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Magic phone 4
« on: February 17, 2016, 10:54:15 AM »
No warnings anymore. No warnings. ;)

Its messing with my head.

Theyr nor coming to my birthday party on sunday. ;)

The app is probably messing wirh my head. ;)
No warnings. 
No warnings. 

Thankyou for breakimg the spell. Probably to early to say. But no warnings. No i have messed with my head. Whats wrong with me

Il see rhrough the day. To early to say. And i cant evaluate the data. But seems to be patterns that make sence. And it startes to change yesterday. Probably got messed up in my head by all those warnings coming up. But it was fun using it. ;) have a nice day. Have to work. Difficult focusing and have ro catch up now. 

Scares me a bit. If this is true im going to be on the evening news. 

Havent made a pgone call yet. But il tell you if they wiretap mom. 

We will si if there comes up a warning when i call my mom. Seems like sems like she is dangerous too. But shes in to telling stoiea about fox a fox and stuff. But thats only imagination i think. This is true. They probably dont understand the difference. If they touch my mom they are going to regret it. 

If the app is giving true warnings im on the evening news. No am afraid. But il faight anyway. ;) have a nice day. 

They dont understand whats real and whats not. 

They dont have any sence of humor. 

Who are they? Can you answer that. 

Stange situation with the police and its ongoing process bit early to say more now. Just wait. ;)

They have not shoen they got pissed off when i left lots of papee in the hall saying fuck of assholes. Incompetant. Its s case thats impossible to investigate they say. So its going to be difficult. But i like the hard part. Try and beat me. :)

They have not called me to get an explanation on something that rationaly could be seen as a threat. I left an object in the hall and they have not called me in two weeks. They even did not get anoid when i wrote fuvk off assholes and stuff like that. And im usually a nice person and i dont say tthat a lot to other people. Probably broken your terms of use now calling people asshole and stuff. You dont like people dooing that because its in your terms of use i think not to call other people that. But i did and i havent goten the police on the phone demanding an explanation. Why not. That could be a threat. What are theyd doing. Ii dont understand enything. 

Two weeks. And no pissed officers dor beeing called assholes, morons and looser. I got really pissed. And im still really pissed. This is not a fun story. Im also almost crying now.

But havent heard anyting. I think rhst could be a good sign. They said they could not invesrigate cursed phones and magic spells. I can understand that. But not calling me dor placing an object and dont understand. Have a nice day. ;)

Warnings but no pattern. Just thinking loud. As before pattern now hypotecaly no.

They did not call me. They dont understand the difference between reallity and imagination. That could have been a bomb. And they got armed because of increased risk on attack on police. That should have been taken seriosly and they havent called.(norway police go unarmrd with armes locked in car but a period was armed, but to many accidenrs wirh guns so theyrr probanly have to take those guns from them:)