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President’s Message to Greeks Abroad
« on: December 22, 2013, 20:50:42 PM »
President’s Message to Greeks Abroad

By Ioanna Zikakou on December 21, 2013 In Community, News, Society

The President of the Republic, Karolos Papoulias sent a holiday message to all Greeks living abroad. In this he underlined that Greek society has gone long beyond its limits of endurance, and that this has now finally been understood by the European and International community.

During his statement to the diaspora, he also said that the Greek people have made unprecedented sacrifices that need to be recognized. The only thing he asked was for the countries lenders to “cover their share of the distance.”

Mr. Papoulias stressed that Greece has always appreciated the help of those living abroad. He added that he is sure that the diaspora will continue to help the country to overcome the obstacles it faces and to enter a new era of progress and development, as it has done in the past.