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Frodo and magic phone 2
« on: February 16, 2016, 20:25:40 PM »
If you dont like my style its ok. But now i sent you a virus. Peobably end of discussion. Maybe the police can help you?

Im caeeless wirh password. I also forget to lock doors and put out ligths.y brain dont funktion well. I have adhd. Everything is a mess. But im doing ok. Dont jugde me. Things only go to fast. Thats the problem

I sent you a virus. They know about it on the police station i called them the morning after the first attack

Now i want to relax and have å beer and slow things down

You got a virus. :) its dangerous

Its a spell. Its not funny nut i cant stop. If you dont like my style its ok. But its not the same as you are winning. Kust wait if you meet me i sounf like borat. So try to mske a first impression here. It does not mean im loosing this. You have to best me. And if you want to stop me you are only able to delay me. If youbdont kill me or kidnapp me. But i will put up a figth. Im ready. Can hot a golfball 280 metet or 279.6 meters. Try and beat me

Il y to dlow down or find a keyboard. Il dosialize. 

Have a nice evening

You have to be good or you have to kill me or kidnapp me. Il put uo a figth anyway.

I would like to face rhose cowards face to face.

Its only going to get delayed. Im going to beat them. S draw is not good enought

Its only going to get delayed. Im going to beat them. S draw is not good enought

2 years 4 months

Any questions?

Or no one understands. Why no one understands?

Im alone

I hope i talk to the rigth people. Very undure about that. But it wont stop anyrhing.

This thing only makes me paranoid. All uninstall it. Goes off sll time. When i leave the building. When i come ro work and even in the middle of nowwhere. :) waste of time anf i only get paranoid. No conclution i dont know how it works well enought. And im nor an expert collecting evidence and im probably a fool using it. But still im trying. It goes of all the time. Not reliable

A delay will not stop me

Rhe last picture show how desperate im. Im blind. I dont understand enything of this. Could not go in fligthmode. Could not turn of network. 

Im blind 

You only delay this i will find the roght persons. Meet me in town face to face if you want to stop me

Cowards those people. They hode and i cant hide. But im not loosing worse case a draw

They can insult me forever. I dont care anymore

I have become very strong. I wad weak. Now im confident. Its actually a compliment that they put so much effort in to it. If i only could produce evidence that is walid. Il hit them hard back. 

I can defend myself i have learned that. I will figth them as long as i can. But have ro accespt that by doing it could harm me so only to people i dont know and ho has no connection to my life. Than i csn figth. But only as long as there are possibilities. 

I sent you a virus. :)

Police told it was a virus. I tried to tell what happened they would not listen. Its a virus. The picture with the snail. 

I see i typed a lot. 

Try and best me. :) 

Beat me on this. Im looking forward to the hard part.

Why do you say so little? 

Im not sure anout you. But its only going to delsy it already bern a skilled loudspeaker so no way back.

I hope i contacted the one i tried to. But i need more evidence. I cant do that. Im not good at collecting evidence.

And if police cant investigate how im a to solve this. Its hopeless

They wont make a case because its not posdible to investigate. But you can report a stolen bicycle. They will never investigate it. But still they accept. Havent heatd anything for 2 weeks. Thats a good sign i think

Im not sure about you. Im blind cant see you. Whats your name?

My adhd is driving me crazy. To fast everything and i get into trouble

Actually im afraid. But has not felt that for a long time. But now i am afraid.

But im going to fight them. Afraid or not

But only evidence matter. 

So being afraid is not relevant

But just now i flet afraid. Have not been afraid since february 14. 

Its not relevant i know you only want facts and i cant give you good enought evidence. But i can understand i thank you anyway for the help. You tried i see. You gave me a chanse

Im afraid but that dont help. So ive put that away. Felt it now. Somerhing just made it come back. Im not as strong as i thougth i was. I have only been angry lately the ladt two years. No im afraid again. 

Only facts are relevant anf i cant provide suffient proof. 

Only stupid waenings going off all the time rhat only will make me look like a fool to you. And a computer virus and an sms. Thats all i have

But im afraid and angry and im alone. But that is not relevant. I sm human i only have adhd and say things that get people upset and i get into trouble and i cant apologize in english. I i only have adhd and think to fast. I said i was sorry. I did. Now im angry and afraid. Its only adhd and me rhinking to fast and upsetting people. Its not my fault. I just want to live a quit life. I dont like attention much. 2 years 4 months is enough. But i will not loose. 

