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Frodo and magic phone
« on: February 16, 2016, 15:02:50 PM »
Hi, is there any documentation on hacking organized harrasment on a tablet, pc or phone? Stalking people. Any documents on that?

I was onvolved in welfare tevhnology occupational therapist. They where asking a few terapeuts in stv kommune about a camera and bringing services home to people. Then i thougrh why not a ms kinect camera in home healrcare tele medicine and then it the story began. The police has made a miatake and i think i can crack this even though o have little proof. But thei denied me to report it and apoligized for the trreatment i got. Anf that story is more serios than just giving å apology. They will have trouble exlaining that insident. Can you help me?

can you please provide us with more information on this ?

Yes, i can get some more papers. The apolgy snd the investigation of the spesial unit on why they asked me to come in the evening and they denied med the rigth to report this. The hacking that led me to go to the police is a long story. Have little to proof that. Caught on suprive and was trying to explain others what was haåpening on my phone. Learned to not talk about that. But damage was already done. I'l come back to you with more documentation on the police case. I"m try to get an explanation why that happened. I can contact you later.

Accused of rape stalking women and child abuser over and over again. Can explain. Its done systematic over time. I will five a credible explanation. But little proof. But police did a mistace and they have to explain. Its more serios than just an apology. They must answer my letters. They have given a strange explanation to what happened and i answered them now. It was in autum 2014 i sent to the spesial unit for police cases in noeway. They investigated it but boufrh the police explanation. I did not realize that its more serios than they try to precent it. They have to answer both police and special ynir dor polucecase. Im nor just accepting that apology. They have to answer soon. Then i"l come back to you. I cant write everything here.

why can't you write anything here ? You just have !

Yes, i have. But i have some more.

I'm not going to keep this a secret.

But i must document the case with the police and others.

I will provide that. They have to answer a second time. Have an apology from police and i demand an explanation on what happened and why they denied me to report.yes I have said much her but not all. Its not something i will keep a secret. Thwy will have to exlain. Belive me. They have messed up. Callong me in late and not letting me report. And their explanation is going to make it worse for them. I'll send you their reply. Apology is not enought(can give youore of this). To serios. I will send you the documents in this case. I'l come back to you.

There is much information. Maybe some more. Not sure if it will hold. A long dtory that have ro many details. I is not possible to keep teack og ao many lies. There is more. I will provide more

They have to answer so I can send you that.

Too many details to present here. But im not going to keep back anything of what happened.

sounds like a very complicated and complex issue. Not surre we understand the whole story yet. Anything you want to say / prove with need solid evidence. Any evidence you provide will of course be subject to scrutiny by all involved.
Whatever proof you have you can send us so we can put the pieces together-

Its been goinh on for months and there are ao many situations and information generated over several months. They been shooting so hard and ober so long time with so high intensity that they may have ended up shooting them selves. I vant lie. There are many conections and situuations that me and others can see conections if rhey analyze my exlanation. I beliber there are a few mistakes. And maybe somerhing. But o dont think it will hold as evidendce. It first ir migrh look like me and phone is somehow compareble to frodo and his problem with the ring. Bur id you look deeper. You see something over long time. Many situations. A rational tactic. Its bern going on intensly harrasment. They bern shootinh so hard i think they migth have shot themselves as well. The hackers have been doing this over a timeperiod of months used different tactics that im not competent to come up with rhat i belive others will understand. There has led to strange situations and all this us too conpikated ro lie about. I will tell something that i probalbly do not understand and ir will make swnce to others. I think they have been shootinh so intense that they have shot themselves also. And the police station episode doesnt make sense without a motive and there are something in the explanation and the stey that they are having teouble explaining. To complicated to lie about. Just by me a coffe and liaten to what i say. Becauae its much info. Connect thinga and im looking forwaed to hear from the police and what they say( they have already apologized. But i makes no sence to go and talk to a shiftleader to make a case in a friday evening. He told me to come to meet only him and evening shift at the station. They have not denied that. He also denied me to report. I did not belive it was police so i did not wait until monday evening i went down rigth away. They said it wad because they had rime pressure and it was a case they did not prioritize. Nut how can they give priority whitouy collectinh any information. Also why werent. There registered a case? Does not make sence. Its going to hit back on them. They hava to explain. And they have generatet to much info. Over time thst connects and is a story that is impossible to lie about. It will fall apart with just a little lie. And i can retell it whitout any problems. Its much. You have to liaten and you have to give me the time to go deep enougth to go. Behind the frodo and ring impression just to try to be funny.

