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I've been re-reading a few @greekemmy's tweets spread when an Italian writer has thanked this forum on twitter for a translation of his article done and posted here.

Greekemmy [AGAIN!] tried to boycott the forum.

She tried to hijack the WLF account when she discovered part of the staffers were criticizing Assange, by spreading personal information in public of people who were even reciving death threats.
She has been banned for grossly violating the forum guidelines.
And she's now, since summer 2012, trying to boycott whatever forum project or action, together with other WikiLeaks fanatics.

She tried to boycott a pro-Animal Rights event in support of Sea Shepherd (Tweet4Taiji) in 2013.
She tried to boycott posts to ask for Women Rights respect in Saudi Arabia last year.
She jumped on Tibet supporters by trying to tell them the forum is not reliable and she, now, "twitterassaults" Italian writers because they thank us for a translation.

Emmy wake up: this is just a site for discussion open to press freedom. It supports Human Rights, Animal Rights, Leaks, Journalism, and a quantity of other causes. It has a "wikileaks" name being mainly a place of discussion About wikileaks, and being born with WL/Assange knowledge and publicization as a WL site run by supporters.

Given Mrs Greekemmy each time this forum or one of its activists tries to do something good, starts bothering all our contacts trying to undermine our positive ideas, let me comment the last serie of distortions she has been tweeting.

She does it together with other [trolls] WL fans or/and associated.
They ALWAYS do the same thing of attempting to discredit the forum whatever we do, whatever cause the site supports.

Given this behaviour [wrongdoing] is aimed to undermine our efficiency in trying to support rights, and, as opposed to what Greekemmy's limitated views think, also Assange critics are people who can do good things, I really want to comment on her words.


1) She adresses 3rd persons on twitter this way, after they thanked the forum for a translation of an article from Italian to English:

- The forum is not an anti-WL operation; it's a site where WL related stuff can be discussed; big part of the staffers are WL critics because of the bad experience this site had when cooperating with the WL team; but whoever (also guests now) can simply tell what they think on WL including support.

- The forum is not "pseudo".
... I have no idea how Emmy concives a "pseudo-forum": for me or a site is a forum or it's somethingelse...
Anyway this forum is the one announced by @wikileaks on twitter and facebook in 2011 and has been run by supporters but always connected to WL till summer 2012; WLF volunteers created the translations project exactly to better spread, in all the languages, articles on the leaks (GIFiles, cablegate and some SyriaFiles too); the translations project has been started in Direct cooperation with the WL staff team, and is still ongoing now that WL and the WLF detached; WLF volunteers including myself also partecipated to the FoWL site translation in several languages, always for WL.

So, yes, our last translation was an initiative to give more visibility to an Italian article that, otherways, would have been readable only for Italian speakers and I reputed it interesting to be spread also in English, for its potential implications. I did it without anyone telling me what to do/post/think.

Greekemmy tried to boycott a translation in this case! [LOL].

- The other tweet: she mentions a link to @cabledrummer's website where personal data of this site's staffers/ex staffers are posted without consent, violating the privacy. Indeed @cabledrummer's account has also been suspended for continuously posting those information also on twitter. At the moment legal action has been took to get some of those data removed from his site.

2) Let's go on:

- Current legal cases vs the forum ex owners aren't stuff I'm aware of, but the owner now is another and it has nothing to do with the forum posts. We don't generally bring our personal stuff here in the site; our names and other internet accounts have been revealed because of Greekemmy and Cabledrummer; otherways we would be normal people with anonymous accounts just posting what we think in a forum.
Cabledrummer for personal revenge in 2012 started the "Who is Who" page revealing all our names, twitter accounts and facebook accounts on his page without any consent and with Greekemmy's help. The one under legal action is himself and Emmy could be too, infact.

- "Site known for spreading misinformation and defamation" and "Mr Bruno protect yourself" ... LOL. It's a forum, not a journal, not a leaks site; we write what we think and this is the right place to do it; not a WL propaganda/support only blog.
And on protect yourself... I'm sure Mr. B. will knows very well how to defend himself without Emmy telling him... again lol: does she imply I'm dangerous? Because the only Italian laady here is myself and honestly where I live if I tell somebody this story internet people think I'm associated/member of a "FBI linked" site, they start laughing like fools for how absurd is the claim.
... xD xD so, no, I'm not dangerous, and the forum is not dangerous. This is a complete lie.
It is the same kind lie Assange spread by telling that this site had malware or may be FBI connected: all stupidities. It isn't true. Full stop. These are lies.

- The WLF HAS^^ been part of the WikiLeaks community and has always been run by supporters, not by Assange himself:

Here mentioned in the WL supporter sites on

The fact Assange "unendorsed" the site now means nothing special. It just means we are nomore connected with WL. But we have been, and a lot.
Pretending the things never existed doesn't change the fact they existed.
The forum founder didn't decieve anyone.

