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Wikileaks Incubator Projects
« on: April 02, 2011, 10:44:04 AM »
It would be a good idea to support the addition of a portal for incubator projects whereby members can contribute to the codebase of software projects deemed beneficial to Wikileaks and people in general.
A git repositiory and associated project pages would help here.

Possible projects might involve:

1. A decentralized p2p application that allow Wikileaks members to communicate with encrypted tunnels between nodes/clients with no central server. Bouncy Castle, Azureus and Silvertunnel could be useful API's for example.

2. Maintaining and extending non-critical Wikileaks network infrastructure

3. Maintaining and extending existing websites and facilitate the creation of new ones where required.

Such a portal could adopt a mentor/trainee hierachy where the learner  could contribute by testing an application under the advice and supervision of a mentor until competent for working on sections of the codebase.

This is one way of utilizing a unique skillset that Wikileaks tends to attract, that might otherwise be ignored or wasted.

So what do you think?