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The Assange Agenda Documentary
« on: August 26, 2013, 12:59:38 PM »
The Assange Agenda Documentary

By Michael Weatherhead

The story of the project

The Assange Agenda Documentary - Surveillance, Transparency... and You.

Please support the completion of this important documentary!

Imagine having to tell the most important story in the world and having a month to tell it instead of a year?

The Internet has changed politics and privacy forever, but how does Democracy respond when citizens, corporations and governments are all connected?

As Australia prepares for Federal Elections and Julian Assange and Wikileaks Party Candidates stand for the Senate, the eyes of the world turn to see how voters in a Post-Manning, Post Snowden world respond.

No film has ever addressed what Julian Assange the politician stands for, what can we expect from a Senator Assange? If Assange is elected what impact will the have on forthcoming elections worldwide? Will the Wikileaks Party have candidates in the 2016 US Elections for example?

One Planet Films, an award winning documentary film production company, is racing against the clock to complete this timely documentary before the Australian Election on September 7. We are running an international team of interviewers, writer, editors and more to make a Documentary in a month (a task that would normally take us a year).

We need your support to finish the job on time and to make sure our team get fed :)

This story concerns everyone. It is a special moment in history, and we want as many people as possible to be part of it.

We've had an amazing response from the small number of people who have seen this campaign, please help us spread the word?
How the funds will be used
Funds raised in this campaign will be used to;

- pay our hard working crew a small portion of the fees they deserve
- purchase flights to get crew to interviews
- additional footage we need to tell the story
- master the film and prepare it for distribution to our supporters.

If we receive more than required we may be able to increase the length of the piece and create more value for supporters.

Some of my other work
One Planet Films made the award winning film Return To Gaza which won the following awards:
- Award of Excellence, The Indie Film Festival USA, 2009
- Award of Merit, Feature Documentary, The Acolade Competition, USA 2010
- Official Selection, Asia Pacific Film Awards, 2010

Risk and challenges
Time and budget is our biggest challenges.

We are working hard to ensure it is not a problem, we have a very tight schedule and have ensured that all bases are covered.

The team so loves this project they are happy to put in weekends and nights to meet the deadlines.
The Team
Director/Executive Producer – Michael Weatherhead is the founder of several businesses including the VOD website, ScreenZone and online broadcaster HotSpots. He is an award-winning filmmaker with a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and a strong background in business and IP. As a business consultant he developed feasibility studies and business plans, which included the creation of a Technology Park for Agriculture Victoria and raising $4 million in venture capital for a telecommunications equipment venture.

Presenter/Journalist – Lucy Anna Rhoades (PhD) is a journalist, writer, filmmaker, counsellor and corporate trainer with experience in film and TV at the BBC working in production, development and the acquisition of content.

Producer – Mike New is a film producer, web producer IT project manager, business consultant, tantric practitioner and filmmaker working in Australia, Mike spent eight years living and working in Asian countries from India to Japan. Mike has successfully delivered large IT projects up to $20 million and has supported publishing companies in successfully adopting new media.

Director of Photography / Camera/ Editor – Lynsey Allett has been working as a freelance camera woman, video editor and multi-media educator for the last twelve years in the UK, mainland Europe and Australia. During this time, she has specialised in independent documentary film-making
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