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Howard Bourne

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On Saturday the 5th July 2013, @greekemmy publicly accused a Forum staff member of embezzlement, together with Sigudur Thordarsson

The Forum asked WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristin Hrafnsson if WikiLeaks was aware of the accusations.

His response: ( via e mail on 7th July 2013 15:25 hrs )


WL has never accused anyone for aiding Sigurdur Thordarsson in his theft from the organization. He acted alone and breached the trust of other volunteers and staff.

You can quote me on that.

Tell the girl to retract this from Twitter and apologise.



As a direct result of the accusations made towards the forum staff member, we were advised to take legal action against @greekemmy

On Monday 8th July 2013, the accused staff member launched criminal proceedings against @greekemmy for defamation of character and slander with the London Metropolitan Police MPS Crime Recording and Investigation Bureau.

Furthermore a formal complaint has been made to Twitter's legal department.

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