The episode in the police station foea not make sence. I could npt understand what happend it was just i man daying a lot of strange things. It does not make sence without a motive. I was thinking at first why foes an idiot call me a friday in mach 2014 tellinh me to come and talk to him in the evening. Its a shiftleader that is going to registrer my explanation. He tells me this is impossible to investigate. He tells me he does not now enything about this. But he also tels me when im trying to get trough with this change operator. Why do he tell mr all tjis shit and denies me to report. Does nor make sence to me. Why do they senf someone who dont know enything about this. And he tells me more line a joke change operator. They say they had to take this in the evening. Nut the problem is why was there not registered a report. It does not make sence. They must be stupid. Besides shoting so intensly over so long time they migth also have shot themselves by genetating to much information eithh to many coincidences and connection making it s complicatet story to lie about.

Its been totaly out of my contorll but made jist a fee choises that i belived could increase the chanses of this going wrong. Only a few things wirhout knowing any outcome of this. Have to tell to someone who is willing to listen. Takes timet

Its a good story anyway. I belive it will detonate. If not everyone is goinh to get s good laugh. Bet its true. Come over the frodo and the ting first impression.
Its a true story. Its not madness and its no lies. To many tecknical details and to many situations that can be analyzed that will make sence when you hear it and ask me keitical questions about it.

Im still wondering why i got in to so deep trouble. But tjats me. But this time.

I cant lie. Its impossible

But i wonder why? And i im the type thst when im in trouble it only gets deeper. You will see if i tell the story

Waiting doe police to come up with an good explanation. They have apologized for it in letter. They told me they took it as a complaint. I can probide that letter. And the spesial unit case. This is still rolling. So se what comes out of this

Norway is thougth to have strong democratic institutions so i think they will fall. In anothet country it might be easyer to cover up. That gives me hope to. Even though i had this expiriense. Its more probabel that they will try to clean up tjeyr own mess in a peoper eqy and they have less possibility to hide. I have to tell and you will understand.

I can give what i have. I understand if you come to the conculsion that its not worth it. But o will try one more effort. Then il shut up about this for ever

The most important thing for me is to brake the tabu. That its not crazy people. Its people that can tell a credible story that cant be explained by phatology in the brain. I funktion and have funktion well most of the time in these two years. Its still going on but i think i can live with that. . But the mail i sent you is delivery delayed. [email protected] can send you something now. Its not much. Buy brake the tabu and put ligth on this. Its a strange situation so I'm waiting answer. I hope it will interest the media and that the story in a secondary way migth catch theit interest and trigger a debate aboit a problem or for them a potential problem. I'm always gettimg in to trouble. And i it only gets worse. I have a story that is true and that i think people would like to hear. Its something totaly out of the ordanary. And i think i got in to deeper and deeper in teouble. I can explain how this happened. I sont know that it got worse. But because the police acted asnthey did i think it developed in a way. Thats only my speculation. But i can recall concrete memory and i thing much about manybpossibilities. The police station episode does not make sence. Only if i got more in to it. But i will present it accurate, so must not speculate. But i do and have ro be aware of when i do. Its natiural to be wondering wy theyndo it. Who it is. Why is it happening. Is it becaus og that og other tings. But i will show that im aware of infoemation im sure abaut. Information that i migth interept wrong. Visual whats happening. What kind of message. I eould like to see if other people can be tested. Someone controll their phonem theyntry to convince others how they present it to someone that has no knowlegde og of this and see how easy it is to communicate whith different methods that changenover time. More imtens in the beginning amd just a few times the last year and it triggers memory. Im also aware of it and know how they operate. But i can live with that and and i can manage rhe problems wirh anger and the damage caused by this. But break the tabu and put some ligth on it. Its easybfoe them to do. I also installed a new imsi catcher i don't tjink its working. It gived warning every time i leave for work also when i come to work and in to ends of the building at work. But its not working and a only appear paranoid. But i try everything to collect evidence. Probably some silent sms and some face towers that their probably are many of registrering activity pg many phones in an area. But i dont rule out any posibility. Its still going on. My best shot is the police situation. I try different things im not a pro and i might look like a fool to those who are. But i try different things. Thats migth wy thinga developet in the way they did but migth not be also. Im blind in this situation and has only intuition. Its a difficult situation and people not beliving me makes it work. I will try things but are aware of what can cause damage and that is the raeacrion from people when i try to tell what is going on. I can send to people that i dont know. Send it to press and so on. But dont metion it in other situations. I go a few rounds whit the plice and those that investigat the police. But it should be put ligth on this.