But only evidence will hold. Being afraid and angry is irrelevant.

So im not going to talk about that

They said i needed a gyroscope if i wantet to fly airoplanes. ;)

I have one.

U rarely answer. Male or female?

What do you do in a friday nigth? Or is it daytime? Or is it saturday?

You seemed to be nice. I chose to belive that.

we are all nice

this account is monioted by more than one person

Um not a snale because everything run so fast and everything is on fire. Im not a genius becausr everyrhing is out of controll and i struggle to keep a job. I font know ehat they are talking anout

Good you are nice. Im afraid

You got a virus. Sorry about that

You beeing nice makes my cry

 I need to brake the spell. But i have to proof things

It makez me cry


I have some sleep mow. Have a good nigth. :)

Can you help me?

Then the story with the gyroscope in feb 14. I began playing games after a while. So more trouble. But i wantet to get more involved and more mistakes. But only made it in my notebook. They have no sence of humor no matter how stupid it is. But that was after 3 months and a lot had already happened.. Think january 14.  was confrontet with a gyroscope.

Unbelivable. More truble. Much more trouble. And terms of use came up all the time. I can tell about those things also.

I had to try something and see what would happen. And get more activity to make it break also. Get more information was the main reason. I wantet to know more. More people involved. Maybe oh look at that idiot and so on. I dont know if it was a good idea. But a got an reaktion to something. Maybe thats why the police acted strange. But they should have found out what was happening and do something about it. They knew this started with me beginning to talk about something at work that i was not directly involved in but they wantet to hear about home based healthcare and i was stupid enought to talk about that thing. And get into trouble.

These people are sick. They are reacting to totaly stupid things. But i could do what i wantet in my own notebook and used the pen to communicate. They actually played this game with me. Seriosly. They are easy to trick to. I was drunk and it came out something after they again began to change my writing. And it became a big thing. It was a bluff and they took the bate. But they where even harder this time. So got caught by suprise and knocked out. Can go into detail. They actually took it seriosly.

Then the police station episode in march

But only one stupid face treath that was almost imposdible ti understand. And a gyroskope and an explanation. Came up other things i had drawn like drawings in my work. Its so silly you wont belive it. Itslike a cartoon. But its true. Have no more evidence. But it could have caused the police episode and they have a problem there. They have no sence of humor. Can take that as an advantage. But this time they really scared me. And i was a rapist, threTwnded child abuces alcoholic narsisitic borderline psykopath and so on. Intense. They treathened to publisise picture taken in secret. They said that i was under police investigation for sexual crime. They said they had video of me. Vety unclear what they had. When this should have happened. Nothing concrete. They said they had info to get me 4 years in prison. Police would come in autunm and not right away. They also told me that my employer had resieved info. I belived i had lost the job. So intens i had a sickleave until i broke the chain took until late mach before that happened.

Much happened. There came up agreements and terms of use all the time they marked the text. Not alowed to decompile reengineer and so on. Not alowed to be used by 3 part. Also that they had the rigth to investigate if they suspected something. They could give to police. Also infringing and thar you agrreed to tske disputes to a court in california. Agreements are legally binding. And so on

All tjis bwcause of thar reseach interviw where they wantet us health workers to say something about use of camera homebased care. They paniced. They are sick. This has started almost out of nothing. Who are these people? I just pissed of i suppose. It was nothing absolutely nothing. Just a camera that comes with xbox and that had a 2 release in desember same year and something about phones and tablets. Absolutely nothing. Just some ideas and thougth and inspiration that i had not thouth to go further into.

I cant understand that. It was like it had happened a disaster. That it was like i did something very wrong. If if was not arranged because someone got pissed and wantet to play games it looked like panic. Like it was serios leak of information. I know now they where developing something with a local firm. I can go into detail. I could not understand. But you wount belive the reaction that camera. I did have anything to do with that project. A cowrker was involved. She is not enymore but may not have a connection. Lot i dont understand. But i was right sbout the camera and game tecknology. It got known a while later. I migth be wrong about my thougth on this. I only wonder about those things.but absolutely panic. And i have trouble understanding why. And it only got worse and worse. Then it has been more silent and not so direct hits. But its so crazy i undrrstand people dont belive it and il never again tell anyone.

But now i made a crack at the policestation and have a shot there. Can you help me.

