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The Arab Uprising board
« on: January 20, 2013, 13:43:55 PM »
A new board has been created to discuss the WikiLeaks' impact on the Arab Springs and their developments:
Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Lybia, Palestine, etc. related information and events can be discussed here, including the Syria Files related press reports.

No post concerning the Syria Files releases has been deleted, but we'll take care that the disclosed information will not show personal information of private people (names, email adresses) potentially endangering their security.

Also let's take in account that the Syria Files are subjective emails and thoughts expressed by persons; they aren't official diplomatic cables or intelligence communications.
Let's always consider the subjectivity of their content.

For the reasons expressed before in the announcement, the Forum will not host a Syria Files board.
But members are of course always free of discussing about Syria and WikiLeaks/Syria in other boards.

We are currently taking care of moving the press releases and translations previously posted in "Syria Files" to their appropriate boards (Current Events, Arab Spring, language boards etc.).