Author Topic: Isis is using SIGN LANGUAGE to try and recruit jihadis  (Read 2067 times)

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Isis is using SIGN LANGUAGE to try and recruit jihadis
« on: March 09, 2015, 13:06:54 PM »
Isis is using SIGN LANGUAGE to try and recruit jihadis: another kind of daesh recruiting propaganda, now trying to profit of deaf people...


Now Isis is using SIGN LANGUAGE to try and recruit jihadis: New video shows two deaf-mute militants calling on Muslims to join them saying disability is no excuse

 Men claim to be deaf mute brothers working as traffic police in Mosul, Iraq
 They demonstrate their job while urging European Muslims to go and fight
 Fighters pledge to 'slaughter' Britain, America and their Arabian allies
 At the end of the film they are shown firing missiles at Kurdish troops

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Published: 03:22 GMT, 9 March 2015 | Updated: 11:00 GMT, 9 March 2015

The Islamic State has released a new propaganda video showing two deaf fighters speaking in sign language and urging more Westerners to join the terror group.
The video is titled 'From Who Excused [sic] To Those Not Excused' - suggesting that disability is no excuse for not serving for ISIS.
In the five minute clip the two men, who are deaf-mutes and brothers, are shown working as traffic police in Iraq's second city Mosul, which has been under ISIS control since last summer.
Scroll down for video  

Two deaf-mute brothers who claim to be fighting for ISIS in Iraq have taken part in the group's latest propaganda video, in an attempt to recruit more people with disabilities to fight for the terror group

The footage, which features the Islamic State flag in the top right hand corner, also shows them working for the traffic police in Mosul, in an attempt to depict an normal life as part of the terror group's Caliphate
Speaking in sign language with English and Arabic subtitles, one of the men says: 'I am a deaf mute who works in the traffic police in the Islamic State with my brother Abu Abdur-Rahman.
'As for my message to the apostate peshmerga (Kurdish fighters) we will strike you soon, by Allah's permission. I am living in a land in which Allah's sharia is established.' 
Wearing black jumpsuits, ammunition pouches and carrying what appear to be M16 assault rifles, the pair also speak about their desire to 'slaughter' their enemies including Britain, America, France and Italy, saying 'you will not stop our advance'.

The fighters also threaten Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and those who have allied with the West, vowing to destroy them.
In the final section of the slickly produced and professionally edited film, the brothers are shown assembling simple rocket launchers which they claim are used to fire at Kurdish fighters.
The weapons consist of little more than crudely made explosives balanced on a metal frame which is tilted upwards and held in place using a few rocks.
In the last seconds of the film, which features the Islamic State's logo in the top right hand corner, one of the men presses a trigger, launching the rockets.
  ISIS use sign language to recruit deaf fighters

The last seconds of the film show the pair wiring up and launching two crude missiles which they claim are being aimed at Kurdish peshmerga fighters
Alex Kassirer, a researcher at Flashpoint Intelligence, who spoke to NBC News, said the video 'represents an attempt by the group to recruit other physically or otherwise impaired individuals, as well as demonstrates the multifaceted responsibilities of those in its ranks.'
ISIS's ability to recruit western jihadis using online propaganda films and its monthly magazine, Dabiq, is well documented, and the films often feature fighters speaking about their daily lives, in an attempt to present life under the extremist Caliphate in a positive light.
However this is thought to be the first film which deliberately features disabled people in an attempt to recruit more from Europe and the West.