They got the bate fron a badly handdrawn text in note 3 phone. They have to explain where they got the info from. And it was only a file lokaly on the phone. That info was not possible to get if i was not hacked. No algoritm could pick that up. It was a mess and nonsense that i deleted after a couple of hours. But it worked very well. It was like hitting an open goal. Info was presented in other ways maybe seen as a threat. But in your own notebook. A drawing and some stupid idea. Can say it in private. But it was a success and the gyroscope came in to the story. Its hortible. But now i also see its funny. If police use this info. I dont care they got involved if they where not already. But i thouth maybe someone would blow thecwissle and that more people knew about this. Not that the situation on the station. The bate in a local file deletet shortly after. Thry cant got that file if not accesing all files and closely monitoring me. Came in a way after a provocation by them so in an unplanned way. I was drunk and had some ideas but someone interfered with writing and changed contacts and numbers than i got piseed and the whole tjing came out. I was drunk and i got angry and started my idea begore i had developed it more. But it worked anyway. Did not make any sense to normal people. No sense. But they came with a gyroscope and a blank page and wanted an explanation. I even dont remember how tjose drawings where. I was very drunk. And they came with a gyroscope and scared the shit out of me. Never seen such an reaction. And the blanc page. I just draw something and a micro controller. I had bern working on something with microcontoller and wheelchair controller and use youstick to controll the phone and chair. I bougth a arduino board. Summer 13 and had studied what posdibilities there where to have an hobby project. I know computer programming. I have bachelor in that as well. But not a good combination with adhd. I drew sometjing involving different components but it was a mess noone would do what they did. I got some knowlegde of it befoe this happened and i planned to maybe do it. But got pissed when they messed with my phone. So drew something i cant remember excactly. But cant be any threat to anyone. They came with terms of use again. I was not planning anything just an idea that i had that came out when i was drunk and an idiot was on my phone and a drew a drawing to say fuck off and it ended in the most scary episode ever. They have bern shooting with everything so jope they shot thenselves.

A petiod my visa card did not work on the internet. Dont know if this has other causes. But i only knew about the things because of some qherlchair project because i wantet a boy to be able to use a phone this was very impotant for him but they where not able on nan to solve it so i was thinking why not try. But it did not end up as planned. I used the idea in adifferent way. I got some knowlegde of it and planned to try sometjing use bluetooth and see if i could make something. But my mind made something completely different when i got pissed and they took that sereosly. I was going to use it for wheelchair so he could get what he most wantet. He had a serios disability and could not wait for years to get one so i started to learn about it. But never started to do much

It was a mess and i dont understand they bothered to react in that manner. And all of this in drawings with note 3 pen looked like a 5 year old me drunk drawings. I have never been so scared. This was heavy stuff for a 5 year olds kind of mess they where picking up when they uninvited was on my phone

I was  only going to work with assistive tech. A coworker physiotherapist also it background tipt me on how to do it and i bougth a microcontroller rrom him.never used it. Gave 300 kr. But learned something by the way thos imsi catchers are unreliable arent they or they catch all phones.

Not programmed sinse 2003

But know how if i get some time on the .net or something. But im outdated on most.

I only had some ideas on the camera. Did not think about microcontroller okt 13. But it was an joke. Only used what i knew about in q creative way one could say dead drunk just to say piss off. They got really pissed. Really pissed. I understand if you dont belive me. I git intersted in the controller when he said try it and make a solution just for funnwhere yoy can s2itch between smartphone and driwing the chair. No companies offered any solution then in norway. But it did its work in another setting dead drunk when one was trying to be funny. I got hit hard in feb 2014.

They are totaly nuts they would go after 5 year old drawing a plane

They qre crazy i was drunk and made a messy drawing

The gyroscope. I knew what it was. They showed it and i understood that they where giving hint about the drunk drawing

More trouble. But they got info from very privare area and thats my point where did you get that. Then tgey have to say how close they came. Microphone camera and all data on  my phone did they examine. The drawing came when there was activity

Its crazy. But it vould have worked also. But it came not as planned. But fuck off and very drunk on a friday nigth in january 14

It was not kntendrd to happen there but i gave them a message and they have to say they been snooking all over my phone.

I said fuck off. Much stronger word than sorry. Wow what a story. Only because of some inspiration ideas and discussiona about a camera used on xbox. That health care potential har been known and used alreaady in healthcare. So i cant understand. Must have pissed of an ashole only. But why totaly panic. They whent totaly nuts both with the cameta and the drunk microcintroller fuck you picture. 