I got shocked at the police station. Its a serios thing. Things are not as they should be. It did not make sence and it was meaningless. And inthougth it was just an idiod and a incompetent pplice offiser and was satisfied that i got the apalogy. But i could not understand why that happened and i was writing letter to make people aware of what happened and that they got no peoper way of recieving people. They called me and it resulted in that sitiation. I had difficulty beliving it was police. They have toe expplain that. Se its serios. It makes no sence there is not another motive. Im caredul about collecting evidence it might make me look stupid becaise i have limited knowlegde in most fields and im not sn expert.

The imsi app gives a warning ebery time i call.

My incompetence in manay areas can also be beneficial. I have written letters and the information has a tecknocal component that you need knowlegdes know and that it is obvios that i do not talk about yhings that makes senve to me but others will know what im tslking about. Im just retelling it and i think there can be things like that. Its been going on for 2 years and 4 months. Intense for over 6 days in okt 13. Then some activity between mid october to 14 of feebeuary 2014. Then minute by minute until i broke the spell(or curse in late apeil 2014. I put the phone away i was cougth by suprise and their merhod of accusations, threats to release pictures they have taken of me ehen i was not aware of it. The way it wad done. The alarm was set on my phone when they would go public whit pictures on fb and sendnit to my work and that the police was investigating me for sexual assault. They called me fat and ive never heard anyone say that so it was a tactic to break me down. I even believed ive done something wrong for short period and was confused for a short time before i could break it. I was vouth by suprise. Thats why i acted so stupid. I could just have Butput thw phone away. They hacked my pc and my tablet also. Their tactic gets you couth because i needed information about the situation with pictures andnthe accusations. They told me after the alarmnset to 1500 monday 17.02.14 that the police whould come in the autum. I fist belived that but after a while i manages to understandnthe tactics used and that it was rational and there had a goal. Im not crazy. I can put thid away and funktion well in daily life. Fo to work, funktion sosially. Funktion in work where i have to use my brain. Have to talk to many people have to be stable enouth to handle conflict, pressure from people demanding a lot from you, time pressure that we have. I have a challenging job. I cant be so wrong about the world once i look at mmøy phone, pc or tablet. Its unlikely.

Its strange that my brain prosess corrupt data mostly on the screen and cant sence reality. At the same time i have to get the big picture at work and need correct info. I funktion and no one tells me that i lost contact wirh reality on what is happening. Only that someone is using my phone. Taking pictures whitgout me doing anything. Setting my alarm. Writing funeral in my calendar. Coming up with map locatons of nuremberg in germany, map over ila prison in norway a high security prison. And much more. I cant misunderstand that. I can handle pressure large amount of info i can use a computer and find relevant info . but someone is doing things on my phone and i want people ro be aware og that. I think i can handle this and live a normal life go to work. Do relatively compicated rhings where i cant have a brain with corrupt information. Im not having a mobile phone internet psychoses and seem to funktion well even after this in other situation. So that makes no sence. If lying is what they want to test my aroey for lies.nthey are welcome. Can talk for days. And give a detailed story with many connections that only a few lies or exaggeration. It will be impossible and the police story makes no sence too. There migth be othwr things that im not aware of that migth be evidence or some method to collect. Im alone about this and here there is no way to hide. But usually i belive its only harassment. They dont try to trick me so that they think that i communicate whith you and not them. It would be possible for me to figure out. I migth have talked to them on tinder. That they had a face peofile there. But not getting info by mail on thid matter to other. Usually get trough to rigth person. But im not sure. But speculation will only make me apare paranoid. I'l try to avoid that. Ive learned that on the net i have no where to hide. But i dont know everything that really happens. And how many things work. And how they do it. They seem to be back instantly if i reset the phone and delete all data. And tried to go into fligth mode and shuttimgnof the network but that did not work only tried that the first days.

Have ro get back to work this is nor going to get me fired.

One app gives a warning when i make a phone call. And when i leave my apartment and when i come to work. And when i move ro different lokations in the building. Seems ro be a pattern. But this migth also make me apeae like a fool. Can be other things and not competent to understand og validate the information. But it migth make sence ro others

The app is cell app catcher. Had an open sourse app but it gave map lokations and not a pattern that made sense. This one migth do. Migth not. But different feeling about it. Only used for a short time. Cane be celltower rhat collect data from many most probably. But camt rule out the possibility. It warns when i call. Maybe nothing. It warns when i leave and come to work. Have ro see other lokstions i go to. Have not been using it for long. Migth be me seing a patten but trying to hard and that i only look like fool. Othera are better to jugde that. But i have to considee all possibilities.

