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Volunteer translation of:

Anonymous colto di sorpresa dall’Isis? by Bruno Ballardini, Italian writer, Communication Strategist.

The source/original version in Italian can be read here:

- This article has been translated by a volunteer translator. Neither WikiLeaks nor The WikiLeaks Forum shall be held accountable for errors. The reader is welcome to check him/herself the original source linked below, and to comment if there is an error or misinterpretation. If an error is identified we shall endeavour to correct it -


Has Anonymous been took by surprise by ISIS?

by Bruno Ballardini | 1 march 2015

It happened the night before yesterday. The twitter account AnonOps
that, in addition to doing monitoring, generally reports news in real time on the ongoing operations by the Anonymous teams, has launched the 'breaking news' on a just occurred attack. The message began with Tango Down, the usual formula which states a hacking action has been successful, taking down a website for example. We immediately went to check the links related to the "agency's breaking news launch":

AnonOps @anonopsoficial


18:43 - 27 Feb 2015

It was about Israeli government's websites and the action was propagandized with the hashtags #FreePalestine #OpIsrael and has been claimed by Security-511 (@ security_511), AnonGhostTeam (@ AN0N_AL_AQSA), by #TANGODOWN_HACKED (@TANGO_DOWN_HACK), apparently belonging to the Anonymous network.
On website, a radio station dedicated to disabled people, a screen appeared praising the Caliphate, complete with musical accompaniment, a jihadist nasheed:

Others have have adressed "graphic sneers" like this to Netanyahu:

All the retweets reporting the serie of attacks, that began on february 24 and culminated on yesterday, refer to a hacking campaign now become almost "ritual", given since a few years it gets repeated always in this period, marked by the hashtag #OpIsrael. An action initially launched by Anonymous in favor of the liberation of Palestine, that soon has turned to be a campaign in favor of wiping Israel from the web.

Since the first editions, #OpIsrael has targeted about 10.000 websites during a single week, with hacking, defacement, hijacking and takedown actions, with, of course, a special attention to the more than 700 Israeli institutional and governmental websites.
But this time, from the exchanges of messages within the community of Anonymous, reactions of dismay and disbelief emerge, in the face of an evidence that has stunned everyone. Now it's official: many members of the teams that so far have carried out actions in favor of Palestine are officially passed to ISIS:

Until recently, the Islamic State suffered an unbridgeable technical inferiority on the IT plan if compared to al-Qaeda, that still has programmers and hackers of the highest level. Now, with these new members, ISIS starts becoming dangerous also on this field. We asked for explanations to Anonymous and we were told in a somewhat 'annoyed' tone that those "hackers aren't part of the organization."

Okay. It would be easier, however, admit having been a bit 'naive. Too much confidence in the internal democracy and freedom of the people. And who knows what will happen from now on. Because now there are jihadist hackers able to act according to the standards of Anonymous, who keep using its image: on all their accounts stand out logos containing the elements of its visual identity, including Guy Fawkes, contributing to feed confusion on the net .

What gets damaged is the image of Anonymous. It's the first defeat for a now legendary organization, in which so many people have put the last hopes for freedom and democracy in the world. On the other hand, even the Wikileaks community isn't going well, divided into two factions: those who worship Assange as a deity and the "secular" ones. The great freedom and democracy you live within these organizations are, at the same time, their strength and their weakness.

Anonymous is undoubtedly the brand that most of all embodies our desire for a better world. Unfortunately, also ISIS is proposing itself as a brand, with an idea of a "better world" wich is totally opposite to ours. But ISIS can propagandize it so well to even "steal" hackers to Anonymous. Nobody indeed espected ISIS to adopt marketing logics even in the cyberspace. And this is what ISIS is doing, taking everybody by surprise.


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Re: Has Anonymous been taken by surprise by ISIS? (volunteer translation)
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To be honest, I don't think Israel cares if websites are hacked. I doub anyone even noticed in Israel. yaaaawn

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Re: Has Anonymous been taken by surprise by ISIS? (volunteer translation)
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lol well, the fact they targeted Israel that way using the logos of Anonymous is very bad anyway.
Promoting ISIS troglodites has surely nothing to do with supporting the rights of the Palestinians.

Targeting Israel has become almost "a mode" and the fact ISIS fanboys are even doing it pretending to be Anonymous looks like an attempt of infiltration in what should be pro-democracy groups.

I've translated it also because an ex-Anon lady (who also recived death threats for her criticism), who is also a WL critic, told me on twitter about the risks of deviation from the original Anons' pro-democracy purpose... This was connected to the fact also WL is very indulgent in their words used on twitter with extreme Middle Eastern groups (ISIS, Hezbollah...)... So I think this recent event is interesting to be reported for its potential connections.