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Frodo and magic phone 3
« on: February 16, 2016, 20:41:10 PM »
Its a long story. :)

To bad you never ever going to get the nobel peace prize. l'l give you a price. I'm just like a little kid drawing aeroplanes and i've got a gyroscope. :) have a nice day. ;) Trond

You can put on your forum its ok. Or il do it but better you. Pr send my altered document if you think i should. But you have my permission to post it. Il do it anyway. Iam

Domeone drove extremly slow infront of me. Probably getting paranoid so hurry. :)

Im like dynamity i will explode. :) im on fire. ;) if you dont like my style its ok. Im a loser and a moron or what ever you would like to call me like slow as a snail. 

Im just me i think whatever that is. Have a nice dsy. Have to get back to work. :)

Dont show a warning when calling. Im gerring paranoid. :) no i cant conclude. Im not ezpert and it could be nothing. But it was triggered all the time. Now nothing. But its fun anywa

I was wrong. :) its just for fun. I know its not working. But its dun and the story is true. I hsve to survive. Would peobably tested it anyway even if this is not happening i got to ansering machime and it did not show warning but did on last call. Its just fun. :)

Im not paranoid. ;)

I ve would have tested it foe fun anyway. Im not paranoid. ;) 

Its for fun but all posibilities. Biut cant conclude so wasted time

Why would they rap moms phone im really getting paranoid. :) i gave ro just to survive this. The story is true. I cant collect evidence. So its just for fun. Why no warning when i got to answering machine. But always ehen i speak to people. I know they would not tap mom so i am paranoid. But why not warning when answering machine and got changing lac when she answered the phone. Shows up when i call people. Its just for fun enyway. Im going ru uninstall it before i get paranoid and just forget about it all and never talk about this anymore.

Byt why nor when i got ro the answeringmachine. Im probably a fool.

Have a nice day. Im to exitet now. Have ro calm down. Please say somerhing. :)but its ok id you dont. 

Have so much running on my phone that my battery only last for 10 min. 

Ive sendt something to media. But not like this. 

The phone does not give any warnings now. And it did nor give when i got the answering machine but it did when the reciever took the phone. Just tried the app for two weeks. This har been going on for 2 years and 4 monts. I never belived anyone was folloing me around. I just have a curses phone as described. 

Im going ot break your terms of use as i usually do. Im going to get kicked out of this forum. I just called someone an asshole. 

No warnings. Poped up all the time until now. But its just an app that cant be validated by me. 

A always get a warning when im entering thw garage complex, at work and sometimes elsewhere. But those areas always trigger it. The same when im on the phone and not when i get someones answering machine. Can someone explain whats wrong with me?i dont understand. But not competent to validate this.

Only imsi catcher gives warning and in a pattern i see as strange it gives a kind of meaning, but something is wrong in my head i need answer from an expert cant validate it. Evertyme live come home. Same at work. Everytime i call exept answering machine. Can i post this and not look like an idiot. Im sorry but i do not understand this app.

Im not sure only a short time 2 weeks that app. But its been going on for 2 years and 4 monts.

My intuition tellls me I'l be on the evening news or in a mental hospital after doing thing. But its worth it

Im loged in. Les do it. Im going to a mental hospital and get fired. :)

Lets do it. 

Only the gate. Not work anymore. Every conversation but not answering machine. Whats wrong with me. But lets do it. I'l take the risk and the losses.

Or are you just having fun on my account. :) haha
Must be laughing and had a lot of fun then. And it was not boring to read. :) I dont care what you think.       But its ok to laugh. 
But im on the forum so if youre not making fun. Lets do it and have a laught. :)i dont care. :) 

Its a very good story and irs true. Its not funny at all but it could become. I have to survive. Have a nice day. :)

Now im going to the hospital to tell im a danger to sosiety and ask them to lock me up forever. Youu can come and visit me if you want. ;)

Now im crying. I have to get home.