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New Features Added the WikiLeaks Suporters Forum
« on: September 23, 2013, 15:35:35 PM »
The WikiLeaks Supporters Forum has made some changes that we hope members will benefit from.

We have restructured all the Forum URLs ( "pretty URLS" )

Up till date, your article URL would appear like this ->

This means that anyone searching Google for Information on on "EU Parliament and NSA Spy revelations" would have difficulties finding the Information on the Forum.

To enable Google to find this Information on the WIkiLeaks Supporters Forum we have updated the Forums URL structure that will include important keywords within the URL.

The above mentioned URL will now look like this:

The new URL structure will take the title of the post and embed it within the URL. Once a search term in inserted into the search box, Googles algo searches the web for Content. Google doesn't just search for keywords within the body content but includes URLS into its search method.

2. New " WYSIWYG " Editor installed.
We have just installed a new editor which makes posting easier. Adding Images, links etc will be easier. This Editor replaces the old Default SMF BB code Forum Editor.

3. The Wikieaks Supporters Forum Gallery.
As we all know text content is important but sometimes " Pictures Speak Louder Than Words "

All members now have Access to the new Forums own Gallery which you will find on the Forums first board under the WIKILEAKS FORUM GALLERY

Clicking the link will take you here - >

If you are logged into he Forum then you will automatically be logged into the Gallery. From there, you can upload pics to a Gallery of your choice or create your own personal Gallery.
It is possible to comment on other peoples pics, vote on them or resend Images as " E-Cards " to your friends.
The Gallery also makes adding Images to your Forum Posts easier. Simply upload your pics to the Gallery and take the URL and add it to your post.......done

We will be adding more Features to the Forum shortly and keep all members updated

Have Fun.

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Re: New Features Added the WikiLeaks Suporters Forum
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2013, 15:43:54 PM »
**impressive** !!   :)  :)