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Understanding The NSA Vocabulary
« on: January 07, 2014, 15:34:34 PM »
You read a lot of Snowden´s NSA Leaks, filled with "Verbs" and "Words" no one really understands. It is about time to give the people more knowledge to understand the Language the files are written in.

A language created to stay in silence and operate in secret ways against the freedom of people is used in the most NSA Leaks. Created only to talk secretive - we now try to shine some light on it.

If you find informations, just add them to this Post as reply.


Classification level and caveats are typically separated by "//"



U = Uncalssified

C = Confidential

CUI = Controlled Unclassified Information

FOUO = For Official Use Only

LES = Law Enforcement Sensitive

a possible Mix would be:
(U//LES = "Unclassified - Law Enforcement Sensitive")

NOFORN = NO FOReign National access allowed (Distribution to non-US citizens is prohibited)

RESTRICTED = Distribution to non-US citizens or those holding an interim clearance is prohibited; certain other special handling procedures apply.

NOCONTRACTOR = Distribution to contractor personnel (non-US-government employees) is prohibited, regardless of their clearance or access permissions.

ORCON = Originator controls dissemination and/or release of the document.

PROPIN = Caution—Proprietary Information Involved

NFIBONLY = National Foreign Intelligence Board Departments Only

SIGINT = Signals Intelligence

HUMINT = Human Intelligence

S = Secret

TS = Top Secret

SI = Special Intelligence

GSO = Global Source Operations

SSO = Special Source Operations

TAO = Tailored Access Operations

NDA = Non Disclosure Agreement

SCI = Sensitive Compartmented Information

SAP = Special Access Program

SBU = Sensitive But Unclassified

SSI = Sensitive Security Information

CPI = Critical Program Information

CCI = Controlled Cryptographic Item

PSS = Public Safety Sensitive

SCS = Special Collection Service

F6 = refers to headquarters of the Special Collection Service, which is a joint field activity run by NSA and CIA that operates collection sites in "denied" areas. But within NSA, F6 refers to SCS itself, basically, and by extension all of the SCS sites. (There are 75 SCS field sites across the world.) more

REL = REL<country code(s)>: Distribution to citizens of the countries listed is permitted, providing they have appropriate accesses and need to know. Example: "REL TO USA, AUS, GBR, CAN, NZ" indicates that the information may be shared with appropriate personnel from Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand.

COMINT = Communication Intelligence

COMSEC = Communications Security

FVEY = Five Eyes (international intelligence sharing network)

ITAR = International Traffic in Arms Regulations

SIPRNet = Secret Internet Protocol Router Network

Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System 

to be continued..


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Re: Understanding The NSA Vocabulary
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2014, 12:31:22 PM »
You may have read of the NSA FORNSAT program. It is a network of 16 facilities for intercepting transmissions from foreign satellites. 

Here are the names of the 16.

US Sites:

- JACKKNIFE, Yakima (US)
- TIMBERLINE, Sugar Grove (US)
- CORALINE, Sabena Seca (Puerto Rico)
- SCS, Brasilia (Brazil)
- MOONPENNY, Harrogate (Great Britain)
- GARLICK, Bad Aibling (Germany)
- LADYLOVE, Misawa (Japan)
- LEMONWOOD, Thailand
- SCS, New Delhi (India)

2nd Party Sites:

- CARBOY, Bude (Great Britain)
- SOUNDER, Ayios Nikolaos (Cyprus)
- SNICK, Oman
- SCAPEL, Nairobi (Kenya)
- STELLAR, Geraldton (Australia)
- SHOAL BAY, Darwin (Australia)
- IRONSAND, New Zealand

More Terms:

= communications surveillance program, started in 1978 and operated under FISA

FAIRVIEW = a secret mass surveillance program, aimed at collecting phone, internet and e-mail data in bulk from the computers and mobile telephones of foreign countries' citizens.

FORNSAT= Intercept of foreign communications satellites

MADCAPOCELOT = (Executive Order 12333) a secret internet surveillance program for The country of Russia and European Terrorism

XKEYSCORE =  Program for analysing SIGINT traffic

PINNWALE = Database for recorded signals intercepts/internet content

= An NSA Database of Internet metadata

= Global Umbrella Program DNR and DNI Colletion Directory ONMR. Access to international cables, routers and switches.

DNI = Digital Network Intelligenc

DNR = Dial Number Recognition

ONMR = ? (no info until now)

OAKSTAR = a secret internet surveillance umbrella program includes the following Terms:

- MONKEYROCKET = Counterterrorism in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia (DNI metadata)

- SHIFTINGSHADOW = Afghanistan communications: MTN Afghanistan (South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company), Roshan ( Afghanistan's leading  telecommunications provider) GSM (Group Spécial Mobile), AWCC (Afghan Wireless)

-ORANGECRUSH = "To be determined" Voice, fax, DNI, DNR, and metadata program

-YACHTSHOP = Worldwide DNI Metadata collection program

-ORANGEBLOSSOM = Another surveillance program (less info, on it no slides)

-SILVERZEPHYR = NSA application used to get right of entry to cellphone calls, faxes and emails (Brazil O Globe)

-BLUEZEPHYR = Another surveillance program (less info on it, no slides)

-COBALTFALCON = Subprogram of OAKSTAR (Less info, no slides)

More Terms:

= Actual name: MADCAPOCELOT , a sub-program of STORMBREW for collection of internet metadata about Russia and European counterterrorism.

PRIMECANE = Subprogram of OAKSTAR (Less info, no slides)

BLUEANCHOR = Partner providing a network access point for the YACHTSHOP program

STEELKNIGHT = partner providing a network access point for the  (maybe foreign?)

  - Joint NSA-GCHQ operation to tap the cables linking Google and Yahoo data clouds to the internet

WINDSTOP - Joint NSA-GCHQ unilateral high-volume cable tapping progra

QUANTUM - Secret servers placed by NSA at key places on the internet backbone; part of the TURMOIL progra

QFIRE - A consolidated QUANTUMTHEORY platform to reduce latencies by co-locatin


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Re: Understanding The NSA Vocabulary
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2014, 10:53:55 AM »
1EF = One-End Foreign
2P = 2nd Party Partner
3P = 3rd Party Partner


Some More Terms / Programs:

BOUNDLESSINFORMANT = DNI and DNR metadata visualization tool (see post 2)
See This Post

BULLRUN - An NSA COI for decryption of network communication
See here: Post 1; Post 2

COI = Community Of Interesst

SYANPSE = A Data Model of an NSA Sheet which shows how to get Data of Foreign Targets.

Take a look at the begin of This Document

SECRET//Special Intelligence//Shared with USA and Five Eyes


(Secret//Special Intelligence//
Shared with USA and The Five Eyes (United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand)

A way how you can read Documents with help of that post.

to be continued..

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Re: Understanding The NSA Vocabulary
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2014, 01:03:46 AM »
Maybe the codes are abbreviations created to simplify their use in spaces/slots in their computers. Either way, they're a little hard to understand to we laymen. If we don't work for the NSA, we don't know their jargon.

Thanks for sharing these abbreviations. Seeing this chart might make it a little easier for some to follow the upcoming articles. =)
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Re: Understanding The NSA Vocabulary
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2014, 20:58:55 PM »
Oh, I am sure this document is not finished yet :)