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Freedom of expression at risk
« on: September 28, 2015, 13:19:41 PM »
I'm worried for the situation my country is facing in terms of press freedom and freedom of expression: our rights are at risk.

You may have read that these days writer Erri De Luca has been put under trial for saying, in an interview, that the TAV project should be "sabotaged".
Info: Prosecutor asks for eight months for writer in No-TAV case:

Related video: talkshow commenting the interview.
De Luca explains he said the Tav should be sabotaged as it causes an environmental disaster.
He also sais some No Tav activists had been physically attacked and beaten in the past.

The accusation against Erri De Luca is "instigation to commit a crime", but, as everybody knows, the word "sabotage" doesn't necessary imply any violent action or any action that wants to violate the law: it just means opposing and boycotting a project.

More info on the case can be read here:
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There have been worries and accusations of criminal infiltrations in the TAV project itself. So criticism against it is very normal both for environmental reasons and for the risk of mafious infiltrations.

But De Luca is under trial for such criticism, despite he explained there was no will of inciting to break the law in his words.


Another case of attempt to censor an artist happened last year, during XFactor 2014, a talent show to find new singers where rapper Fedez partecipated as judge.

The talent show took place in a moment when we had no political elections in Italy so, according to the law, one could express whatever political opinion on tv without any problem.

Everybody knows rap is a kind of music that also mentions politics and social problems; Fedez is/was a sympathyzer of the M5S (Beppe Grillo's inspired movement) and has written a song for the movement.

I was following the tv show and I had not even noticed they spoke about this stuff... they mentioned Fedez' new album and the prize he had won for it... I've listened to all the album, by the way, and only one song metaphorically mentions Grillo, but in a more general context criticizing the whole Italian situation... #justssaying ... I mean had they not tried to exclude Fedez I wouldn't even have learned how much he did sympathize for M5S whyle watching the talent show, because the aim of the program is finding new talents, and all the focus of the program was on This Aim. The singer didn't do any propaganda: he just expressed his opinions.

Anyway at a certain point this is what happened: Two members of PD party asked XFactor direction to somehow punish Fedez for having expressed a political opinion "out of context". The general impression was they wanted him removed from the talent show.

Related links (Italian):


So, this is what happens when Italian artists express their opinions in the last years. When a writer or a singer criticizes the Italian situation they risk prison or direct censorship.

Erri De Luca is the person of the year that has become emblematic of this problematic situation.

There are also cases of environmentalists sued for having shown their own analysis demonstrating ENI (a oil and gas company) is destroying southern Italian territories, all of this after always the actual Renzi govt has imposed new laws that deny regional rights of deciding if authorizing oil drilling or not!

It seems Economy is more important than the healt of citiziens.

And it seems books, interviews, poetry and songs scare the govt more than mafious organizations or multinationals that destroy our country.

When a govt is scared by words and songs, even when these words are told without implying any violence, it's evident something very wrong is ongoing with freedom of expression and speech.

... 'Wondering if the next censored will be the scavengers, as they are aware and may speak about the pollution that surround us...