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Important Forum Announcement
« on: August 27, 2012, 16:50:03 PM »
As the head administrator and owner of this forum, it has come to my attention that due to the recent increase in volatility of the issues surrounding WikiLeaks, there has been in turn very strong reactions by all people interested in WikiLeaks both supporters and non supporters in venues of discussion.

This forum, twitter, social network sites, and various support sites have all seen an enormous increase in comments, replies, tweets, and postings about issues surrounding WikiLeaks. These discussions and comments have not only increased in number, but even more importantly, they have increased in the severity of the emotions expressed both supportive or non supportive. Things seem to have become unbalanced and less productive for all levels of support. The forum wants to be a part of turning this tide back and I feel a new approach has to be forged by this forum to better serve all of the people so dedicated to the freedom of speech.

In order to encourage more discussion, we welcome debate from all parties concerned. This forum would like to provide for people of all levels of support including both extremes for or against WikiLeaks to be able find a safe place to respectfully address issues and ideas. I, (the admin) made the mistake in the past of welcoming ONLY supportive WikiLeaks posts and statements. This did nothing to encourage debate and throughout this time the forum was doing no more than copying and pasting links to articles, but ignoring calls for debate. Essentially, we were functioning as only a “link farm” for copy and pasting articles instead of encouraging debate. 

We hope to change this and welcome members to post whatever they feel, without having to fear being " flamed " for their views. The forum is already hosting such debate and this lead to people on Twitter attacking the forum as we were, ( and still are ) the official WikiLeaks forum. The forum is still run by supporters as explained on

In order to be fair to WikiLeaks and ALL members we decided to omit the phrase "official" thus allowing the forum more freedom to be able to host open discussion between people with opposing views. This is not being allowed on Twitter and some other social media. People are slipping into non productive arguments and slurs.

This forum will not take sides and we will not endorse one sided debates. It is well established that when people become too heated or emotional in decision making that they make mistakes. We feel that in this vital time in WikiLeaks history, we must provide this type of calm and safe discussion platform for all parties so passionate about freedom of speech.

It is our hope that this will help people to be able to work through differences or at least agree to disagree and move forward in the ongoing struggle toward our freedom of speech that we all hold so dear.   

ps. The Forum also runs the Support Julian Assange Blog at : which was created in december 2010 and continues to provide information for Assange supporters.
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