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I found this tweet by Glenn Greenwald recently....

  Informative Twitter account: @crimesofbrits

 If you read through that accounts tweets you could find some of this most deeply dark and corrupt acts & facts about the United Kingdom that could possibly be found in any platform of social media. It would be up to any individual to choose to believe what it tweets about of course.

 I for one do not have any interest in believing one way or another, because why would I? Why would I try? I already KNOW that the UK/US/Country C/Country D/Country E/ etc, etc, etc... have dark secrets. Terrible convert crimes... ALL established governments do, at one point in time or another.

 I do not think that one culture or group of people have tendencies to be more saintly or evil than another. I think each culture or group of people struggle to get power and then some of them struggle even harder to keep it. I do not think that the annihilation of any government is going to lead to better governing. Like suddenly you have cut out all the evil in a group of people and then suddenly everything is perfectly rosy. Then with the devils gone, the saints that remain are going to be able to build some perfect utopia government that is going to run beautifully for everyone.

 So I was very taken aback about Greenwald promoting this account. He is one of the worlds most prominent whistle blowing/ investigative journalist of today. So it that what the profession has become... to seek out and expose the darkest dirt that can be found on any government? Is the intent to make us feel stupid for not really already knowing these things anyway? Or maybe he thinks we should all be shamed into guilt of becoming too complacent about the dark deeds any of our governments have done?

 I know I do not know what it takes to protect a country or its interest. I do not think Glenn Greenwald knows how to protect a country either, in fact I think he tries his best to put countries in danger. He has explicitly stated he worries that he does not expose enough secrets, he never worries that he exposes too much. I do not think his idealism is realistic and he could do no better in any government office himself. It is so easy to play the saintly one when your only job is not to govern or protect any government..... but to just spread as much dirt on governments as you possibly can.
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