Author Topic: Another hilarious Complaint by @greekemmy, this time harassing London Assembly  (Read 2567 times)

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As if London assembly members didn't have enough on their plate already, they now have to put up with die hard Assange groupies bombarding them with " Sunlight 4 Assange" spam.

As always, mother hen Emilia Butlin ( better known as @greekemmy aka the Greek Miss Marple ) reclaims her crown as the reigning Queen of the "love sick for Assange" brigade by harassing members of the London Assambly,,,,,,yep, ALL 25 of them.

Dear *London Aseembly Member*

I am writing to you to draw to your attention the plight of Julian Assange, Editor in Chief of WikiLeaks, the publishing organisation. Metropolitan Police has a guarding and surveillance Operation on a 24/7 basis surrounding the Ecuadorian Embassy, in Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge. The cost is over £6.8 million pounds to date and growing.

Where is the benefit to the London Taxpayer? As a member of the GLA you scrutinise how our Tax money is spent. What justification can possibly exist for such expenditure?

UK government is refusing to grand him safe Passage to Ecuador where he has been granted political Asylum to protect his human rights from US political persecution for his work with WikiLeaks.

For the last two years I have stood dozens of times outside the embassy in solidarity and witnessed what can only be described as military operation on Hans Crescent.

July 16th Julian Assange’s legal team once more re-iterated his willingness to be questioned in London. Swedish prosecution service once again refused to question him. Using Mutual Legal Assistance within EU could easily accommodate the expediting of their investigation. Ecuadorian government is willing to accommodate them, why does Sweden refuse to use MLA?

To quote ex British Diplomat Craig Murray:

“Secret courts, no jury, no disclosure of evidence tending to innocence, refusal to interview Assange in London. To believe that this is a genuine attempt to pursue a crime, you need to have had every critical faculty removed”

Do not stay silent in what is evidently a politically motivated persecution. Do not let our London remain in history as the place where the radical publisher Julian Assange was walled in without sun until he perished and Londoners’ Tax money paid for the deed.

I enclose an overview of the last four years’ events regarding Julian Assange’s case in Sweden and the UK. Please take the time to peruse this easy to follow pamflet. For more information you can visit

Julian Assange’s team is appealing against a Swedish court ruling of July 16th on the detainment order against him, it is his legal team not Swedish prosecution service that pushes for progress in this case. Meanwhile, an individual’s most basic human rights, that of the presumption of innocence is trumpled upon by punitive measures of restricting his freedom.

Please contact me above if you want more information on the subject or with advise on how I can escalate my concerns.

Many thanks

Somerset Bean’s wonderful info graphic can be found here:

If you want a copy of this info graphic in a pamphlet format (Microsoft Publisher File), leave a message for me in the comments section of this post and I will e-mail you the file.

I also enclosed copy of the latest Hazel press article asking if the Swedish Prosecutor was spying on Julian Assange, which you can find here:

Let’s Keep supporting!

Emilia Butlin ( aka @greekemmy ) boasing her new poster of her hero Assange @wikileaks Forum

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bearing in mind that President Rafael Correa has recently  re-written the Ecuadorian Penal Code  to include one to three years jail sentence for divulging  protected information as defined by the government, added to the fact that Ecuador does have an extradition agreement with the US of A, is requesting that the UK government grants Assange safe passage to Ecuador  such a very shrewd move ?