionage and stories about spies", not only about the NSA, but rather a general board about all secret services. I think the "NSA" board could be a sub-board for this global topic. What do you think about that?
Title: Re: Create a new board on the forum?
Post by: Koyaanisqatsi on October 23, 2014, 20:42:36 PM
First off, thank you for your suggestion.

we do have a human rights board ( which is neither positive or negative but we could consider adding sub-boards of that board.

For espionage or stories about spying I would recomment this board --> ( 

If you have any suggestions about more boards/ sub-boards, please let us know

cheers :-)
Title: Re: Create a new board on the forum?
Post by: kimono on October 24, 2014, 09:59:33 AM
I would suggest that "human rights violations" and "war crimes" could be one unique board, it's quite the same topic

or if you create a global "human rights issues", then sub-board: "war crimes/human rights violations", and "freedom of conscience",etc ?