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WikiLeaks staffer "Q" addresses the forum administration team
« on: January 26, 2013, 14:44:32 PM »
Just to highlight how WikiLeaks was involved in the creation of the WikiLeaks Forum, here is an announcement made by WikiLeaks staffer "Q" just before he left WikiLeaks in September 2011. This was just an announcement underlining WikiLeaks' support for the forum which he made to all administrators.

"Just to make few things clear.

All WikiLeaks domains


.is .de .net .org .com .ch etc....
Are ALL domains registered and owned by WikiLeaks Supporters

Just like this Domain here is owned and registered to a WikiLeaks Supporter.

WikiLeaks has officially stated that this forum is operated by WikiLeaks.

That means WikiLeaks as an Organization will defend what ever goes on, on this forum.

WikiLeaks will defend the domain owner, of this domain and every single domain wikileaks operates but

Maybe does not own publicly.

WikiLeaks will defend the moderators and admins on this forum if a legal problem happens,

Just Like WikiLeaks will defend it´s volunteers if to a legal problem accures.

WikiLeaks will defend this forum if the main stream media starts to attack this forum if some words were said that should have been.

We will not blame the fault somebody.

WikiLeaks has been in the court of a law defended supporters that are registered to a domain that is operated by wikileaks, but not owned.

And With full respect to every single admin and moderator here, including XX and XXXX

Going online and spreading logs that took place or not is just stupidity

Many of our former volunteers and supporters joined WikiLeaks just for personal benefit

Just to be able to gain personal profit or something in similar.

We need to look at the greater picture.

That the work that every single volunteer or a supporter for wikileaks is doing no matter how small it is, is doing a diffreance.

No matter how small the contribution is from a individual.

If it´s a 1 minute every day, just by saying hi to some of the volunteers,supporter or key staff.
Makes a diffrence.

Every single person inside this organization including this forum is making a diffrence.

You might not be helping us going over unpublished files, you might not be releasing the files, or you might not be in the spotlight.

But you are helping wikileaks reach out to the people, hear there thoughts, hear how they think about the organization.

Every single key staff member of wikileaks reads this forum, reads some of the threads that are posted,

Seeing the support that we get keeps us going.

You are representing WikiLeaks to the people.

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