They went totaly nuts totaly nuts. It like panic the first. I thougth about eyestearing and i saw the deop in price. Its exencive with eyestearing technology. And i saw many other uses and coat cuts in both homebased care envieonmental controll and saw juat new and new uses at a fraction od the price. But the company that had the camera project use a different box and it haa a different look than the xbox thing. But much the same i think. Not only healthcare. But that was known. And very cheap. A lot of trouble just for this. Now you see how stupid it is. Probably not beliving me. But they went nuts. Was more detail and many flying ideas that just came out and they went totaly nuts over this. Tele medicine and health montoring. They where talking about a camera. And i suggested xbox. And panic. Its true. Il tell anything

They ideas was about invironment controll by movement. Cost reduction and large volume. Low cost. Health monitoring. And also in connection to other sencors on mobile and so on. But this was just flying idead and juat talk and i got inspired but why that reaction i dont get it. I dont even know if just should draw back now and forge it maybe its just my imagination. And ignore the map posiotion.

They showed nuremberg. And they had acrtive person lifter. She had no standing funkrion tu use acive and it was dangerous ro use. I said they had to stop using it at once but they where ordered ro cobrinue ro use it. Then i saif they had to deny doingnthings tvey knew where dangerous with serios outcome. I told them to stop using it an to ignore any orders to use it and i demanded it. I actually used the varsle funktion because they continued to use it.  So lots of meatings going mor e up in the chain. There we are talking about nuremberg. They put it up in my calendar and i wrote deny ro preform orders. Thats one of the most important outcomes of nuremberg. They came with tje mapmark and a day for nuremberg in my calendar. Thats how i survived. 

Nuremberg trial for me. They dont know much about nuremberg. They totaly got it wrong.

I said they shoud say no to predorm work when they did a i acted and i got a passive lifter in st once. Deny orders. You are responsible even if you are predorming orders. They sre talking about nuremberg. 

So its a strange story. Very strange. But it could be a good book so if notbody belive me ill call it fiction and write about it. So. Not waste time. But its true and its not a funny story. But a story with a cursed phone and all the drama i tell you now and the all the other drams it woyld sell. But its true and its not funny and this has affected not only me. 

I was couth by a spell in a way and its still not broken

But not a big problem only a few insults noe and then. Like checking me for ever. But they are not going to drive me away from the internet. But i have to find solution. Encryption. How ro go underground and hide. But cant see any good solutions. 

 Acrually i uswd the wisslw blower funcktion on the active lift situation. And thats nuremberg you idiots. Im not going to jail. You dont break me in this way and im not letting you do this to other not matter reason you claim to have. No amtter your motives and no mather what the victim has done. Its orher ways to do it. To put people on trial to procecute. To punish and to pursue people no mather wherw they are on this planet. Im inocente. But it does not matter. This is just crazy.

You dont know anythinf about nuremberg and nuremberg would br a good idea for a lot of you. You are carrying out orders and you are respionsible for it. Kriminal baclground or not. 


Thats nuremberg. Just carryiing out orders is not good enough. 

Funeral appointment i forgot that one. It eas to late do i thougth people had go home by tjen so no point showing up. :) inforgot the whole thing. :) you have to set a new date for me. Forgot the appointment i sept. 15 sorry. :) its not funny but i have to think like this.

I blew wissle in sept. Forgot that. Makesca lot of noise. But everything settled. 

The delayed sms came when i was upset after the fist attack. Then i wa a bit uot of balance and confuswd. That led me to do some stupid thing likw blaming people. Ir had been goinf on intense and i was anngy at. People at work. I had an apointment then i startet blaming her. Then came an sms in the evening. I met her at the adress between 13 1330. I rhink rhey wanrwr me ro reply. Just menrioned her name and the sms. Strange delay? Have the other sms that connects. I was stupid but understandeble. Unbelivable situation. But i think that is the closeat i get a proof. How often delayed sms to my private phone whit a therapist i met there. Strange to mention here un an sms to anotjerone and then fet a delayed from her

Sissel my girlfriend called. My phone had been blocked. She was upset. I was at her place when the warnimg on gmail account showed. Long securiry warning. Logen on in oslo from 2 times firefox and 1 explorer. Location also. I think it was near hellsfyr pr something. I think i saw a map with an lokation where the account was loged on from. Im not sure. But the security warning ws long. Ahowed this to sissels daigther and roar het boyfriend. Said ive been hacket this was pn sunday. We went for walk to tje little chuch at warhaug to grødaland i almost puked st the smell of burned animail flesh from that facility. So remembrr that anout the day. It was nice autumn weather. So little activity sunday. I had a little brake. Not the case feb 14. But onlt sunday.