I have to use it more to be sure of this pattern. One used it for a couple of days. Tjis app gives somerhing that makes more sense. Rhe other only gave messy map location that seemed to be affected by movement and gave a lot of location maybe 7 in an area. I dont know. But seems to be different this time. Can be wrong also. But have ro consider possibilites. But have to say it could give false data. It could be tracking all in an area og it could after all thats happened be me after all that has happened. O understand that the chanse is low and that it is my incompetence and desperate seaech for clues. But have to considet it

I have only tried those apps for fun. Did think i could not find someone that could rule them out . the first one one gave only confusing data so even tjough im totaly lost on this i at fist tried to validate this and by that apear like a fool. But im not an expert and then have to try different possibilities

"But im almost totaly blind in this situation"

I have a file with data from the app. I have anpther app that seem to give the same pattern. But the text is in russian mostly. I'l try others. But probably only apear paranoid. But i only want to rule out this.

I have an excel file of data from the app but probably not relevant

I have nowhere to hide. But usually they dont alter anything. I tried to collect screenshots. But i did not take bacup. And my phone. Someone is mesding with my writing only happened in the beginning. My phone crached in autum and all data lost on screenshots. But probably no valid evidence

Nowhere to hide and im almost totaly blind and have to figure out what is going on and how this is done and how things are working. Could be totaly lost. I dont know

My phone could not be recovered. Could not use recovery mode and had to repair it and I can find out what was the problem and why the phone turned on for a second and was impossible to get recovered. It was not me not knoeing how to fix i think they changed some hardware. But looked like a software problem. I dont know. Nut not relevant. Want to find out. Probably nothing

They have not done much when im writing messages on the phone that ive notised for a long time.

I know i have no wherento hide but try and hope i connect with the rigt people. I'l make a shot at it.

Im totaly lost on the imsi cathchet or whatever its called. Lac changed. But its lokal area code. But it seems to be the same number as a location many km away. Im not sure. But why is it a local code. I migth be wrong. But im going to think loud. I have to consider possibilities and try to reason my way and find out things. I cant see much. But are trying.

Probably apear paranoid. But want to make a try and then exclud it if i can come to an inderstanding og not conclude. Just try.

Some people dont have any sence of humor. Just saying somerhing that could be understoood as a threat og object and they will close the airport no mather how low the risk. But the police in stavanger has not contaced me after leaving a lot of papers in their hall. I thogth it could be get a little anoid by that and that an object could be a threat if not properly identified and that i would have consequenses. And that somrone would call me anoyd asking me to explain it. Heard norhing. My intuition. Pobably not relevant. They have no sence of humor. No matter how stupid it is what you arr coming up with. :)

Most i dont understand. Im blind

No i get the sound but no warning. And the other app is collecting data. Going to check it out later.

Im alone. I cant hide and im blind

I cant conclude with anything so probably waste of time

This app have not learned this erea. Forget it just puped up. Why id it here. Dont understand. Probably wasted time

Nice but its a waste of time and seems paranoid. I will only do this time and no more. Cant concludenwith anything becayse im alone i cant hide and im blind. :)

Ots been a waste of time but a nice trip. Cant conclude with anything. Im just appearing paranoid. But the police indidence does not give any meaning wirhout a motive. I eould like to hear a new creative explenation of that. I would like to see a skilled person queston the whole story wirh many connections. Maybe there will be doubt no mather how complikated the details are. It would be fun to see that.

Its a good stoy anyway. I could tell it ovet a cyå of cofee or a beer. Maybe im crazy, bit the story is true. Dont tell this to my boss. Im tired and need to rest. Have ro catch up at work. Im trying yo be an honest person. Its been hortible most of the time. But in a way fun to. Had to survive, but at a high cost. I want to cut those and never talk about this again. Could you keep a secret. Please. I have no evidence. Because im alone. I cant hide and im blind. Matbr im crazy but the story is true

I habe to cut my losses. Coulf you please keep it a secret. Dont tell my mom. Dont tell my boss. Coulf you please keep it a secret. Probably not the rigth people to ask. But whats the point. Theres litle evidence to support. Im capable to see that. Im alone, i cant hide and im blind.

Im going home now. Have a nice day. I can not find gpod proof.

I know that you cant hold a secret. You are going to tell my mom. :)

They are probably pissed at the police station. So more trouble.

