Author Topic: Telepathy or 'hearing voices'??  (Read 3039 times)

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Telepathy or 'hearing voices'??
« on: August 31, 2013, 00:32:54 AM »
 :tongue: Several folks in my circle of life, this grl included, have been able since childhood to hear frm/communicate with Angelics, Spirit Guides, n others in the etheral realms (et phone my home haha). Most of us grew up knowing it as *part of life*, enjoying the peaceful guidance, healings, or camraderie with these sweet beings. That is UNTILLL..a well-intended albeit mis-informed adult ranted "you need medicated!! You now own the title crazy/scizo/misfit!!"

Funny thing is real communique with real helpers in other realms does not stop when pharmed up. So I posed the question to a good psychologist friend : how does one know the difference between psychosis n real knowing?? His answer was simple... if the voice tells you positive/uplifting (even if to warn), then it can be heeded. If however it tells you to hurt yourself or others, it should def be ignored n looked further into.

In todays new empowerment ideas, some ner-do-wells use telepathy to suggest ner-do-well actions butttt... we choose which ones--good or bad--we heed n the rewards or lack thereof. Point is one cant help but wonder how many ppl throughout time have been medicated for hearing voices which were actually Angelic, Spiritual, or ET....n we missed out on important truths being conveyed??!! Maybe thts why crop circles show up more n more "CAN YOU HEAR US NOW???!! HELLLOOO ARE YOU LISTENING YETTT???!!!" oop pardon me while I up my meds tehe.