Author Topic: UFO theorists reverse Assange interviews to discover'...'I am not one of you'  (Read 3159 times)

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Pop culture: UFO 'theorists' reverse #Assange interviews to 'discover' audio fragment 'I am not one of you.'

Assange Releases WikiLeaks UFO Cable Teaser…and It’s Not What Anyone Expected!

Posted by theghostdiaries on Saturday, June 7, 2014 · Leave a Comment

We are huge believers in the right to information, truth and transparent democracy and, as such, support the WikiLeaks movement. WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange has been (probably) unintentionally tantalizing UFO enthusiasts for years now with rumors of secret cables that may disclose information about ETs in our solar system.

However, in the recent “Live People’s Conference”, Assange made a startling admission when he said the following:

“I have said in passing there is information about UFOs in Cablegate. And that is true, but these are only small passing references. Most of the material concerns UFO cults, and their behavior in recruiting people. For instance, there is quite a large cable, which we’ll try and release in the next few days, concerning the Raelians, a UFO cult which has a strong presence in Canada and was of concern to the U.S. ambassador in Canada. At that time, the Raelians claimed to have cloned an individual, and fantastically, the press all around the world ate this up and turned it into front page stories.”

In other words, the WikiLeaks UFO cables are most likely predominately made up of inside dossiers regarding one of the most infamous UFO cults in the world: the Raëlians, who are well known for eccentric sex rituals, cloning experiments, and their belief that aliens created the human race and actively record our memories and DNA. Assange claims the WikiLeaks information pertains to the group’s recruitment practices.

So, after all this build up–no Area 51 gossip, no flying saucers, and no alien moon base Vines. And here’s the bigger irony: the WikiLeaks UFO cables are supposedly very critical of the Raëlians, who just last year awarded Assange the title of “Honorary Guide to Humanity”! Spurning their good will towards his group, Assange claims the Raëlian “weirdos email us about UFOs or how they discovered that they were the anti-christ whilst talking with their ex-wife at a garden party over a pot-plant.”

If you combine this with their critique of Scientology–not to mention their alignment with Anonymous, which has long since declared war on the Church of Scientology–it seems Assange and WikiLeaks are mobilizing against fringe conspiracy groups just as much as they are taking on governments and transnational corporations.

That is supported by something else Assange said: “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as [those that surround] 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

We agree with this sentiment. Though we are voracious supporters of continued independent investigations into the countless anomalies that occurred on 911, we believe the struggle against corporatocracy and government corruption is far more pressing than alien speculation based on scant to non-existent evidence.

Furthermore, it’s a little odd to us that, despite heavy indications that the WikiLeaks UFO cables will not disclose anything in the way of contact with extraterrestrials, UFO enthusiasts are still trying to quite literally twist Assange’s words into alien conspiracy memes by, yes, playing his 60 Minutes interview in reverse to reveal encrypted messages from extraterrestrials.




... will "they" grant him political asylum on another solar system?