Author Topic: Investigation Reveals USPTO is Corrupt, Time to Abolish Annul a Million Patents  (Read 2237 times)

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Investigation Reveals That USPTO is Corrupt, Time to Abolish It or Annul Nearly a Million Patents

After stealing foreign data, US government make fake US patents in USPTO.
Great amount of US patent application numbers wait foreign original patents for stealing their intellectual property rights and skills.

Former USPTO director, David Kappos, pretended to reform USPTO. But, USPTO just changed their system which is easy to fabricate US patents applications quickly against foreign patent.

USPTO and other US government's ethicality is in a great mess.
They search foreigners and foreign companies' weak points and their privacy for committing crimes and threatening their families.
But, US government hide all kind of US government's national and international crimes. Furthermore, US government attack foreign witnesses and foreign victims. Main victims were other nations' collaborators toward US companies. So, don't work with US companies! Don't buy US IT devices and US cars! US products will be used for stealing foreign data. Gradually, international society MUST reduce US products. 

And don't believe South-Korea patent office. South-Korea government also try to hide so many national and international crimes.
Don't use South-Korea PCT system. Don't buy and use South-Korea smartphones which are adopted US OS systems.
The truth is:
US government was the dirty power behind NAZI.
Now, US government is the real NAZI and attack individuals and companies for US interest.
The Myth of the Good War: The USA in World War II