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Jihadist Infestation: Terrorism Results in Copenhagen Chaos
« on: February 15, 2015, 11:58:12 AM »
Jihadist Infestation: Terrorism Results in Copenhagen Chaos via The ISIS Study Group

Hours after the first shooting that was targeting Swedish Cartoonist Lars Vilks a second shooting occurred a couple blocks away targeting near a Synagogue that killed one and wound two leaving a total of two dead and five wounded. Local law enforcement later reported that they shot and killed one of the gunmen and injured another. As we stated in our earlier piece we stated that the first attack had all the markings of an operation executed by a sleeper cell a la Charlie Hebdo-style. If there was any doubt to what we said, this second shooting erased it – especially since the shooter in the second attack was not one of the individuals involved in targeting Mr. Vilks. We assess the individuals involved in both attacks are all part of the same cell and that there are likely others that will be targeted in the coming days by Danish security forces. In other words, this was no “lone-wolf” operation and there’s likely more being planned.

Swedish Cartoonist Targeted in Denmark Shooting – Europe is in Serious Trouble

2 deadly shootings within hours in Copenhagen; manhunt on as police draw parallels to Paris

Copenhagen hit by second deadly shooting

denmark3 Danish police securing the location of the second attack.
Source: Associated Press

Some of our readers have asked us, “Is there a connection between the Charlie Hebdo Attack and what happened in Denmark?” The answer to that is both yes and no. The Paris shooting was an AQAP operation and although Vilks had angered jihadists much like Charlie Hebdo, we can’t say for sure if there is a connection. However, IS – then still known as AQI – had first placed a bounty on his head back in 2007 that remains in effect to this day. As we’ve stated in our last article, both al-Qaida (AQ) and the Islamic State (IS) have been openly competing for recruits in Europe. With AQ having taken credit for Paris, its quite possible that IS gave one of their sleeper cells in Denmark the green light to carry out these attacks, although this is just conjecture on our part – for now. Still, we assess that the cells involved in the Copenhagen and paris attacks weren’t aware of each other’s existence and may not even be aligned with the same terror group. This was either a follow-on AQAP/AQ operation using members from a different network or it was IS responding to the Paris attack. Indeed there are well-organized networks within specific countries, but we don’t see an overall “European command” like we do for Iraq and Syria, at least not yet anyways.

Arrests over alleged plot to kill cartoonist

American Colleen LaRose Called Herself Jihad Jane

None of this is “new” either, although people may have forgotten the retaliation over the Danish cartoon that was published in 2005. Since the start of the Syrian Regional War there’s been an estimated 84 Danish nationals who traveled to the Middle East to serve as foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq, although we assess the number to actually be quite higher. However, its very difficult to identify which faction they’re fighting for (Jabhat al-Nusra, IS etc). One would think that Denmark would be as proactive as countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia when it comes to rounding up foreign fighters attempting to return to their countries or disrupting attack cells – but unfortunately for the Danish people that simply isn’t the case. The Danish government feels that free psychological counseling and a de-radicalization program to “help” these returning jihadists both returning from Syria and those staying in Denmark is preferable to cracking down on the networks infesting the country. Sadly, today’s events is one of a long list of examples that such efforts have been a complete failure. De-radicalization programs have been a failure everywhere they’ve been tried and are widely used by the terrorists themselves to either avoid jail sentences or to get their jail time curtailed – then they go right back to what they were doing prior to being detained.

danish The 2005 Muhammad cartoon.

Source: Jyllands-Posten Muhammad

Today’s attacks are only symptoms of the disease that has been allowed to metastasize in Denmark and Europe as a whole. One such example is the Grimhojvej Mosque located in Aarhus, Denmark. The Mosque and its Chairman Osama al-Saadi are directly linked to 30 of the jihadists who traveled to Syria. Instead of detaining these terrorists, the government views “discrimination” at home as being the same as IS recruiting – so these fighters returning home are being offered free psychological counseling and participation in the de-radicalization program instead of a jail cell. Interestingly enough, the structural IS leadership in Syria and Iraq have instructed their foreign fighters to participate in such programs so as to avoid jail time and to lure their home countries into a false sense of security. In the case of Denmark it worked like a charm, if today is any indicator. The politically-correct politicians in the Danish government have the view that the outreach at Grimhojvej Mosque is a “success story” – but it isn’t. As of this writing, the Mosque remains open and Saadi is freely recruiting the next batch of foreign fighters. Although we don’t yet know if the individuals involved in today’s attacks are returning foreign fighters, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the reporting that comes out in the next few days and weeks proves to be the case.