3) More [rants]:

- Indeed the WLF founder was a supporter and has been badly hurt by other WL "supporters" [radical FANS actually!] for not blindly accepting what they were trying to dictate.
Actually the WL community refuses to accept that people THINK with their brains and have different views than Assange.
Instead, how you can see from the image before, the WL supporters page clearly stated the Forum's views could not coincide with WL ones and even its security was not granted: so complaining for supporters expressing criticism on their own site or tweeting lies on malware and defamation that do not exist, is even against WL own statements.

- I was directly cooperating with @greekemmy for the WL translations project before she did a disaster by trying to hijack the forum account, and I know that the "monster" she's painting with her words does not exist.
It's not true that a lot of people have been banned: only those who violated the WLF guidelines and commercial spammers are banned, including herself and cabledrummer of course.
It's not true that this site's founder has attacked all WL supporters at all.
When the forum detached from certain Assange's tweets, the support.julian.assange site was still active, and I was an Assange supporter.
I have been granted whatever possibility of posting PRO-Assange and even @wikileaks kept retweeting from SJA till... This moment:

@wikileaks retweeted this LIE without any evidence or explaination in a moment when the forum account was even defending WL from a person pretending Assange was "Nazi-linked".
I was forum admin and SJA admin in jan. 2013 and I used to keep both the sites updated to support his rights, this being done as a WLF staffer.
At that point I obviously stopped posting pro-Assange, given Assange was deliberatedly hurting a site that had done nothing bad with such a smear.
Emmy in 2012 instead of hijacking the WLF account like a fool sharing the name of the forum founder "to the 4 winds" could have staied here with me being the PRO-Assange forum group. I told this to her on fb. And I asked her for explainations on what the WLF founder had told her that pushed her to react so badly... I honestly have found that she even was aware the founder was reciving death threats via phone after cabledrummer had started opposing him! And what she told mee was nothing so scary: a person that disagrees with Assange's not transparent methods; all here.
For me it was initially a bit a shock because for all the 1st part of 2012 I had also been cooperating with Christine Assange to post here in the forum her appeals to support her son, and for the WLF staffers that was super ok.
But I didn't feel so disappointed that WLF could criticize JA: we are human, we are different, we all commit errors, including Assange and the Forum; it's not a tragedy to disagree.
I even passed Emmy my drawings for the PRO-Assange initiatives in front of the embassy in London.

I really don't understand how a person so aware of the situation can be so fanatic! She abandoned and hurt persons she was cooperating with since 9 months to idolize a man that she doesn't even communicate with, Assange.

4) She goes on:

- Everybody left a part from... ---> more privacy violations with that link!
It's not true that everybody left.
To force everybody to leave, instead, contributed herself together with WLpress, cabledrummer, Gary Lord and others, "Bombing" whatever forum member of tweets like these you can say.

This is WL fans behavioural mentally sick circle:

They discredit a site/harass its members/spread misinformation --->
The site/persons risk to be isolated and react --->
They protest for the reaction pretending we shoud stay silent facing the lies and the harassment --->
At the end they say "everybody left" and "they reacted" as if we had caused this!

...Not everybody left, 1st of all; but many who left have been pressured to leave by Emmy & Co. and @wikileaks itself, or were simply tired of wikileaks/Assange at all.

- The person who cooperated in this site as co-admin at its foundation, Siggi, cooperated with the FBI and has been sent here by Assange. Siggi is involved in several WL activities and, by following Emmy's reasonment, we should suppose that ASSANGE is FBI linked at this point, given he allowed this problematic teenager, Siggi, to join WL and conduct WL important operations as ... they say "volunteer", I'd say co-staffer.
This forum has nothing to do with the FBI indeed.
That's another discredit thing they say to try to censor it and pressure people to leave the forum.
WL is at the moment following people on twitter that have been in close connection with Siggi; and WL does it as they don't criticize Assange. All here. Had they criticized Assange, they'd be labelled FBI too... And LOL again because these people in private Strongly criticize Assange more than me, and even the way some leaks have been spread.

- The forum members aren't fake at all.
As admin after I've been approving members' registrations too: we never approved bots or commercial spammers or fakes actually, and, without entering into details, I can confirm the members are real people that may be just register here to read or for curiousity.
The facebook pages have NO fake likes, and I've been checking this too when I was admining them too. FB Cablegate and GIfiles were liked by the main WL facebook page and connected to it; Cablegate created by Siggi too to support the leaks and mantained by supporters after Siggi left WL in 2011; Kristin Hrafnsson too admined it for a while together with WLF staffers and another volunteer.
Concerning the @wikileaks_forum twitter account, I remember when I was admin at a certain point the WLF founder commented in our admin/mods discussion "room" that the number of followers had strangely increased in little time... And it was asked if any of us knew the reason... Nobody had purchased followers anyway.
I'm wondering if a legion of bots followed us? ... Anyway...
I'm aware that instead wikileaks had bought likes/followers.
Doing so, wherever this happened, isn't a crime and for the information I have never happened to the forum.

