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In the interest of maintaining open discussions and allowing a full range of opinions to be viewed, the forum admin would like to place an announcement concerning a defamatory post aimed at the forum and it's admin. The post actually does violate forum guidelines with accusations and offending material aimed to demonize the forum and it's admin.
The post is presented in full in this announcement as quotes, with each part of it separated between the forum's staff counter comments that addresses each opinion expressed by the author separately.
A separate thread will be provided for comments, as we prefer forum announcements to stand alone for face value.

"WikiLeaks Forum: Smoke and Mirrors

Sunday, January 27, 2013

On January 20, the "WikiLeaks Discussion Forum" published an "Important Forum Announcement", entitled " admits to spamming and hijacking the WikiLeaks Forum". This announcement was also published on and promoted on the Facebook pages WikiLeaks Cablegate, WikiLeaks: The Global Intelligence Files, Sunshine Press and WikiLeaks Deutschland (***information redacted)."

The title of "Smoke and Mirrors" has baffled staff because the author, Cabledrummer himself is full of smoke and mirrors, as has been shown many times. Between the numerous unproven accusations he has made about the forum and the harassment of staff with messages to all of them trying to campaign against admin he obsessively tries to smear on a continual bases. The material he always presents can be interpreted many ways, but the way he presents it, his opinion overrides all others. He always speaks to anyone he writes to like they are an unthinking person that needs to be told what to think, that his conclusions are superior to anyone's.

"While the announcement gives the impression of outlining a current incident, in fact the screenshots are more than four months old. The cited email was sent on 7th September 2012. The mentioned Twitter bot was used as a defence mechanism against a torrent of abusive tweets by forum admins with more than fifty tweets within 24 hours. This bot did not reply "to all tweets by @wikileaks_forum" (as falsely claimed) but only replied to tweets mentioning 'cabledrum'. It was deactivated a few days later. In any case, the incident doesn't justify the lurid headline."

It makes no difference when the offences occurred, the forum reserves the right to present this material over and over again as Cabledrummers attacks on the forum never end. It would always be appropriate for forum staff to present previous offensives he has made as a reminder to all new comers of his past, which by trying to say this is old news, only exposes his deeper need to cover up what he has done. Each person is of course free to interpret the supposed "facts" as he states them.

"This raises the question: Why does the forum kick up a fuss about old news now? The obvious reason for it, is the intention to detract from significant events, especially from WikiLeaks' decision to distance itself from the forum."

With his words "The obvious reason for it" is again his usual pattern to interpret for the reader what they should think about what he has stated. In this case he is wrong, the presentation of his prior offenses is and will always be to defend against his never ending obsession to smear the forum. The forum does not care that WikiLeaks distances itself from it. The forum is independent and has on some occasions distanced itself from WikiLeaks. We are two separate entities and want very much to remain so.

"On January 17, the forum announced the removal of its "Syria Files" board. Their statement claimed that the "Syria Files" release would "support the destruction of an elected government" and stated that "our conscience won't allow us to be a part of a propaganda war against a sovereign state.""

We gave the Syria Files board a chance to prove itself and that material simply has not had the intended effect. The Syrian conflict has only gotten worse and some but not all of the forum staff felt strongly enough to take action and rework the presentation of the material. We are not obligated to post material on the forum just because WikiLeaks wants it there, when any of our staff feel it is incredulous. In the reworking of the material, some post were moved into a dedicated Syria board in the new board "The Arab Uprising" that includes dedicated boards for many other countries affected in the recent years of conflict in the regions. The leaks "The Syria Files" remain available elsewhere on the web.

"The next day, on January 18, WikiLeaks striked the forum off the list of endorsed supporter projects and stated: "The 'WikiLeaks Forum' is not run or endorsed by WikiLeaks and has no connection to WikiLeaks whatsoever.""

We appreciate that WikiLeaks did this, as if further explains our independence. Again Cabledrummer thinks that we are vying for WikiLeaks support and approval of us, and again he is wrong.

"After the forum repeatedly claimed to be the "Official WikiLeaks Forum" and frequently referred to WikiLeaks' supporters page as proof for it, the admins now obviously strive to conceal WikiLeaks' statement from the forum's members. As of today, the forum has still not informed its 15,000 members about WikiLeaks' decision."

The forum never tried to conceal WikiLeaks statement, it only confronted WikiLeaks on twitter about trying to say that they NEVER did approve of the forum. When the forum forged a new independence from WikiLeaks, to get out from under that shadow of oppression, that all of our post had to be pro Julian Assange or pro WikiLeaks, we have been met with many attacks by ardent supporters that wanted to quell our freedom of speech. We will not give up our rights to freedom of speech. This announcement should help clarify our position further to members that might have not followed us on twitter and seen the actions themselves.

"Shortly after WikiLeaks' statement, the owner of WikiLeaks Forum quit. This owner had been appointed only three months ago with a big show: On October 13, the forum got shut down "due to ongoing attacks on staff members of the forum" but reopened just four days later, introducing "pathios" as the new site owner while everything else remained unchanged. The former owner allegedly retired from the forum but actually changed his nickname only."

The former forum owner retired from that position because there was an invasion of privacy and threats in his real name made, effectively exposing him to danger and disallowing his right to anonymity for his own safety. It had nothing to do with any WikiLeaks statement that has ever been made. Again Cabledrummer is wrong and interpreting things to his own advantage and need to smear this forum.

"One would expect that the forum inform its members about pathios' decision and clarify who owns the forum now. But there has been not a single word about it in the forum so far. Instead, the forum admins launched a campaign against Smoke and mirrors."

Cabledrummer wants to know who the new forum owner is, he has asked that question on twitter to find out. He needs to know this information so he can continue to attack whoever it might be. Allow the forum to explain a little bit more about Cabledrummer's history with the forum...

He posted an article on the forum from a source that has been designated by the hosting country of the forum as a terrorist organization, thus putting the forum in danger of legal persecution. When he was confronted about this by forum admin staff he responded with arrogance and defiance and an unwillingness to protect the forum. After sending many personal messages on the forum to staff trying to turn them against each other, he was banned for abuse. He has registered again 5 times in attempts to attack the forum and was banned again and again. He posted on the web the personal names and user names of forum staff to put them in danger. He has posted ongoing slurs and smears against the forum and continues as proven to this recent post above.

In the end it is up to each individual to decide what they want to believe, Cabledrummer is only hurting his own credibility with his coercive and intimidation tactics towards forum staff. This forum stands strong and will continue as it has, with an independent platform to allow freedom of speech and information flow.

This announcement has been made in the agreement and solidarity of the entire WikiLeaks Forum Administration Team.
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Re: Forging and Maintaining an Independent Forum in the Face of Attacks
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There is new information, as an update in this post here:

 That announcement contains the new information concerning the removal of the Syria Files Board as mentioned in the above announcement as well.
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