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Stoppt TTIP - Campact Petition
« on: March 07, 2014, 22:30:45 PM »
Keine Geschenke für Monsanto, BASF & Co

Das TTIP-Handelsabkommen soll Konzernen Profite durch Fracking, Chlorhühner, Gen-Essen und laxen Datenschutz erleichtern - und es bedroht Europas Demokratie. Auf diesen Deal lassen wir uns nicht ein.

Fordern Sie jetzt den Verhandlungsstopp von EU-Handleskommissar Karl De Gucht und EU-Parlamentspräsident Martin Schulz!

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP):
Our future is not for sale!
The proposed free-trade agreement “TTIP” between the EU and the USA serves the interests of corporations and not of citizens:
  • TTIP undermines democracy and the rule of law :  The agreement allows foreign corporations to sue countries for high compensation in secretive, arbitration proceedings when countries pass laws that could reduce the profits.
  • TTIP opens the door to privatization : The agreement will make it easier for corporations to earn profits from the public water supply and health and education systems, all at the public’s expense.
  • TTIP endangers our health : Practices that are legally allowed in the U.S. would legally be permitted in the EU. This clears the way for fracking , genetically-modified food production, and hormone-treated cattle. The agreement weakens the peasant and family-farming agriculture and grants the agricultural industry even more power.
  • TTIP undermines freedom : The agreement opens the way for even more monitoring and surveillance of internet users. Excessive copyright regulations restrict free access to culture, education, and science.
  • TTIP is practically irreversible : Once agreed upon , the contracts for elected politicians are essentially no longer ammendable as every change requires agreement by all parties. Germany could not unilaterally decide to withdraw from the contract , as it is the EU, and not Germany, who signs enters into the agreement.
Therefore I demand: Stop the negotiations on the TTIP agreement!

(Name and location to be added)
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