Emmy's "everything was fake" is expression of her delusion the forum doesn't idolize Assange like a God.

5) More of this crap...

- She needs to explain me what is a "fake view", by the way, because a "view" for definition is subjective: it depends on the "point of view" indeed, that varies for each individual.
If she wants the absolute truth, she needs to exit from her body, exit from this 3D dimension, watch everything from a detached prospective without subjectivity.
Given we are Subjects in a body, we also have different limitated "views".

- That cabledrummer has tried to "warn" forum members we very well know, no need she repeats: he's trying to boycott and censor the forum since early 2012, way before we and WL detached!

It's called obstructionism.

6) More obstructionism spread here:

The last tweet is even embarrassing.

So... Ok, Emmy sings this trollish symphony each time somebody tries to cooperate with the WLF, or just gets involved in whatever activity we do, being it press freedom related, human rights related or animal rights related.
She is simply trying to boycott.
Nope if she is attempting to damage good causes.

I have to deduce herself and Co. are too scared people may read a bit of criticism on Assange on this site.

Oh, well, the criticism exists, and exists since WL has been founded, expressed by many.
Attempts to censor or boycott it are like --->

I think trying to hide the criticism worths nothing.
Indeed people have the right to read whatever they want and partecipate wherever they want.
If WL fans think boycotting a forum will make them look better, or Assange look "clean", they have understood nothing even of the cause they are supporting... Do they remember this?

WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit media organisation. Our goal is to bring important news and information to the public. We provide an innovative, secure and anonymous way for sources to leak information to our journalists (our electronic drop box). One of our most important activities is to publish original source material alongside our news stories so readers and historians alike can see evidence of the truth. We are a young organisation that has grown very quickly, relying on a network of dedicated volunteers around the globe. Since 2007, when the organisation was officially launched, WikiLeaks has worked to report on and publish important information. We also develop and adapt technologies to support these activities.

WikiLeaks has sustained and triumphed against legal and political attacks designed to silence our publishing organisation, our journalists and our anonymous sources. The broader principles on which our work is based are the defence of freedom of speech and media publishing, the improvement of our common historical record and the support of the rights of all people to create new history. We derive these principles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In particular, Article 19 inspires the work of our journalists and other volunteers. It states that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. We agree, and we seek to uphold this and the other Articles of the Declaration.


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Re: When greekemmy spreads misinformation and does obstructionism
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2015, 18:56:25 PM »
After all of this effort of hers, and it amounts  to, from what I can tell...nothing. She obviously believes that she has more power over public opinion than she does. The forum still stands strong and unwavering to her attacks. Occasionally I see someone buys into her anti forum campaign, but not only is it few and far between, but the people she pulls into her fold are just conspiracy theorist like herself and have no worth in world of truth and reality.
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Re: When greekemmy spreads misinformation and does obstructionism
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2015, 11:51:08 AM »
yeah... She's litterally spamming other accounts on twitter doing like that. And she spreads a very distorted version of the things, doing a very bad figure. only this.

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Re: When greekemmy spreads misinformation and does obstructionism
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2015, 17:51:00 PM »
I have to laugh every time I see one of her dire warning tweets to people that do not know the real truth.

   She says something like...please be aware the forum is a very dangerous place, be careful! 

   Ha Ha Ha!
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Re: When greekemmy spreads misinformation and does obstructionism
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2015, 18:59:58 PM »
".....then I investigated....."

Federal Emmy of Investigations..


we need more such officers with THAT skillz - everywhere.
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Re: When greekemmy spreads misinformation and does obstructionism
« Reply #5 on: March 18, 2015, 19:01:03 PM »
I would like to say something about our big fat Greek Miss Marple, but I can't be bothered so I ll say it with a picture

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Re: When greekemmy spreads misinformation and does obstructionism
« Reply #6 on: March 19, 2015, 17:35:18 PM »
She says something like...please be aware the forum is a very dangerous place, be careful!

LOL *eyeroll* ... It's a forum.

@Joker "She Investigated" Lol after being banned yeah! She investigated means she got connected with all the people that had previously had problems with the forum -and NOT because of Assange!- they coalized and started creating conspiracy theories on who did what/why/because/... who has PINK glasses and hair and...

Ops Bunnies that look like the symbol of Duracell!

It's almost Easter: that bunny on Emmy's profile looks nice; I think she can wear a pink bunny mask at the next pro-Julian Assange vigil: it's going to be a Visible Bunny! :P *jk*