Author Topic: GCHQ's use of Online Propaganda...among other things.  (Read 2106 times)

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GCHQ's use of Online Propaganda...among other things.
« on: June 23, 2015, 14:18:22 PM »
Here is the original article that I want to comment on...

Controversial GCHQ unit engaged in domestic law enforcement, online propaganda, psychology research.

by Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Fishman The Intercept June 2015

 The one part that caught my eye was the explanation of the tactics used....

Above is an excerpt of the 2011 report on the organization’s operations, derived from documents of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's leak.

 So two things here I want to comment on.

 One...In the documentary CITIZENFOUR, Ed Snowden explains that the GCHQ has the most invasive system in the world, what he described as a "full take" of private information that leads to the worlds worst privacy invasion in the opinion of the entire intelligence community world wide. He implies that it is even more invasive than the NSA. Contrary to what Assange always preaches that it is actually the NSA in his personal crusade against the western governments, most notably the USA. I personally believe that all of the intelligence communities collaborate together in a if you scratch my back I will scratch your back scenario anyway, so it does not matter. But for Assange it does matter, if he can demonize the USA more, he can convince more people of his victimhood, hence more coin in his pocket from donations.

 Two...In what to me is a more comical side of it. The procedures that are described above are very similar to what the Assange cult have described that Assange critics like myself use against Assange. I do not expect that others may share my laugh about this. Most forum visitors can not be aware of how for years the Assange fanatics have attacked this forum and staff, claiming it to be apart of some huge government conspiracy against the fully innocent and saintly victim of justice Julian Assange. They have for years stated and preached emphatically that the staff and members of this forum have used many of the covert tactics described above. I read the description of the tactics above, knowing full well I have never been apart of such a thing and laugh full hardy.
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