But it was worth it. :)

Thwy may check me forever but they will never mate me. I can live wirh that. Uncomfortible but at least i survived. ;)

Im like frodo cursed by the ring and mist have it. Now i only soumd crazy. But the stoey is true

Im tryinf to figure out how i got in to this situation

Just a few ideas about a stupid camera. Pissed off the wrong person a guess. I dont know. But what a reaction.

The funny parts only means i have humor. Nor that im crazy. :)

Its true. Im teying to find the evidense but maybe just accept the losses and forget it as ive done msot of the time. This was just one last effort to tell what is going on. I can move on and funcion well in life.

Most of the story is not funny by the way. But i have to survive som teyong ro rhink positive. Its true but i probably cant peove it.

You peobably stopped reading by now. :)

Im not going to say more now. Have a nice day.

hey Trond.... everything is okay and you have no need to worry about anything.

Are you typing all this into Facebook or using a voice dictation app ?

Ok, im typing. Bit not fordo. More like gollum. :)

Im typing on my phone

how do u manage to type that much in a phone ?

Im fast

But mistype

The phone has been hacked(or cursed) for 2 years and 4 months.

I cant live without s im cursed as well. Cant do sithout a smart phone. I chose to use on even if Its hacked. This seems to be well tested tactics so im probably not the only one that had had this expirience.

I donr know. But would like if simeone could say anythinf about that.

Its time ro break the spell but i need gelp to do it. I belove this will break. If im not capable someonr else will. I dont belive in big conspitacy. It got some cracks already in my opinion. If not me someone else will bring ligth to this. It would be vise to be concerned about whar is happenimg first. And after kritical rhinking you can label me as paranoid. I donrt think you will and time will remove rhe stigma. Im sure about that. I dont belive in conspiracy. It will explode sooner or later. Just having to mani involved and to much information , mistakes, wissle blowers leaked documents. If not me somrone else. Its not kust the gollum they harm.

Anyway the story will sell. We can be rich. Not important i have what i need and more. Its not rigth to use more than i fo now. But this is scary and im not alone. Many peoplr will be affected.

But i have to break the spell andto do that i have to have people beliving me. Then i can free myself. Thats the magic words that will brake that someone says. What you are saying and exiriencing is likely to happen i 2016. I belive you. Magic words that can brake it. It only works when im alone i think og it will be less effective when that part i broken. I can live with i cant hide. No one can. I m peobably going to be blind for a while. But they will be disclosed.

It one takes a few magic words to break the spell. :) have a nice day.

Someone will ask wy do you not stop using a smartphone. But it will be difficult and almost comparable to a disability in the future. It will also have won one more battle. Im not going to stop using the phone.

I will funktion better with the phone and just get checked by those insults that now come now and then after the period of intense harrasment that ended in may 2014.

Please brake the spell.

No more celltower warnings. But cant conclude i only look paranoid. Gollum and the ring or frodo? :)

What do you think? :)

I cant understand all this and all this happening for 2 years 4 months. I only saw the thing could smile. :)

Ive learned something to. Its not alowed to fly airoplanes with movile phones and its not alowed to use chemical, conventional and. Nuclear weaponds(terms of use). Wow i have never ecen fired a gun. Flying airoplanes could be fun. :)

Ive learned something to. Its not alowed to fly airoplanes with movile phones and its not alowed to use chemical, conventional and. Nuclear weaponds(terms of use). Wow i have never ecen fired a gun. Flying airoplanes could be fun. :)

Im not crazy just met someone that has no sence of humor.

I know im different i dont know why. And i soppose that gets me in to trounle. Dont know why only different. But the story is true.

I only saw it smile. Whats wrong with that. Doed it make me a rapist. I dont understand.

Does make me fat? Now im acting stupid. :)

I put them on a blacklist but they dont care. Please brake the spell. :)

what do you mean ?

who are you putting in a blacklist ?

please do me a small favor to help me understand your story

please tell me the story again in a nutshell.

please write the story as a short list so I can to begin to understand

1.... this happened

2.... that happened

3..... then this

then that


The last part is a joke.

The phone has been hacked and that has been going on for 2 years and 4 months. Began when they asked me and to others to discuss use of camera in homebased healthcare. In i just asked why not kinect 2 kamera. Then it all began. Belive it oe not. Asked on a tuesday. Got hacked on friday in okt 13. And it had been going on until now.

