Author Topic: WikiLeaks 7th Birthday All Night Vigil at Ecuadorian Embassy in London  (Read 2363 times)

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We are organizing a vigil in fornt of the Ecuadorian Embassy on 4th October to celebrate the 7th birthday of WikiLeaks. Please join the event on Facebook, share it and invite your friends:

Any ideas are welcome!

"4th October 2013 marks the 7th anniversary of the launch of WikiLeaks. It will also be 472 days since Julian Assange, the organization's founder has been trapped inside the embassy building. And it will be 44 days since Bradley (Bradley) Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison - expected to be first up for parole in 7 years. And it will be 137 days since Edward Snowden fled from the US.
Let's find as many people as possible who believe in justice and a true freedom of speech, willing to participate in a protest on Friday 4th October at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Let's come up with some unique ideas to attract the attention of the media."

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