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Title: secure deletion of files from a SSD or HDD updated 2017
Post by: Zuse on October 24, 2017, 01:02:28 AM
please see my previous post for free program, though this way is the most up to date in this post. download cyberscrub privacy suite from here:
once downloaded you have 15 days free. when adding files and folders make sure your blue bar at the bottom is to the right fully. as it stands there is a little debate. highest file destruction with the department of defence is 3+7+3 (13 passes) but i find guttman (on my other post, the guy who wrote the 1998 paper) beats this considerably. the stop hardware recovery option (35 passes) is currently the worlds top destruction protocol, beating that curent governments use. the 3+7+3 is used by federal gov, and the uk is even a step behind that. This isnt for deflecting illegal files but i have no control over that i think the internet and peoples privacy should remain free.

be safe