Author Topic: PNA/ISRAEL - MP Rejects Israel's Claims about Palestinian Phosphorus Bombs  (Read 2197 times)

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PNA/ISRAEL - MP Rejects Israel's Claims about Palestinian Phosphorus Bombs

Released on 2013-03-11 00:00 GMT
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MP Rejects Israel's Claims about Palestinian Phosphorus Bombs

TEHRAN (FNA)- Chairman of the Palestinian parliament's Security
Committee Ismail al-Ashqar on Monday categorically rejected Israel's
claims that Palestinian resistant forces have used phosphorus bombs in
their rocket attacks on Israel.
"The Zionist Regime's (Israel) claim that resistant forces in Gaza possess
phosphorus bombs is baseless and nonsense and the Zionist enemy is trying
to show that there is a balance of power between the regime and the
Palestinian resistance groups by covering its crimes through such claims,"
Ashqar told FNA on Monday.

He added that the UN and its Security Council are well aware that these
rumors are aimed at deceiving the world public opinion.

The Palestinian lawmaker then called on the UN to try Israeli military
commanders in an international tribunal for their war crimes during the
22-day war on the Gaza Strip last year.

The comments by Ashqar came after Israeli media claimed that one of the
mortar rounds fired at Israel on Friday was a white phosphorus bomb.

Israel came under heavy criticism during the 22-day offensive it launched
on Gaza in December 2008 for using phosphorus rounds and ammunitions.

Under international law, white phosphorus is banned for use near
civilians, but is permitted for creating a smoke screen.

An Islamist militant group, the Al-Nasser Brigades, claimed responsibility
for Friday's mortar attack, saying it had fired six rounds in "retaliation
for the assassination by Israel."

Yet, the group underlined that it has not used phosphorus ammunitions in
its attack.

The statement was an apparent reference to an Israeli strike on Wednesday
that killed Islam Yassin, 39, and his brother Mohammed, 20, both members
of the Army of Islam.

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