A lost some text. A sendt s mail on tuesday okt. Then hackes on griday. It behan. Lockrd screen. Much control of screen. They first began with altet text in textbox. Then spellcontoll showed øyesyre. Then it all began with locked screen you are an savant autist. You fool. You dont know what you have done. Than i said sorry. And then they critizozed my english and said i chose the wrong word. Then they said sorry dor yout loss to illustrate that could not understnd that. Then you suck. Some youtube came up and so on. Lasted thouh the weekend all in english. Then on work it was just crazy. I could in the beginning not call with my phone. I tried to go in fligth mode but that did not work. Then accusations. I tried to say. Ws sorry. But they said do you know who ai am

A lost some text. A sendt s mail on tuesday okt. Then hackes on griday. It behan. Lockrd screen. Much control of screen. They first began with altet text in textbox. Then spellcontoll showed øyesyre. Then it all began with locked screen you are an savant autist. You fool. You dont know what you have done. Than i said sorry. And then they critizozed my english and said i chose the wrong word. Then they said sorry dor yout loss to illustrate that could not understnd that. Then you suck. Some youtube came up and so on. Lasted thouh the weekend all in english. Then on work it was just crazy. I could in the beginning not call with my phone. I tried to go in fligth mode but that did not work. Then accusations. I tried to say. Ws sorry. But they said do you know who ai am

Computer on work turned off on the minute 7.5 hoirs after arriving. Think i came to work around 0745 all the 2 or 3 days.

Second period started with threat to diclose information on facebook. And they gave the impression of that pic go public 15 monday 17 feb. Just before they showed a article saying cauth birglar on camera. And then in norwegian "blåtrøyene kommet til høsten" i wont go into how i reacted annd my atate. Couth by suprice. I did not understand why it did not stop. It takes time to retriev and get it in rigth order. Was talkning with a friend in oslo. Happening on tablet and phone. Also on pc occational. Also the case okt 13.

Lately. Aegument with mum. Phone. Calls het twice. Map location over nuremberg. Future in our hands in oslo. Funeral written in my calendar and so on. Impossible to prove

Went to laeer to get help. Went to police tuedtay 11 mach have to double check. Episode wirh åoloce on a friday after calling them twise 3 times according to them. Maybe. Goven little infot ot police and was rejectef to give more in a report taking place in the evening. Did nok belive it was police calling. Went up straigth away. He told me to come and see him in the evening. I went up strauøogth away and to suprice it was the man i was talking to.

He said he could take me for given false id. Change of name just taking place and that they could not investigate.

I was able loosen the grip. I understood what ws happening. There a lot of detail. You can ask for more. Its not a funny story. But what can i do?

I teported police sept 1t i think. They investigatet and said they prioirtized but i was denied to make a case. So there is something that does not make sence. That case is running now.

I went around trying to tell others. The screen went crazy when i was talking to police tried to show it. He seemed neurvose and i only hot about 10 min. I asked to get legal advise he said that they would give the same answer. He said he did not know much about this. Then he said it was impossible to investigate. Change opetator and laught. Start a new life. I'll give it in rigth order if å go deeper. Then i made a new case on resent events and sent press and spesial unit a new complaint. A also put some pspers in the hall on the police station. I was expecting them to be a bit anoyd and wantet an explenation it was two weeks ago. Heard nothing.

Can give huge amount of detail. Thia is an nutchell. Il say much more ovet and over again. Im not trying ro be funny aboit this. People arund me has been concerned and some got scared of my behavior.

Because i was trying to show them what was going on the phone i also told them aboit the accusations. They cut phone after the most intens harrassment in okt and in february.

Lately only a reminder and then nothing. I can go on forever and ever. Over and pver again.

Just ask. Im not going to jole about this enymore

Have no peoof. Only a sms coming late and a blincing pic on my old phone

Saying genios is 1 indpiration 99 wxtravation you are slowe than a snail. Firt seemed like panic unbeliveble. Its nothing to joke about. But what can i do

I'l come back wirh more. Painfull to do this it takes all energy and have to come back to it later.

Im not going to make it a funny story. But what can i do. Have to survive

Il be back

First intens activity on the screen. Windows frose came up form wirh text. You moron clever loudspeaker. It began whit someone altering what i was writin. The forst ting spellcontroll said was eye acid. Then i lost contoll over my phone and tablet. There came up a lot of stuff. This period all in english. Now im nor funny. Then i stayed away from eoel 3 weeks turned off my phone for weeks. My gmail account gave waening that it was accesed from firefox and explorer from oslo the same time i was in stavanger. Google came with a warning and a long swcurity message. I called the police and said i was hacked they said i had got a virus. Then silent only a few things happening. Icons changed contacts chanhed number until 14 february 2014 or two days before the phone suddenly took picture of the roof at work. Then another episode began. Then they thratened to go public wirh pic taken of me in secrert. Firat period they showedd a bloddy pic of me with cut throte. Lot happening. Firat locked sceen. Rhen it was more in norwegian. Nd it was more newsarticles puppinh up on screen that only was about rape og everybade said that he was nice. And so on. Marked text one word headlines. Not onlt locked screen. I was couth by supeise. Was stupid enought to change name. Was able to recover and think rstional in beginning mach. The policestation epicode. Put the phone away and ignored litw april. Some communicarion and akctivity summer.

