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U.S. State Department Daily Press Briefing: Central African Republic
17 September


Excerpt from the United States Department of State Daily Press Briefing

Central African Republic

QUESTION: Do you have anything on the fighting in Central African Republic --

MS. PSAKI: Sure.

QUESTION: -- and the dissolution of the Seleka rebel group that took power there?

MS. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.

The United States is gravely concerned about the recent upsurge in violence in the northwestern part of the Central African Republic that has resulted in the death of civilians, including two humanitarian actors; the destruction of homes and places of worship; and the displacement of over 21,000 people internally and as refugees into Chad. We call on all actors, particularly those who belong to the now disbanded Seleka rebel alliance, to refrain from attacks on civilians, and call on the interim government in Bangui to establish security throughout the Central African Republic.

We also welcome the decree issued by the Central African Republic Government that dissolved the Seleka rebel alliance, and the conviction by a Bangui court of 16 members of Seleka for pillaging. However, we remain concerned about continuing violations of international humanitarian law and reports of widespread human rights abuses by these rebels. All perpetrators of these crimes must be held accountable.