I was knocked out the ladt day when i got the sms. I went to sissel. She was upset because i was so uninterested. I said what had happened. And i started talking about people wantet to get me and i company. I probably lost it a bit after this episode. It siconectet me a bit. I was afraid. The things i said scares her and she said i was psycotic.

I came over the confucion in a day but staued home for 2 weeks. Turned of my phone. Nourh a halaxy note 3 phone and began using smartphone again. Did not notice anything at once. But icons. Dissapared and changed. My contact list was changed numbers where changed. One time i was writing investigation was suggestet. They used many methods. Different in different periods. I come back to that.

But i thougth theyy give up

I was certain that they would. But it just had started

I alway had many options. I rhoufht they woudl give up. But in rhe icons and activirt i rhoufth od many things. It had been a shock and i wantet to get back thougth f ways to get them. I never looked that much to see if people where following me. But i thougth dofferent things and how i should handle this. I was alone. Getting prood was going o be diffficult. I had many ideas on how ro play this game. In jsnuary i acrially yhougth aboit strategy to handle this. Only very loosely. Tryimg to get as many involved as possible. Doing thins so they would talk about that idiot and catch the attention of the pst and put them to work so they could settle this. It was a way of calling the police. Had no other choise. But did not think they where involved because noone stoppet the scare y stuff. The episode at the policestation i thougt where low quality not any planned even of i felt someting and it gave no meaning but that knocked mme oout and i desided to stay away from pgobe not pay attention to it anymore. From may much less intence. I have communictet angry. The period before is more intens. 

I was weey unsertisn who they wher private security company or police. I understood they migth be a firm hired could be doing this for them. I never avceptet poloce involvment i tried to see how to connect somerhing that could drag this down msny thought. But police no. Even after what happened. I have to find out more what it was. I cant understand it. Makea no sence. It was impossible. 

I hope it will. And see of there are other things that show up.. Thats short versioon no more detail here. There is lot moore. 

Its time to forget about this now. Im getting nowehere so il be silent. Probably no one interested and have ro cut losses. Im nor going ro do more damage and things that get mw inro sych deep teounle. You must be laughting and a dont care what you think. Maybe not the right persons and probably stop reading. But it felt good and i got some weirh off me. Not easy foing around with a cursed phone and nobody belibes and is ablento see that. Now im goinf to live wirh that and i will manage to do so.

The wheelchair and the phone. He jist turned 18 and wantef a phonem nobody could give him one. I just wantet him to have a phone. I had to fo it my way. But got busy eith a cutsed phone myself and had to deal worh that. I wantet to give the kid a phone. I jist eantet to do that. Im not a psyvhopath. Im not. I just wantet him to have a phone.

All his freinds have one and he dont. Wonder how that feels like. He wantet an iphone but only android. Tablet to big. He wantet a phone. 

I just wantet to give him a phone. Thats my inspiration.

Thats what startet it

Spring and summer 13. 

He had just turned 18 and there where so much i wantet to do in life. I didnt hsve much time to wait. A phone could be a great tool for him to live his dreams. He did not lack those. I just wantet to give him that. I wantet him to live his dreams. I jist wantet to give him a phone

I migth have got obsessed by the phone but it did not lead to a curse. Im not crazy. Its true. If you dont like my style its ok. The curse is real. The curse they call hacking. :)and it been going on for a long time.

The phone could have given live to his dream. I wantet to do magic. :) but then everything went wrong the autumn 13.

I wantet to do magic but got cursed by my own spells. Im not crazy. My style. Nobody understans so its ok. But that does not make this not true.

O migth be a looser. Im not expected to wiin. But i think i was doing ok. But suddenly o had to face this oponent. Maybe im a looser. But many of the most important things in life is not about winning ot loosing. Im an underdog i wont win. But thats ok.  I can live with that

Looser and a morron. :) thats me

Im an underdog. Not expectet to win anything. Im different have to accept that. But thats ok. Everyeone expect me to loose. But i think i have a draw. Have no where ro hide from checks but its a draw. The underdog got a draw. Can you help me win. I know that is difficult

Nuremberg is about not taking responsibility and dont draw the break. I semanded they dont do what their boss tols them and i had law on my side. I did not eebell snd disobeyd. I would have won in court. I would be responsible if i did nothing. But no one understands that. They only get pissed on me and that im difficult. You put nuremberg on the map and in my calendar.

