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Re: After stealing foreign data
« Reply #15 on: April 20, 2016, 09:55:11 AM »
Even if WIPO officer said that USPTO's making fake patent crime is a big international crime, US government didn't apologized to IP victims and didn't pay any indemnity. US government just have attacked other nations' IP victims.
Now, US government replied to me like this below. what will happen?
I think that WIPO's experts have to solve this problem and prevent US government from making fake US patent and attacking IP victims.
US government replied to me over 10 years later these day!!! This is US government's IP manner.
Thank you for contacting the USPTO Contact Center.

We have forwarded your inquiry to the appropriate special program office.

If you have any further questions or if you require additional information, please call the USPTO Contact Center at 1-800-786-9199 or (571) 272-1000 and reference the following Service Request number: 1-390116817.

We(USPTO) have forwarded(Send) your inquiry(Over 10000th request) to the appropriate(Because of a big dirty international crime) special program office(Because making fake US patent crime is US government's policy).

The truth is:
US government was the dirty power behind NAZI.
Now, US government is the real NAZI and attack individuals and companies for US interest.
The Myth of the Good War: The USA in World War II