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Title: adiós Twitter, adiós trolls
Post by: Obnoxious Bastard on February 13, 2016, 15:34:26 PM
Just a short note to announce we have decided to discontinue our Twitter account. Unfortunately, Twitter has become a breeding ground for abuse and online harassment. Lack of support to help remove offenders despite promises from Twitter to help curb online stalking has prompted us to concentrate on our Facebook fan pages which talks a far larger audience than Twitter.

It seems Twitter has other problem to deal with though........oh well, C'est la vie !

adiós Twitter
adiós trolls (
Title: Re: adiós Twitter, adiós trolls
Post by: Riney on February 13, 2016, 18:00:14 PM
I fully agree. 

Assange has already trying to lie about the reason why the forum deleted its Twitter account as expected. There are the usual zombies on there believing everything thing he is saying and in my opinion they can stay stupid. I came to this forum to gain knowledge and there is nothing to be learned from Assange fanatics. Let them glide right along into their ignorant oblivion. Assange would gladly pull them all down with him. 

On a positive note there are plenty of people on Twitter waking up to the realization that Assange is a full conman. More and more people are confronting him directly when he tweets such crap. There were some that confronted him while he lied about the forum Twitter account deletion. Cool by me.
Title: Re: adiós Twitter, adiós trolls
Post by: Mister Toast on February 14, 2016, 01:47:13 AM
I am actually dying of laughter. Assange tweeted we had 'deleted' the twitter account when in fact is it just deactivated. An once again he has been called out on a lie. Anyway, at least Assange provided proof as to why it was a good idea to stop using Twitter.

At the end of the day, it's him who must rely on his Twitter account to remain relative and it's him, the rapist who remains hiding in an embassy of a banana republic.
Title: Re: adiós Twitter, adiós trolls
Post by: Riney on February 14, 2016, 20:12:32 PM
I do not see a great majority of the troll's tweets because I have either blocked them or have been blocked by them(including Assange himself). I have heard a whisper though, that some of the trolls are trying to throw around bait on twitter to get forum staff both old and current to bite. The trolling of the forum twitter account was a great source of fuel for them. They are at a loss.... 

   One of the losses to also consider, which they would not be able to comprehend even if their lives depended on it, is the fact it was actually the forum twitter account that was really getting the word "WikiLeaks" itself out there and seen on twitter. Yes, even in many times a negative way, but still getting it out there. All the other WikiLeaks sites are shrinking and dying if they are not already dead. 

    This is one effect that I think will be very interesting to watch. In todays world of information overload, people have to be practically hit over the head to notice something. People are going to see the word "WikiLeaks" less and less because of the deactivation of the forum twitter account. Google standings are about the numbers, not about whether things are pro or con. 

   In my last tweet to Assange(the one that caused him to immediately block me), I basically stated that he was lying and that the morons that believe anything that he says can stay stupid. Reality would keep both him and them in check. That is how I truly feel. The trolls are a waste of time and energy. They can not be reasoned with and are so brainwashed at this point, there is truly no good ending for them or their false prophet in the future. 

  I commend the forum staff that took such a positive step towards weeding out fruitless adventures by deactivating the forum's twitter account.
Title: Re: adiós Twitter, adiós trolls
Post by: Obnoxious Bastard on February 15, 2016, 02:00:29 AM
Yes, it's quite hilarious. They've spent the past 3 years screaming bloody murder at the forum's twitter account and now they bitch because we decided to drop the Twitter account for Facebook.

Guess it's just hard to please some people ;-)
Title: Re: adiós Twitter, adiós trolls
Post by: J.C on February 15, 2016, 19:45:54 PM
that was much LOL to watch them freak out on twitter! as predicted they acted. wow!