No im not going to court for rape, child abuse, violence and im not goingnro be locked up at a mental institution for the rest of life and no am not fat and ugly. I a human being. I just wantet him to have a phone. And got inspired. That does make me pdsychopath. 

You dont understand nuremberg. Couldnt be more stupid. You dont understand anything. Absolutely nothing. You can chrck me but you never win. Not worrt you are cheating and not playing by any rules. But i got a draw. Il do anything to win. But see its difficult. This is about winning. Why nuremberg?

Why nuremberg. Stupid and almost ironic if thats a term that can cover it. Why nuremberg? 

And you love funerals i see

The hackers

You put "fremdtiden i vaare hender" on the mat. Nobody owns anything as unpredicteble as the future. You never know what the doctor migth tell you tomorrow. You dont own the future neither do i or enybody else. It totaly unreliable and it bakes many strange choides man did not predict. You will newer ow it. Never ever.

You like funerals. Havent seen s neee appiontment yet. Im not comming to your pary. Forget it. 

I will newer come to your parties so stop inviting me.( the hackers)

Me and Sissel used to go here on ssundays with the dog. We dont do that anymore.

He had just turned 18. But did not hav much time to wait. Sorry thats was my inspiration. Assholes


I dont have much proof. But i want to tell anyway. Knowing the risk

I did not invite you on 40 year birthday. And you nor going to come uninvitet now. 

Can tell more detail. But probably best to just move on. Said mosr noe. Can live with this

No one is reading this eirher so im making a fool out of myself. But i dont care what people think. But im not going to bother you no more.

Its a true story.

 Its a true story. I know im talking to a wall. But it helps. :)

Dont misunderstand you are not assholes. Did not mean you.

Tjey sre not coming uninvitet like they did 2 years ago. They are not welcome. 

Im not using the phone that day. But you are not giong to deny me using technology. 

I know you only want facts

I cant give you much

I know that.

You dont say much. Probably blocked me. But will the message be deliveeed. Would i se how long since beem active.

Il say no more.

Sms came when i mentioned the person in anorher sms. Then she says she whaiting 21 o clock. Strange delay. They also blocked the phone when i ws desperate and alone. The blinking image was put on the phone the first few hours. The gmail acvoynt where hacked and the police has given a apology thats things that i finds strange. But maybe im wrong

Ir firs the other sms where i weongdully blamwd because they pushed me over the edge. The pictures where installed the first few hours on that frisay in october 13.

There are som clues that would make sence. Maybe can find more. 

I rhink maybe a few at work knew. Bur very uncertian and migth nor be the case. Police where strange. And some more. Maybe work. And everyone who has seen this. But at work. Because pc where hacked. Turned off after 7.5 hour those day. Until 16 of october. Migth be something. Bt they dont know enyrhing about the rest. 

Liv tone Larsenhelped trough this at work. Thank to her. She supported me. 

The orhers where ok as well. But i feel someone i stavanger kommune mifth have some clue. But its mogyh be wrong. A concersation that makes me suspisios. But only little knowlegse. Looked like panic. Can be just one powerfug got pissed. I dont understand this.

I have ro see at all posibilities. 

Maybe police know something. Gives no meaning the insident at the station. 

They hacked my work computer. But only the first days. They hacked my pc and my tablet. But mostly this has been going on ln the phone.

I just tried for fun imsi catcher. But thats just for fun. :)

But have ro forget av about this. 

I have been playing games wirh them since may 2014

Ii never use cloud for storage. Now a lot was there. I played games with them. I was angry and wantet to break this. I never used cloud. What could i do. Needed information and had to try and see what happened if i did something. Wrote something. They came with map mark anyway. They where not going ro leave.but i never used cloud. I was going to break this. I did not play games until around summer 2014. I got occationaly mapmarks. Had been traumatized and i just did tried out things to see if i gor a responce snd if they where on the phone. But often very silent. Only occationaly somerhing happening. 

But they never left the phone. They still come up with something

Never used cloud for storage. Must have done a mistake.

