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Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 18 October
Ethiopia, sign language, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, EU-Azerbaijan, Syria
October 18, 2013

In today's Brief: Torture in Ethiopia; the importance of sign language; unjustly detained blogger in Algeria; Saudi Arabia turns down UN Security Council seat; the EU's "election tourism" in Azerbaijan, and the disappeared in Syria.

Ethiopian authorities have subjected political detainees to torture and other ill-treatment at Maekelawi, the main detention center in Addis Ababa (photo, above). In a new Human Rights Watch report released today, former detainees and their relatives detail how officials had denied their basic needs; tortured and otherwise mistreated them to extract information and confessions; and refused them access to legal counsel and their relatives.

"They Want a Confession": new @HRW report on abuses against detainees in #Ethiopia's #Maekelawi prison. 
 7:15 AM - 18 Oct 2013

“2nd day the beating was worse. What they want is a confession.” Former detainee in #Ethiopia detention center 
 7:02 AM - 18 Oct 2013

#Ethiopia should condemn torture & get tough on abusive police in Maekelawi center says @hrw in new report   
 9:06 AM - 18 Oct 2013

BBC News - Ethiopia police 'torture and abuse' political prisoners 
 6:46 AM - 18 Oct 2013

Shackled for months in solitary - new @hrw report lifts lid on #Ethiopia's notorious Maekelawi police station 
 10:18 AM - 18 Oct 2013

Hundreds of deaf people, their families, government officials, and disability experts have gathered in Sydney for a major conference organized by the World Federation of the Deaf. Sign language is critical for deaf people to be able to communicate, express themselves, and learn. Deaf children who can communicate can get jobs, and participate in their communities and in their family life.

Deaf children worldwide are too often denied their right to education, new video @HRW #deaf #education 
 10:20 AM - 18 Oct 2013

"Our disability only affects our hearing not our mind"Moving video on deaf children's right to educ in #signlanguage 
 1:50 AM - 18 Oct 2013

Signing opens doors for hearing and speech-challenged kids, and can change their futures. Watch touching @HRW video …
 12:01 AM - 18 Oct 2013
In Algeria, blogger Abdelghani Aloui has been detained since September 15, 2013 on charges of "glorification of terrorism" and "insulting institutions". Mr Aloui shared photos and caricatures of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on his Facebook page and criticized the president’s potential candidacy in the upcoming elections.

#Algeria should drop charges against blogger, criticizing President is not 'terrorism' …
 9:32 AM - 18 Oct 2013
@hrw: where there are attempts to a spring- Algeria: Drop Charges Against Blogger 
 9:29 AM - 18 Oct 2013
Saudi Arabia has turned down its seat on the UN Security Council, in a protest at the body's ineffectiveness in resolving conflicts in Syria and Israel/Palestine, among other issues. While many have noted the Council's failings on Syria, it's also true that Saudi Arabia has not necessarily been a very positive player in that conflict either, with the government needing to do more to restrict monetary transfers from Saudi donors to rebel groups committing atrocities.

Saudi turns down UNSC membership saying it's incapable of ending wars... well, it kind of has a point 
 10:41 AM - 18 Oct 2013
Following yesterday's revelations about Euro-parliamentarians on "unofficial" election missions to Azerbaijan, two of the MEPs involved engaged on twitter with HRW's Andrew Stroehlein in Brussels...

.@alexandrathein & @ivajgl Who really paid for your "election observer" trips to #Azerbaijan? 
 11:10 AM - 17 Oct 2013
@astroehlein @ivajgl Presidential election observation mission to #Azerbaijan was done in my capacity as part of #Euronest
 10:15 AM - 18 Oct 2013
@alexandrathein @ivajgl Thanks for getting back to me. The question is: who paid for your trip? cc @tobyvogel
 10:19 AM - 18 Oct 2013
@astroehlein @ivajgl @tobyvogel That's no secret, transparent and was even mentioned in Gardener's opinion piece: 
 10:30 AM - 18 Oct 2013
@alexandrathein @ivajgl @tobyvogel And who funds them? Did you ask? Would you be concerned if it was the #Azerbaijan government?
 10:35 AM - 18 Oct 2013
Of the many horrors that Syrians have suffered since the uprising began in March 2011, detention is among the most terrifying and least discussed. Khalil Maatouk, the executive director of the Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research, and the head of the Syrian Center for the Defense of Detainees, disappeared on October 2, 2013.

Human Rights Watch          @hrw
Khalil Maatouk, Lawyer who defended activists, was disappeared in #Syria  #SyriaBlackHole
 7:54 AM - 18 Oct 2013
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