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Title: A question...
Post by: enrica on May 06, 2013, 10:51:43 AM
I am very focused on the leaks and I sincerely have to ask a question, so if anybody knows more about this theme please help me by replying.

The financial blockade has ended.

WikiLeaks has a Shop, has direct Donations, has a Freedom of Press Foundation to recive volunteer contributes to its activities, wich is ok for a no profit.

I see from WL tweets, Freedom of the Press Foundation tweets and the WL Shop tweets and news that they are suggesting new t-shirts, they are reciving money.

Last year WL tweeted they needed to rise 1 million (it's posted somewhere in the forum too... I don't exactly remember where...).

I see WL recives money now. A lot of.
I don't have any idea about How this money is used, as according to JA recently released intervied the wl team included nearly 20 ppl (some now are gone) and I'm informed they mainly do volunteer (not paied work) + I think the costs to mantain the WL site secure and working shouldn't ask for "1 million" (how much does it cost to keep WL working, by the way?) + may be big part of the money are used to cover JA's legal costs (?) + Else?

I often have seen WL tweeting how much the UK spends to mantain the Ecuadorian Embassy controlled because JA is inside it, I see WL strongly criticizes all that money is spent like that... Ok, fact a lot of money is spent to control JA since he asked for asylum.

Now I turn the question to WL and WL supporters: is there a way to Know How the WL donations are Used by WikiLeaks?

The last WL project K weren't leaks, not properly leaks, it was a search engine with big database on already published Kissinger Cables -helpful eh- but not new leaks and I don't think building that thing costed more than keeping this forum alive costed time and efforts, but money?

- Just asking, eh, as money is definitively not my competence area and I'm not rich so when I see they recive all the donations and I eat for 3 months with just a % of them I am wondering -
Is there a link to a WL page that for Transparency describes How the WL donations are used? So the contributors know what use is done of their money.

I am informed many social, activist, political movements or no profit organizations have this sort of information in order to make clear how the volunteer donations are spent.
It's a very normal thing that I woulf find interesting to see also in WL, as this Organization is meant to be for transparency and freedom of information.

If anyone knows if WL has a similar thing, can you help me passing here the link?
Otherways my suggestion for more transparency would be building it like many no profit do, to be clear about how the volunteer generous contributes of many supporters are used.
It would be motivating.
Title: Re: A question...
Post by: Riney on May 06, 2013, 17:06:56 PM
"Learn about how our funds are managed

The not-for-profit Wau Holland Foundation in Germany collects funds for WikiLeaks and produces an annual transparency report showing how your donations have been spent:

Monthly Balance Sheet for 2010, 2011 and 2012
How funds have been spent in 2012 so far
How funds were spent in 2011
How Funds were spent in 2010"

the link:

If you go to the site , click on the "Donate" tab and go to that page, you will find the following reports. All non profit organizations must list their fund reports for transparency. Of course, as we know any reports may not tell the whole story. We all have secrets....


Title: Re: A question...
Post by: enrica on May 06, 2013, 22:57:27 PM
Thank you Riney :)
Title: Re: A question...
Post by: Riney on May 07, 2013, 18:42:26 PM

   Update on the recent issue of WikiLeaks getting paid damages from VISA after a recent court case they won against VISA for the blockade: tweeted today by WikiLeaks

       WikiLeaks ‏@wikileaks 3 days to go before @Visa must process @WikiLeaks donations or pay more than $6k/day in fines

    But now I am wondering, if VISA pays the fines, do they go to WikiLeaks?
Title: Re: A question...
Post by: Riney on May 07, 2013, 18:46:23 PM

   Ha Ha, scratch that , I just found the answer here:,18747.0.html

   That post is about the announcement of the court case ruling and it does say that the fines will be paid to WikiLeaks. So the question now, will VISA lift the ban or pay WikiLeaks 6000 dollars a day until they lift the ban? We will have to see.  :)