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Tiitinen list
« on: March 02, 2011, 21:14:01 PM »
Not many of you foreigners have probably heard of Tiitinen list but as a Finn I'd be very eager to find one day them to be leaked to Wikileaks.

Basicly it's a list of Finnish people who are suspected of spying to East Germany.
Quote from: Wikipedia
The Tiitinen list is a Finnish classified government document which was given by West Germany to the Finnish Security Police in 1990. The list consists of the names of 18 persons who are suspected to have been in contact with the East German security service Stasi. The people are popularly described as having been suspected of spying for the Eastern Bloc. The list remains classified after a 2010 Finnish Supreme Court decision. The list is named after Seppo Tiitinen then executive of the Finnish Security Police.

One major argument in keeping the list classified has been that it only specifies individuals who have allegedly been in contact with Stasi, but not the nature of the contact. Therefore being on the list would not constitute proof of or even indicate breaking any Finnish laws. Consequently it was chosen not to shame potentially innocent persons in the media.

In October 2010 Julian Assange of Wikileaks said in an interview that Wikileaks had received a set of eight documents making up the Tiitinen list and that it was to be published by the website pending a factual review. The Tiitinen list has previously been on the list of documents Wikileaks would like to acquire.

Really looking forward it to be released.  ;)
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