Somone i doing something. But only english in okt 13. Exept øyesyre remember that now. They changed some words to just letters and it was difficult to write took seconds minuted until i became aware. Could i do this eye to eye. Bit sceptical. I can tell a lot and retell.

Have to dig deeper into the mind to get more accurate memory and it takes much enegry. I should not tried to makr it funny. Just ask

The blaclist was about the app i just installed. Puping up wastnings all the time. Evertime when phone calls. And they pup up in the middle of nowwhere. In remote areas. Thame local area code. But only me not understanding. Rhe app tella me to blacklist. Only goong to make it worse so uninstall it. But sometimes willing to try everything. I cant valodate thoae warnings. Blacklist but probably false and just something registering all phoned in an erea. But if ypu have lived like me every possibiliy is a chanse. If not im getting nowwhere. The app has a blacklist. And i put them in that one. I eill uninsttall it. Waste og time.

Pespiration. Sorry for my bad english. Cant even use sorry in the rigth context. Dont use google Ithey say. It makes your english worse. Use a translator. Google english

no need to worry, at the moment I am having trouble understanding your text.

Whats sorry inn swahili. Whats sorry in mandarin. Sorry for your loss. You don use sorry as ots meant to. Ots what they said. Its very fragmentet and confusing

This was going on the fist part.

I know its strange. But its true. Im writing on my phone in second language fast. Take that into account

Im usually only passivly using english so takes time to get into it. But i can show you my old phone. Can send you something.

It much and its difficult to present it. Its ro strange. And i undersand. But try to tale me lying. You will never succeed. Ask questions if u are unsure. Its much info. And in messenger. Is it possible to do this in an other setting.

I can retel the same. It no peoblem i dont know eho im talking to either

But i have nowhere to hide. I will eventually get to the rigth peropøe so waste of time trying to be another. There is nothing to hide. I will tell everything. It will take time to analyze this. Others may do this better. But try to test it. Its a lot of informarion. I will get ro thw rigth persons so its a waste of time to delay it. I just trust that i have connectet to someone. I really dont know ofcoirse. But usually i think they dont do. Its no point doing it. I will get it trought.

I know i might be fooled but it does not mather.

Difficult for me to get in rouch othervise. Sent letters to press. And i will give another expplanation with goog acvurasy. I will answer quesruon if anything i unclear. Its a lot of info i dont know where to start almost. It pust stress on me to tell it and i migth just forget it and live on. But one more shot. I underatand that you are sceptical.

But im npt sure i got trougth. But i will eventually.

Snd my english is not bad. Try me at my best in norwegian. Eould give a morw accurate understanding. I can explsin things. But not the rigth place. But what have i to loose. Il take this shot.

Im going to beat ant artemt to try to proof im lyeing. They dont have a chanse.

Its to much to remember snd there ar valid methods to test this. There has to be.

Ofcourse weiting this in messenger seems rather stupid. But i will get trought. Il take a break. I alwayd write fast. Very fast.

But im glad you seem in doubt thats a good thing

Test me

Beat me on this.

People usually understand my english. But maybe im wrong

Beat me on this. Come on beat me on this. Tear this apart and make me forget about it. You wont succed.

After that i will go silent agsin and make no more attemts. But nor sure i can trust you. So il try another way to contact. But you camt beat me on this. The story is true.

And its not easy to do rhin on my phone in messenger and in english. Try me in my own language and in another setting. Than its easier to explain og more understandeble text.

Rhis is not a easy story ro explain and im foing it in messenger on facebook. And on my phone. But try to beat me and proof that im lying. Not understanding is not good enough

I can explain. I can give more detajls. But nor here. If you sont belive me its ok. But saying its difficult to understand is not good enough. Try to best me. Not undetstand is not the same as it is not true.

I can explain.

To the rigth people. I know this migth be a tricked. But you only delay it.

