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There has been for some time now a battle going on between people that want all of the Snowden material released all at once, and those that respect his decision to be more judicious about it. I commend Snowden for taking a strong stand on this. Glenn Greenwald has been fighting this battle for Snowden for what seems like on a daily basis...

Glenn [email protected]

"How many times does ES have to say he doesn't want all docs released before you'll stop ignoring that?"

"Did you read Snowden's quotes in the WashPost article about what he insisted on?"

 "So you want all 160,000 emails of private individuals to be published online ASAP?"

 "I don't mind if they object to ES insisting on it- but I despise when they refuse to acknowledge this fact"

 This goes on and on and the people that insist everything must be release now accuse Greenwald of...

  "redaction = censorship = power grab" ... [email protected]_cypherpunks_  

  One could argue that there is also another power grab going on here in that anyone that is wanting to leak everything all at once irresponsibly and possibly cause harm, all in their own quest to be the biggest leaker, biggest hero, most dangerous hacker, blah , blah, blah. I think it is crap that they criticize Snowden. I think they are all fame seekers that will put other people in harms way to promote themselves!
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