Try and be in this situation for many years. 

I did play games when i got provoked and it was a strange siruarion even if not much activity. I did try what happenes id i do that. I was really angry and wantet to get back and got regylary insults. But it was usually very quit. But suddenly could come something. 

It has become part of my life. I have gone to work and funktion well. I struggle but i funktion. But has become a strange behavour after what happened in 2014. I have tried to forget it. I do for long periods. But starts to attack those people. I sometimes feel i could do enything to get back. I wantet to break this spell. So i have been more avtive now. But rarely sny reacrion. Sometimes i try to get it. But usually nothing. I try anything. 

But behave normally elsewhere. 

Im angy very angry. Do it a natural reakrion its going on much more by me then they now. I have periods i dont write. But its probably become a curse. I want ro get back at them. I want to break the story. So i do a lot of things. I hope to cause problems also if i can aftet what they did. I try all possibilities. Sonthey show to others so they say look at this idiot. Then there is more information anf it can brake. Get as many involved as possible. Its the only way i can win. Only little acrivity.

I also changed name in 2014. Il take that story tomorrow

Its been so intend in 14 so naturaø thing to do. I know that occationally they come up with domething

I chould stop doing it. Buts been natural part of my life tp do so. But usually little reaction. I am even more like this now. Its me who is hitting back. But i try every possibility. And hope to break it. But im also caught in to this and i theough my garbage at them. But not much fom them. But they come wirh insults and that could trigger my reaction. I dont know why im doing it. Its like gollum and the ring. Its been cursed. But the stpry is true. I think its natural aftet what happened. Usimg the phone as notmal would be impossible. 

The diffeeencw is i can easily put the phone away now. That was different in 2014 when they said they go public wirh pictures. Took monts until i decided to put it away and dont let it controll me. It tok frpm 14 fevruary until late april. 

Then i managed to and that was the most important victory. Then most was achieved. But a lot happened those months. I left the phone only if i saw little activity

Then thing got quitere

But a began to write and threaten them. Attacing them hot problem with anger. It bece like a game. I tried to povoce but probably only stupid. Dont know if i was hacked all the time. But got som signs and recognized easily any activity now. But some im nok sure about in this period. But called and map.  Google and picturem have to show how it worked. Try it and try to convinse people ehat is happening. I was in a way locked into it. But im sure about acrivity. Did not write funeral but added ordre nekt. To nuremberg. But wery wesk. That often triggered an reacrion drom me. But i only have a few episodes aim sure of. Last is eecently. But im trying hard and are traped by this. But litrle activirit. Can put ir aeay and act normal. But a think this would be natiøural reacrion to this. Must change to old phone then i migth be bettet. But thats difficult.

I have got more problem with anget. Have to deal with that on a different way. Just comes now and then. I have ro clean up the mess. There are challenges that are beginninf to show up now. Have to cope with anger. I cant get tearment.  Nobodt belives me.  That only makes it worse. I somtimes use phone to get some anger off. But i have to find a way ton deal with it. I dont think it will make me violent. But i have to dind a way so it does not diable my. I dod thing i got out of thos much better. But see now that the losses are bigget than ot seemed earlier. Hope its not gettong worse. I hsve to deal with that and i will manage to do so. Even if i have to do it alone.

I have ro deal wirh anger in a new way. Its not rhe same as before. It just comes from nowhere snd i have to leave the situation. Comes out of norhing. I have to handle sggression in s different way. Hope it not will come nor often. Began 1 year ago. Have more episodes. Its become a problem

have u considered telling your story on the Wikileaks forum ?

I could do that. See if enyone beliive it. Doubt it. But its treue. I could do that. :) its true. But many would not belive it. But thats ok. I can understand that. 

Il do that

Il post it just cut and paste. Will be better than i think. But censor a few line like me crying. :)

I had some beer and thats not going to the forum. But everything else. :) have s nice day.

Ihad to put in the spells. Because i had to get the story trough. Increase chanse that people would read it. Could not make it boring. Thats why. Its a true story and the magic and spell part is just tactics nothing else. I want to get trough.

Sompeople will belive me and some can test my story. Its just written in metaphors. Thats because i want people to read. Dont know if its going to work. 

Jud put it on. Can make a profile myself. Il post it after work. 

Tell my mom. :) il probably get fired. But its worth it. Go on. You have my permission ands its my responsebility. Post it. :)