Denmark tries a soft-handed approach to returned Islamist fighters

How do you deradicalise returning Isis fighters?

For Jihadists, Denmark Tries Rehabilitation (click to enlarge)
saadi Osama al-Saadi: One of the foreign fighter recruiters tolerated by the Danish government.
Source: Washington Post

Another example is the notorious IS facilitator Bilal Philips. Like the Philippines, he has many supporters in Denmark to include Grimhojvej Mosque. Philips visited Denmark in 2011 sponsored by the Danish Islamic Society’s youth wing, where he spoke about the virtues of a global “Caliphate” that was free of western “deviance” – sound familiar? Well, the Danish government welcomed him with open arms because they were afraid to offend the Muslim community and have a repeat of the Muhammad cartoon controversy. The fact that they were so worried about such retaliation is a significant red-flag as to the scale of the problem in the country. Philips also continues to support several Islamic centers throughout Denmark by furnishing them with new computers and WIFI from which to access the online courses of his Islamic Online University (IOU). When it comes to Philips, the rule of thumb is any Islamic center who defends him and is affiliated with his IOU are ten times out of ten involved in radicalization and facilitating the travel of foreign fighters to Syria. Philips also issued guidance to all Islamic centers affiliated with his IOU to always accuse those inquiring about their activities of “Islamophobia” and to threaten them with lawsuits. Whenever an Islamic center takes this course of action, however, it serves as a major red-flag that they’re worried about being exposed and are very much involved in his jihadist recruitment operations. The Philippines is still grappling with this problem, and it remains the case with Denmark.

World Trade Center Bombing Co-Conspirator Arrest UPDATE

WTC Attack Co-Conspirator DETAINED in the Philippines

’93 WTC Attack Co-Conspirator to Visit the Philippines

Islamic State Manifesto: Call to America (click to enlarge)
Bilal Philips, a former “Guitar Gods” who Creating Thousands of U.S. Soldiers Embrace Islam

Dalai Lama versus Bilal Philips

Denmark: Concern About Hate Preacher Visit

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.05.08 PM Bilal Philips: Smiling at the fools in the Danish government who welcomed him with open arms because they didn’t want to offend anybody.

Terror facilitator Anjem Choudray’s Hizb ut-Tahrir (HUT) is also very active in Denmark (as well as the UK, Indonesia etc) with very little actually being done to crackdown on the organization’s activity in radicalizing recruits and sending them to the Middle East. Despite there not being a continent-wide “command structure” for IS in Europe, there is a well-established entity known as Millatu Ibrahim (variant – Millat Ibrahim) that’s based in Germany. This organization boasts a wing in Denmark as well as Australia that have been very active in appealing to potential recruits via social media and underground lectures sponsored by Islamic centers in the above-mentioned countries. Millatu Ibrahim is also part of a global network of jihadist websites operating in several other countries. Despite the appearance of being a separate terror group and links to old school AQ types, Millatu Ibrahim is firmly in the IS sphere of influence. The group has found it very difficult to operate in Germany these days do to crackdowns on their activity; however, no such scrutiny exists in Denmark and that is why they’ve set up shop in the country – and they’re THRIVING in Vejle, Copenhagen and Aarhus. So what is the Danish government doing about it? Absolutely nothing.


Millatu Ibrahim Profile

The Continuing Flow of Foreign Fighters From Australia

US Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS – Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Anjem Choudray the UK’s Pied Piper of Jihad Arrest Along With Eight Others

Japan: ISIS Recruiting Ground?

millatu ibrahim danmark The logo of Millatu Ibrahim’s Denmark branch
Source: Millatu Ibrahim Danmark FB page

Here’s a Millatu Ibrahim video posted on Youtube in SEP 14:

The Danish government – like most of Europe – has only projected weakness and a general reluctance to see the threat for what it is. Europe is slowly dying from years of political correctness that has destroyed it from within. Countries like Germany, France and the UK that are now trying to do something about it is a case of being too little, too late. As for Denmark, the government’s flaccid response in confronting this threat is the reason why the country is viewed as an attractive facilitation hub for raising funds and recruiting fighters in support of Baghdadi’s Caliphate. We sincerely hope the Copenhagen attacks serve as a wakeup call to the Danish government, because right now they’re failing their constituents. The Danish people deserve much better than this…
Assange fears the Pigeon.