Author Topic: Documents-Cooperation between the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) and Al-Qaeda  (Read 16292 times)

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Note: This post was created as a result of the ongoing censorship in Turkey. As by now, the twitter account leaking these documents @LazepeM is blocked in Turkey, Google pulled down the documents and a publication ban was set up for all news outlets. These documents show the tight cooperation between the Turkish Government, its Intelligence Agency MIT and Al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria. Information needs to be free.

We recommend to visit this website via the Tor Browser under imtrjn3qe2tzh5ae.onion/mit-documents-2867, for more information on what’s going please check out our latest post.

Important: To ensure the free flow of information copy, save and spread the following link, which the turkish government can not censor and you can only reach trough the Tor Network: imtrjn3qe2tzh5ae.onion/mit-documents-2867