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resource collection
« on: July 11, 2012, 21:04:34 PM »

I was thinking that as there are some excellent posters, flyers, etc being shared for the purposes of supporting WikiLeaks and Julian Assange that perhaps we could have a separate board here in the forum where we can collect such resources?

With starting to take off, now may be a good time for us to start collating materials so that supporters can have a central base to turn to when they are engaging in actions. This board could focus on collecting visual demo materials so that we have an easily accessible kit that supporters can use. We could also store some information about secure email accounts, blog sites etc so that the new collectives starting via have a helpful place to look if they need a hand starting up.

Perhaps this could be a child board on either the 'call to action' or 'FoWL' or  'supporters project' board, or even have a place of its own?

With this in mind it would be super helpful to be able to attach files to posts. Apologies if you can already do this and I've just not figured out how! The insert image function does not seem to work for me either and it is a shame to have to navigate people away from this site when you have a file you want to share.

What do you think?