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Bottlenose dolphin drive January 9th 2014
« on: January 09, 2014, 15:30:05 PM »
Bottlenose dolphin drive January 9th 2014

A massive Bottlenose pod of 60-70 dolphins was discovered far south of Taiji by the dolphin killers this morning at approximately 8:30am. The pod was driven toward Taiji with haste and greed. At 9:30am the pod was frantically separated into 2 and it appeared that the second pod had escaped. As the first pod was netted in the killing cove at approximately 10:00am, 9 killing boats were driving the second pod toward the harbor and ruthlessly forcing in a second net which divided the two pods for the duration of their imprisonment. As if today was not tortuous enough, these dolphins will remain divided and held overnight until tomorrow morning for a total of 20 hours without food, frantic and traumatized. Captive selection and slaughter will take place just after sunrise tomorrow.


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Re: Bottlenose dolphin drive January 9th 2014
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Bottlenose dolphins January 10th 2014

Just as the sun was rising over the killing cove, the killers and trainers arrived via skiff. The two pods of Bottlenose dolphins had been held a total of 21 hours. Despite confusion and exhaustion these dolphins fought for every last moment of freedom.
 The captive selection began just after 7am as the pod was further divided into four separate groups.The division made it much easier for the killers but caused considerable distress for the dolphins as they were separated from family and forced to watch their pod mates being manhandled by the killers. The process was quite extreme as divers in the water simultaneously wrestled dolphins into nets for captivity and tethered flukes for dolphins about to be slaughtered. As one dolphin was forced into a small sling and prepared for transfer another was brutally slaughtered side by side under the tarps of the killing cove. The cove soon turned a bright crimson from the mass murder taking place as captive dolphins emerged via sling and headed toward the captive holding pens located in the harbor.
 After hours and hours of selection and slaughter, a total of 13 dolphins were taken captive. As one skiff was transferring captives, one dolphin became catatonic and the skiff turned back toward the cove to dump the now lifeless dolphin back under the tarp for slaughter. After being held overnight and the trauma of today's horrific events were just too unbearable for this dolphin.
 After the last skiff of dead bodies was transferred to the butcher house, the final number brutally murdered was 24 Bottlenose dolphins. The remaining pod of 25-30 dolphins was forced to swim and drink their family's blood was eventually driven back out to sea later this afternoon.


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Re: Bottlenose dolphin drive January 9th 2014
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This is an awsome work of the whole Crew.

Courage is Contagious.

Creating awareness about Happenings we would not know without their work.



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Re: Bottlenose dolphin drive January #tweet4taiji
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Bottlenose Dolphin Captive Selection January 18, 2014


250 plus Bottlenose dolphins were held in the killing cove for over 19 hours. This morning after sunrise, dolphin killers and local dolphin trainers entered the cove via skiff. As the small boats drifted past the massive pod of dolphins, the fear and panic could be felt and seen as the dolphins began to thrash and spy hop. An unsettling feeling knowing their fate was moments away.
The captive selection began shortly after 7am this morning as the two pods were further divided to make it easier for the killers to maneuver to ward the shore.
Babies were separated from their mothers and herded under the tarps.
The first of the captives that was taken this morning was the rare white bottlenose calf. The killers hid the baby dolphin under a tarp and transferred immediately to Taiji Whale Museum.
A total of 25 dolphins were kidnapped from the cove during the eight-hour captive selection today. One dolphin did not survive the traumatic process and was dragged to the butcher house. The killers held up a giant tarp to hide the carcass from our cameras. All three captive facilities: Dolphin Base, Hotel Dolphin Resort and Taiji Whale Museum had trainers in the cove. Taiji Whale Museum transferred 3 dolphins by truck and 2 by skiff. The rest of the dolphins were placed in the harbor holding pens. No dolphins were slaughtered today.
The remaining 200 plus pod will be left divided and will be held for a second night in the shallow waters of the cove until the captive selection will resume at approximately 7am tomorrow morning.
Cove Guardians will be live streaming at
 And updating here on Facebook and


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Re: Bottlenose dolphin drive January 9th 2014
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Bottlenose Captive Selection Day 2 January 19, 2014

Today was the second day of the captive selection process in the killing cove as 200 plus dolphins were tormented for another grueling 8 hours. The dolphin killers were dividing families as they herded each dolphin one by one under tarps for trainers to select the more suitable for enslavement.

 Many of the pod sustained multiple injuries. The process was bloody and brutal as killers manhandled and wrestled these dolphins into transfer nets. We witnessed killers in skiffs deliberately run over the pod several times while attempting to section off the pod into smaller groups.

 A total of 15 dolphins were taken today from the cove via sling and transferred to the Taiji harbor sea pens and several captive facilities in Taiji.
 The remaining pod is still being held for a third night and will await their fate until sunrise tomorrow. We expect that most of the pod will be slaughtered and some too small to claim for quota will be driven back out to sea to fend for themselves.
 One Pantropical Spotted dolphin was found dead in the Taiji harbor holding pens where it was quickly hidden under a tarp and dragged to the butcher house. This dolphin was from the captives taken just a few days ago from the cove.
 Cove Guardian Live Stream will begin at 7am Japan time at


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Re: Bottlenose dolphin drive January 9th 2014
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11 more Bottlenose dolphins were taken today from the killing cove.

 After three consecutive days of captive selection, a total of 51 dolphins have been ripped from their family and will never see the ocean again.
 The remaining 200 Bottlenose pod awaits slaughter and will be held in the cove for a fourth night until tomorrow morning.
 We will be live streaming at


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Re: Bottlenose dolphin drive January 9th 2014
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Bottlenose Dolphins January 21, 2014

For the fifth straight day the killers of Taiji, Japan inflicted further pain and suffering on 42 of the 250 Bottlenose dolphins that were herded into the cove. After the killers arrived at daybreak they pushed the first Bottlenose dolphin pod to the killing shore with the same inhumane muscle and force typical in Taiji. Unfortunately, however, the pod that fought so hard in the previous days was unable fight from lack of food, exhaustion, and injuries sustained from killers and motors over the last five days. Once on the shore 40 dolphins were each sentenced to a slow, painful, and conscious death as a metal rod was rammed into their spinal cord. The killers were not the only ones to witness each dolphin suffer on the shore, 1 Bottlenose watched its family murdered in front of her before she was transported to a tiny captive prison in the harbor. Death did not end on the killing shore this morning. One dolphin in the second remaining pod was seen struggling in the nets and ignored by the killers before he/she finally drowned. Killers tried to hide the death of this dolphin with tarps, but his/her struggle was not in vain as Cove Guardians were there for the world to see. Hungry from killing up an appetite, the dolphin murderers took a break for lunch before the remaining 130-140 starved and injured Bottlenose dolphins were driven back out to sea in the same deafening manner as the drive in. Many babies and juveniles were seen in the remaining pod. Too small to count for quota and deemed unsuitable for captivity. Many of these dolphins who were driven out will not survive and will soon be found washed ashore in the coming days.

 A total of 93 Bottlenose dolphins were taken from the ocean in the past 5 days by the barbaric killers and trainers of Taiji, Japan. The killers claim the barbaric drive, starvation, beating, and murdering of dolphins is there culture. However, they continue to try and hide their actions and make millions of dollars off of the captive industry that is used for funding the slaughter.
 52 captives
 41 deaths
 130-140 driven back out to sea
 Our Live Stream can be viewed at