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African extraordinary chamber sends team to Chad
« on: August 29, 2013, 08:40:33 AM »

African extraordinary chamber sends team to Chad

Habre's trial - The African Extraordinary Chamber (AEC), which is trying the former Chadian president, Hissene Habre, for war crimes, torture and crimes against humanity, has sent a mission in Chad to conduct investigations on the ground on the charges.

A statement made public on Monday said members of the mission would meet the Chadian judicial authorities, associates of alleged victims, as well as witnesses for the prosecution and for the defence.

They will also visit the alleged mass grave sites at Ambing and Amral Goz, as well as the detention centers in the Chadian capital.

Habre has denied the charges.

The mission will be in Chad from 19 August to 3 September.

The mission, which would be followed by two others, comes after the first exploration visit in June, during which the prosecutor general of the African Chamber, Mr Mbacké Fall, who had visited the victims and mass graves, said that all sectors were affected by the crimes and torture.

Mr Habre, who had been living in exile Dakar since his fall after eight years as Chadian leader (1982-1990), was arrested on 30 June and placed in detention on 2 July on the instruction judges of the African extraordinary chamber based in Dakar, while waiting for the preliminary instructions for his trial.

Pana 20/08/2013