Author Topic: Guinea goes to vote. CAR sinks deeper in crisis. Sata marks 2 years at the top.  (Read 1729 times)

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Weekly Newsletter 30 September 2013


blog | 30 September 2013 - 2:06pm | By James Schneider


Lightening strikes over Tripoli, Libya. Photograph by Tarek Siala.

Dear Reader,
After years of delays, Guinea conducted its first parliamentary elections since the 2008 coup this weekend. Tensions had been running high in the run-up with opposition groups accusing the government of trying to rig the process, but amidst high security the vote passed relatively peacefully. The results are yet to be announced, but whoever is elected to parliament, it will be that crucial infighting is stemmed if Guinea’s economic and social challenges are to be overcome.
The political and humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic shows no signs of abating. The new leadership, which came to power following a coup this March, has done little to alleviate the country’s problems, and a recent report by Human Rights Watch accuses it of abusing human rights. Over a third of the population has been identified as extremely vulnerable and the refugee crisis threatens to spread instability to other countries in the region.
In Zambia, President Sata and the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) have celebrated two years in power with an impressive array of economic statistics. The government has surpassed its foreign direct investment target for the year, delivered healthy GDP growth and lowered inflation. However, the picture is not all rosy; the government’s record also includes violence, harassment of opposition parties and several broken electoral promises. If the PF is to win the next election, it must find a way to build on its economic success story without compromising political rights.
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