Can we go over to norwegian. Try me

Norwegian is better. Not so many ways ro you are sorry. Easer to spologize. I told them i was sorry snd they said i did not understand how ro apologize. Go over to norwegian and thats not a issue. I saif i was sorryand the hacker critizized my englih or my understanding of amreocan og english culture o dont know. Sorry was a wrong choise of word. What other choises did i have? Forgive me. I beg your pardon, excuse me, o did not ynderstand that sorry was wrong chois. Sorry for your loss wher used to illiustrate how bad it ws to use the sorry to sy i was sorry for wgat i did. Talk about that camera. I just asked myself why only a camera. And ive sent some maul and pissed someone off and he complained about my english anf my improrioate way to apology. And they said sorry for your loss as an example of how weak my apology where. That was my impression by the way. Thats why this is diffocult in 2 language that i only knew 4 words of befor the age of 10. I dont know how ro apologize and i cant make a good explansrion. I cant say sorry.

Or aæi cant apologize dor what i did. But thats my lack of understanding of enflish or the culture and probably google. Googlw dorry inandarin. Stuff like that. I said sorry

And it was different kinds of sotuarions on thephone. I have many

Sorry is not good enough and i was not good enough in english to say sorry. They where playing with me in many situations. Must have had a lot of fun. Dont know if rrhs amkes sense. You have ro speak as 1 language ro get those i think or it also be different in different part of the english speaking world. I could never quit get that. Was it only him or do rhis make sense

Sorry of your loss came up with map of spain my mothrr was in spain. Tjink it was sevilla. Got concerende. But mom was in barcelona. Sorry for your loss came up many times. Sorry your have died. Aorry for your loss. Thos was the first hours. I tried to say sorry but wr should have spoken norwegian and i could apologize peoperly. Its not that complivated in Norwegian. That happened in rhe first hours. Said sorry many times. So next time in norwegian


Its easer.

Thatd settles it. No more diacussion. Used many hours on that word. But i tried to say i was sorry. But it was line talking to a demon. A lot of time just figuring out this. Much easier in norwegian. Sotry ws to weak expression im english. Norwegion unskylf and end of discussion. Why did i not say that. He migth have got it

I dont know bus sorry was weak. He said sorry for your loss. Was he sorry 1 language speaker. Are english speaking people do polite that ot has lost value. Its been said so many time that its gone inflation it and its only apropriate for smaller rhings like small accidemts or can it have a sarcastic meaning. Sorry for your loss. Ws the hacker sorry. I dod not underdtand. If the word has lost its value its better to change language. They played with my head. Does this make sence to 1 speaker. Im not on homenground im blind im alone and cant hide

If you dont understand my style it is not going to count. You have to beat me. It does not count that you dont like my style.

I didn know the word was worthless. I sad it a 1000 times and still weak. I never say sorry again. Stop saying sorry so that the word can gain some value. Undskyld end of discussion.

That was the fist hours. The hackers said sorry for your loss. They where not sorry. Il never use a worthless word. Im not stupid just saying words. I said i was sorry.

If you dont understand me its your problem. I belive you are much better thsn that. Thats why i want to change language. Try snd beat me.

If you dont like my style that is ok, but i know that you understand me. But that dont count.

I wont say sorry

Im tired have a nice evening. Youre busy. You only answer short and dont fo in to a discussion. You have ro if you want to win. Or you may have another plan. Tjis will i best case only delay. This wonr stop getting trough. There is a world out there and people are real and i will make contact id this is a trick. Only delay. I will get trough

Nut nowhere ro hide.

Il rry ro write slowet. See its a problem. I'l have a few beers. That will slow things down. Im exitet. Dont drink much but now il have some. Forgot colllieges on bar. Im going there now. It will slow things down. You meant myy typing its to qiuck. Handwriting is horrible. Neat keyboard. Im fa

st. Thats why you have problems. Il come back later. Going to town
 Had forgotten that.

I got that one from them. The only suvenier

I was late for an apointment at work and i was angry because hackers pushed me to mach snd i fot out of balance. She sent me this message in the evening on her own workphone. Nut its probalbly nothing. Thats all i have. Tge stuod apps thst pop up red warnings are probalbly worthless. Il have somerhing to drink it may slow it down. I must do things slower.

There are more sms that connect to it and there where a situation

Only delay this not stopping it its coming out if you can brake the spell or i can. If not just forget about it. Il have a beer now. See you latee

I dont care if you dont like my stile. Thats ok. :)

The image with the eyes and the snail is a wirus. Police informed me. So if you se something like that get norton. Northon will remove it. Now you are warned

I have to slow down. Im exausted

The text message came when i mentuon thst name. Suddenly i got message of the adress. Doe not make sense

Only delay this. Not stop. You have to kill me or kidnapp me and cut contact wirh rhe world. Only way and i fear noe evil. Im not afraid of you.