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What cabledrummer thinks of WikiLeaks supporters
« on: November 04, 2013, 15:00:59 PM »
The WikiLeaks Forum @wikileaks_forum

 4th November 2013 from TwitLonger

To underline cabledrummers intentions as far as the Forum is concerned, here is a mail he sent to an ex Forum admin.

"Cabledrummer" <[email protected]>
Datum: 12.07.2012 11:48


as I said, in my opinion forum is place where members exchange
opinions, not where mods are posting articles :-p

Yeah, I completely agree. But to be honest: This is not Mark's fault.
WLF has more than 14,000 registered users, whereof 12,000 never posted
anything. Only 230 users (less than 2 percent) have posted more than

10 times.

In order to get more valuable posts and discussion I've initiated the
"Platform boards" and convinced wlpress, wlcentral and m_cetera to join
the forum with their own boards (and started my own one). But meanwhile,
these boards are abandoned and only filled by Emmy.

Your criticism is fully justified and I share it: WLF is a place full
of clueless kiddies, unconditional "WikiLeaks fans" and JA groupies,
and it's arbitrarily ruled by "Mark Godlike-Tyrant".

But on the other hand, WLF is important support for WikiLeaks, helping
to prevent loss of public awareness. And it's a place to get young ppl
involved (or at least to make them feel like they would be involved).
I'm convinced that WikiLeaks needs a forum like this.

Meanwhile he collects donations for hosting. Thus, the community pays
for it. But that's not the point. WLF is an unfortunate mix of Mark's private playground and the "Official WikiLeaks Forum". WikiLeaks has

no say on WLF but they have influence on it, of course.

You may have seen the WLF statement regarding the "accidently deletion"
of my Posts.,11404.0.html,11418.0.html

Of course, it was not written by Emmy (last edited by Z). And of course,
it was not addressed to the forum members but to WikiLeaks. (Shortly
before, wlpress has contacted both WLF and WikiLeaks on this issue.)
WikiLeaks replied with a tweet:

I'm still undecided what to do in this matter. I intended to release
a petition in order to achieve some changes on WLF (or at least to try
it) but postponed it due to the extradition case. Meanwhile I'm unshure

about it:
(Please keep confidential for the time being.)

Imho, the alternative would be to wait until the forum is dead and then
build a new one. But it's a slow death...

I'm in contact with some former wlf admins (which is easy since the
list of FORMER admins is long). Basically, they mainly share my view
but do not really seem to be interested in taking action.

Right now, strange things seem to happen on WLF. qubit and ariana
disappeared from the admin list, both inactive since mid of June.
Only Mark and C (and sawz) are left. (I don't know any details.)

I do not have jabber account anymore...

Why not create another jabber account with new nickname? Takes a minute
only. Also, I'm frequently on WL IRC, mostly in the later evening.



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Re: What cabledrummer thinks of WikiLeaks supporters
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2013, 15:50:33 PM »
I myself have had very bad interactions with Cabledrummer. At one point he was putting my actual name on the internet as a means of intimidation and coercion. The fact that he also monitors the coming and goings of admin on the forum is creepy at best, and dangerous at worst.

    Furthermore, Cabledrummer himself can not tolerate being exposed with people posting his actual name on the internet. So things are somehow different for him and he apparently considers his needs above all.

    I was once a part of an email chain where he threatened someone for putting his name on twitter with "severe irreversible consequences". I saw his name on twitter and it was only his first name, unlike my FULL name that he once posted himself on the internet.

 In summary, I have no respect for this person. His tactics are hypocritical if not mental.

2013/2/3 Cabledrummer <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>>

 XXXXX has just disclosed my real name on Twitter. I strongly recommend
 to delete the concerned tweets immediately in order to avoid severe
 irreversible consequences.

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