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Adidas: Qatar 2022 Claims Damaging Sponsors
« on: June 09, 2014, 00:59:29 AM »
Adidas: Qatar 2022 Claims Damaging Sponsors

Two of Fifa's biggest sponsors fire warning shots over allegations of corruption during the 2022 World Cup bidding process.

8:42pm UK, Sunday 08 June 2014

Video: Qatar 2022 Claims Damaging Sponsors
By Paul Kelso, Sports Correspondent, in Sao Paulo

Fifa sponsor adidas has said the latest allegations surrounding Qatar 2022 and the governing body are damaging for football and the company's reputation.
The sportswear manufacturer, Fifa's longest-standing commercial partner, issued a strongly-worded statement following a fresh set of allegations regarding the award of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

The company said that it believes Fifa's internal investigation will address the issues, but conceded that the issue could be damaging.
In a statement, it said: "A report is due to be submitted to the adjudicatory chamber of the Fifa Ethics Committee, with findings then released publicly in due course.

One of the stadia inspected by Fifa in 2010"We are confident that the matter is being dealt with as a priority.

"adidas enjoys a long-term and successful partnership with Fifa that we are looking forward to continue.

"Having said that, the negative tenor of the public debate around Fifa at the moment is neither good for football nor for Fifa and its partners."

The company's statement follows a call by another Fifa sponsor, Sony, for the governing body to properly investigate the latest allegations regarding Qatar.
In a statement to The Sunday Times, it said: "As a Fifa partner, we expect these allegations to be investigated appropriately.

Qatar deny Bin Hammam was linked to the bid or worked on their behalf"We continue to expect Fifa to adhere to its principles of integrity, ethics and fair play across all aspects of its operations."

Sony's contact with Fifa expires after the World Cup but adidas are signed up until 2030, making their intervention more significant.

Fifa expects to generate around $1.6bn in sponsorship revenue from the 2014 World Cup cycle, with around $720m coming from its six global partners, including adidas and Sony.

Qatar denied the latest allegations from The Sunday Times, which centre on former Fifa official Mohammed Bin Hammam's role in setting up meetings between senior political figures - including the Emir of Qatar -  and Fifa executives with a vote in the 2022 election.

He is alleged to have met Vladimir Putin, and allegedly helped to broker an energy deal with Thailand via its Fifa executive committee member.
In a statement the Qatar 2022 bid committee said: "Qatar won the bid on its merits and we are confident that at the end of the process the award of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar will stand."

US attorney Michael Garcia is currently investigating allegations against Qatar that go back three years, and will conclude his evidence-gathering process on Monday after speaking to Fifa officials in Sao Paulo.

He will then deliver a report to Fifa's ethics committee after the World Cup.